Arcana Card Chart from Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: Arcana Card Guide

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Arcana Cards in Vampire Survivors are fantastic gameplay items that can alter your runs. If you’ve been finding the game too tough to beat, Arcanas will help you become more powerful. The game offers quite a few of them too.

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    How to Unlock the Arcana Mechanic

    You can’t any Arcana at the start of the game. In fact, the mechanic itself isn’t even available yet. To unlock the Arcana mechanic, you’ll need to collect a relic called the Randomazzo.

    The Randomazzo can be found in Gallo Tower, the fourth stage of the game. It’s located to the far north of where you start. When you begin a run in this stage, you’ll see a green arrow that points north on the screen. Follow the direction of the arrow and you’ll find the Randomazzo.

    Obtaining the Randomazzo in Vampire Survivors.

    Once picked up, the Arcana mechanic will be unlocked. You’ll also obtain your first Arcana card, the Sarabande of Healing.

    Every Arcana Card in Vampire Survivors

    There are currently 21 Arcana cards in Vampire Survivors. Each one is associated with a roman numeral.

    There are two main ways to obtain Arcana cards in Vampire Survivors. However, there are two cards that have unique unlock procedures.

    The first one is the card you obtain when you pick up the Randomazzo. Another card is unlocked when you defeat the final boss in the Cappella Magna, the game’s final main stage.

    You unlock some cards when you play as certain characters and reach level 99. You unlock the rest of the cards by exceeding the 31-minute mark at various stages.

    Here are all 21 Arcana cards in Vampire Survivors, what they do, and how to get them.

    Arcana CardFunctionHow to Obtain

    Game Killer [O]
    Experience Gems turn into explosive projectiles. You're unable to level up, but all treasure chests you come across drop three items.Defeat the final boss in Cappella Magna.

    Gemini [I]
    The following weapons are accompanied by another identical weapon.

    - Peachone = Cygnus
    - Ebony Wings = Zhar Ptytsia
    - Phiera Der Tuphello = Red Muscle
    - Twice Upon a Time = Eight the Sparrow
    - Gatti Amari = Flock Destroyer

    The accompanying weapons level up alongside the main weapon. They don't take up a weapon slot, nor do they evolve.
    Play as Pugnala Provola and reach level 99.

    Twilight Requiem [II]
    The projectiles of the following weapons explode before disappearing:

    - King Bible
    - Unholy Vespers
    - Peachone
    - Ebony Wings
    - Runetracer
    - Shadow Pinion
    - Bone
    - Celestial Dusting
    Play as Dummario and reach level 99.

    Tragic Princess [III]
    The cooldown of the following weapons are reduced when moving:

    - Garlic
    - Soul Eater
    - Santa Water
    - La Borra
    - Lightning Ring
    - Thunder Loop
    - Carréllo
    Play as Porta Ladonna and reach level 99.

    Awake [IV]
    You gain three revivals. Whenever revived, you gain +10% Max Health, 1 Armor, and a +5% in Might, Area, Duration, and Speed.Play as Krochi Freetto and reach level 99.

    Chaos in the Dark Night [V]
    Every 10 seconds, projectile speed change between +50% and -50%. You also gain +1% projectile speed with each level increase.Play as Giovanna Grana and reach level 99.

    Sarabande of Healing [VI]
    The effects of healing are doubled. Healing also deal an equal amount of damage to health recovered on nearby enemies.Obtained after picking up the Randomazzo.

    Iron Blue Will [VII]
    The projectiles of the following weapons bounce three times. They also have a chance to pass through enemies and obstacles.

    - Knife
    - Thousand Edge
    - Axe
    - Death Spiral
    - Phiera Der Tuphello
    - Eight the Sparrow
    - Carréllo
    Play as Gennaro Belpaese and reach level 99.

    Mad Groove [VIII]
    All items, light sources, and experience gems spawn around the player every two minutes. The first spawn happens immediately at the start of the run.Reach 31 minutes in the Mad Forest.

    Divine Bloodline [IX]
    The following weapons gain a bonus damage of 5 x Armor, up to 250.

    - Cross
    - King Bible
    - Garlic
    - Santa Water
    - Lightning Ring
    - Song of Mana
    - Vento Sacro
    - Victory Sword

    Additionally, all weapons receive a bonus damage of 1 each time you lose 10 HP.

    You also automatically gain 10 "retaliatory damage," which damages enemies that touch you. When an enemy dies from this, you receive +0.5 Max Health.
    Play as Suor Clerici and reach level 99.

    Beginning [X]
    The following weapons get +1 in Amount.

    - Bone
    - Cherry Bomb
    - Carréllo
    - Celestial Dusting
    - La Robba

    The character's starting weapon and evolved weapons gain +3 in the same stat.
    Play as Antonio Belpaese and reach level 99.

    Waltz of Pearls [XI]
    The projectiles of the following weapons bounce three times.

    - Magic Wand
    - Holy Wand
    - Fire Wand
    - Hellfire
    - Cross
    - Heaven Sword
    - Carréllo
    Play as Imelda Belpaese and reach level 99.

    Out of Bounds [XII]
    Frozen enemies will generate explosions. Orologion pickups also generate more often.

    Orologion cause surrounding enemies to freeze.
    Reach 31 minutes in Gallo Tower.

    Wicked Season [XIII]
    Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse stats alternatively get doubled every 10 seconds. These stats also gain +0.5% each time you level up.Play as Christine Davain and reach level 99.

    Jail of Crystal [XIV]
    The following weapons gains a chance to freeze enemies.

    - Magic Wand
    - Holy Wand
    - Runetracer
    - Eight the Sparrow
    - Twice Upon a Time
    - Cygnus
    Play as Pasqualina Belpaese and reach level 99.

    Disco of Gold
    Gold Fever is triggered whenever you pick up coin bags. You also gain health equal to the amount of gold picked up.Reach 31 minutes in Inlaid Library.

    Slash [XVI]
    The following weapons deal critical hits.

    - Whip
    - Knife
    - Thousand Edge
    - Axe
    - Death Spiral

    Critical hits also now deal double damage.
    Play as Lama Ladonna and reach 31 minutes.

    Lost and Found Painting [XVII]
    Every 10 seconds, Duration changes between +50% and -50% alternately. 1% of Duration is also gained each time you level up.Play as Poppea Pecorina and reach level 99.

    Boogaloo of Illusions
    Every 10 seconds, Area changes between +25% and -25% alternately. 1% of Area is also gained each time you level up.Play as Concetta Caciotta and reach level 99.

    Heart of Fire [XIX]
    The projectiles of the following weapons explode upon impact.

    - Fire Wand
    - Hellfire
    - Valkyrie Turner
    - Phiera Der Tuphello
    - Red Muscle
    - Zhar Ptytsia

    Light sources also explode when damaged. Your character will deal retaliatory explosion whenever hit.

    The damage of the explosion is half of the highest damage weapon you carry.
    Play as Arca Ladonna and reach level 99.

    Silent Old Sanctuary [XX]
    Gain three more in Reroll, Skip, and Banish. Might gains +20% and Cooldown receives -8% for each vacant weapon slot.Reach 31 minutes in the Dairy Plant.

    Unlocking Arcana Cards From the Secret Menu

    The secret menu from Vampire Survivors.

    If you don’t want to allot the time to get every single Arcana card in Vampire Survivors, you can turn to the “Secret” menu which unlocks after you obtain the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.

    Sketamari in The Bone Zone is a boss that drops this relic. It appears as a question mark (?) on the map.

    Here are the codes required to unlock Arcana cards via the Secret menu.

    • Game Killer (0) – ilmatto
    • Gemini (I) – ilbagatto
    • Twilight Requiem (II) – lapapessa
    • Tragic Princess (III) – limperatrice
    • Awake (IV) – limperatore
    • Chaos in the Dark Night (V) – ilpapa
    • Sarabande of Healing (VI) and the Randomazzo – randomazzami
    • Iron Blue Will (VII) – ilcarro
    • Mad Groove (VIII) – laforza
    • Divine Bloodline (IX) – leremita
    • Beginning (X) – laruota
    • Waltz of Pearls (XI) – lagiustizia
    • Out of Bounds (XII) – lappeso
    • Wicked Season (XIII) – lamorte
    • Jail of Crystal (XIV) – latemperanza
    • Disco of Gold (XV) – ildiavolo
    • Slash (XVI) – latorre
    • Lost & Found Painting (XVII) – lastella
    • Boogaloo of Illusions (XVIII) – laluna
    • Heart of Fire (XIX) – ilsole
    • Silent Old Sanctuary (XX) – ilgiudizio

    You can also quickly type aintnobodygottimeforthat while in the main menu to unlock the Game Killer Arcana and those that require you to reach 31 minutes in stages.