Defeating Death in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Kill Death

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Key Takeaway

You can defeat Death by using the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridors weapons against him. Alternatively, you can defeat Death by playing as Toastie and leveling the character up to 200.

Death is an enemy in Vampire Survivors who’s powerful enough to kill you with one hit. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are two surefire ways you can employ to defeat this seemingly unbeatable enemy.

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    Death’s Stats

    Death from Vampire Survivors.

    It’s important to know Death’s stats so you can gauge exactly how powerful he is, and why the strategies for killing it are effective.

    • HP – Player’s level x 655,350
    • Damage – 65,535
    • Movement Speed – 1,200
    • Knockback – -0.5

    Death is also resistant to the following:

    • Freeze
    • Instakill
    • Debuff

    As seen above, Death has a ridiculous amount of HP. It is dependent on the player’s level as well. For example, if you’re at level 150 when Death spawns, it will have an HP of 98,302,500.

    Death’s damage number is also incredibly high, which is why it can easily one-shot players.

    It has a bizarre negative rating on its knockback. This means that it moves closer to you instead of being pushed away whenever it is attacked.

    Since Death is resistant to instakills, weapons like Pentagram and Gorgeous Moon or the rosary item don’t work on it.

    Using Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor

    Infinite Corrider and Crimson Shroud from Vampire Survivors.

    The best way to deal with Death is to wield Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor.

    The Crimson Shroud is the evolution of Laurel. This weapon caps all the damage you receive at 10. This renders Death’s 65,535 damage completely obsolete, making it as weak as a regular field enemy.

    The Infinite Corridor, on the other hand, is the evolution of Clock Lancet. It will cut all of the enemies’ health by half. Cutting Death’s HP by half still gives him a lot left given his massive health pool, but this will most certainly help your chances of beating it.

    You’re most certainly welcome just to use one of these two weapons if you don’t want to opt for both of them. However, your chances of beating Death will infinitely be better if you use both of them.

    How to Unlock Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor

    The passive items required to evolve the Laurel into the Crimson Shroud are Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right. As for the Infinite Corridor, the evolution requires the Silver Ring and Gold Ring.

    These passive items can be picked up from the field, but they will only appear after you obtain the Yellow Sign relic.

    The Yellow Sign relic from Vampire Survivors.

    These are the steps you’ll need to take to unlock this relic.

    • Play through the first four stages of the game, which are the Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, and Gallo Tower.
    • Defeat the boss that spawns during the 25-minute mark at all of these stages. This unlocks the Moongolow stage.
    • Play through the Moongolow stage until the 15-minute mark, after which you’ll be transported to another stage.
    • Complete the next stage and pick up the Yellow Sign relic at the end.

    With the relic collected, you can now find Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring at each level, allowing you to evolve Laurel and Clock Lancet.

    Defeating Death Using Toastie

    Toastie in Vampire Survivors.

    At base level, Toastie is the weakest character in the game. Once it reaches levels 100 and 200, though, it becomes powerful enough to go against Death.

    These are Toastie’s initial stats, unchanged by power-ups.

    • Max Health – -99
    • Movement Speed – +20%
    • Might – -10%
    • Area – -10%
    • Speed – -50%
    • Duration – -10%
    • Cooldown – +10%
    • Luck – +100%

    As you can see, Toastie’s stats are far from impressive. In fact, its health is too low that you’ll die after getting hit once.

    The most help you’ll get while playing as Toastie is the Luck stat. This character has a high starting Luck rating. It will also continuously increase by 10% each whenever you gain 10 levels, stopping at level 100, giving you another 100% increase in Luck.

    With this stat, you’ll have a better chance of getting a fourth option when leveling up, you’ll get better pickups from light sources, find better treasure chests, and the beneficial effects of your weapons have a better chance of triggering.

    Upon reaching level 100, Toastie gains a 9,998 increase in health. This makes Toastie immensely more durable. In fact, the only enemy that can kill Toastie now is Death.

    Toastie at beyond level 100 in Vampire Survivors.

    This doesn’t mean Toastie can really have a chance to go up against Death, though. For this to happen, you’ll need to get Toastie up to level 200. Once this level is met, Toastie gains a whopping 65,520 bonus in Armor.

    This massive increase in armor reduces Death’s attacks on Toastie to 15.

    Unlocking Toastie

    To unlock Toastie as a playable character, you must defeat a non-red Reaper after unlocking Exdash. This refers to the Stalker, the Drowner, and the Trickster — the green reaper, the blue reaper, and the purple reaper, respectively.

    To unlock Exdash, type “x-x1viiq” while in the main menu as quickly as possible.

    The best place to find these reapers is at Cappella Magna. There are also rosaries in this stage that will immediately wipe out the reapers when they appear.

    When a reaper is eliminated, Toastie will pop up on the lower right corner of the screen. When this happens, press Down + Enter as quickly as you can. This unlocks Toastie as a playable character.

    Alternatively, you can also unlock Toastie from the Secret menu after obtaining the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, which is acquired after defeating the Sketamari in The Bone Zone.

    The “spell” required to unlock Toastie is tramezzini.

    Tips on How to Get Toastie to Level 200

    Toastie after defeating Death.

    Given Toastie’s starting stats, though, it can be terribly difficult to get the character’s level up to 200 before reaching the 30-minute mark.

    Take note of the following tips and you’ll have a better chance of successfully increasing Toastie’s level to 200.

    • Max out the Max Health and Armor power-ups. This won’t do much initially, as you’ll still die after getting hit once even if your Max Health and Armor power-ups are maxed out. However, this will matter if you consider the next tip.
    • Obtain and fully level up the Hollow Heart and Armor passive items. These items are tied to the previously mentioned stats. Seek these out and get them to their maximum level. Toastie will then be able to withstand attacks from early run enemies without dying immediately.
    • Get the Whip and Runetracer weapons. These two require the passive items mentioned in the previous tip to evolve. Take advantage of them being in your inventory by acquiring the weapons they can make more powerful.
    • Laurel is almost a necessity if you’re to survive as Toastie. Be sure to have this equipped.
    • If you want to evolve Laurel into Crimson Shroud, only do so after reaching level 100. Metaglio Right increases Curse, forcing you to deal with more enemies.
    • Equip the Awake Arcana. This gives you three revives, which you’ll need in case you get hit and die early on.
    • The Tiragisú passive item can also provide a much-needed additional revival.
    • Obtain the Pentagram weapon and the Crown passive item. Not only will these two help you occasionally deal with a massive horde of enemies and make you level up faster, but the evolution of the weapon is very useful in making you level up faster.
    • Get another weapon that’s great at crowd control. Song of Mana, King Bible, Santa Water, and Holy Wand are great at this.

    Use these tips, along with strategies you’re already used to, and you’ll get to level 100, then to level 200 after a couple of tries.

    The Better Option

    Leda facing off against Death in Vampire Survivors.

    Using Toastie and getting the character to level 200 is a difficult route to follow in your goal to kill Death. You’ll frankly have an easier time by using the character of your choice and employing the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor weapons.

    However, the appealing thing about defeating Death with Toastie is the freedom to build your own arsenal. If you can manage to get Toastie to level 200 while using your preferred weapons and not the ones mentioned in the tips above, facing and defeating Death on your own terms can be highly satisfying.

    Whichever route you’ll take is up to you. Assess which of these two factors matters more to you. If you want an easier route, go for the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor combo option. If you want a more fulfilling and satisfying conclusion, use Toastie and get it to level 200.

    What You Get After Killing Death

    Leda after defeating Death.

    If killed with Crimson Shroud or Infinite Corridor, Death will drop five Golden Eggs.

    A Golden Egg permanently increases a random stat of the currently used character. The stat increase varies from one to another. Here’s how much each stat increases after picking up a Golden Egg.

    • Max Health – 1
    • Recovery – 0.1
    • Armor – 0.1
    • Amount – 0.1
    • Revival – 0.1
    • Reroll – 0.1
    • Movement Speed – 1
    • Might – 1
    • Projectile Speed – 1
    • Duration – 1
    • Area – 1
    • Luck – 1
    • Growth – 1
    • Greed – 1
    • Curse – 1
    • Cooldown – -0.5
    • Magnet – 0.3
    • Skip – 0.2
    • Banish – 0.2

    Killing Death for the first time will also unlock the Mask of the Red Death character. Essentially, defeating Death will allow you to play as the character. Although, the stats of the playable character are nowhere near as high as the boss variation.

    Playing as the Red Death in Vampire Survivors.

    This character has an initial stat of +155 Max Health, +100% Movement Speed, and +20% Might. It has the highest starting Movement Speed of all the characters in the game, making it perfect for picking up relics and stage items.

    Its starting weapon is the Death Spiral, the evolution of the Axe.