Acquiring the Apoplexy in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock the Apoplexy Relic

If somehow you still think there aren't enough enemies in Vampire Survivors, obtain the Apoplexy relic.

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Key Takeaway

Reach 9 minutes in the Bat Country.

If you want to ramp up the challenge (and the amount of Experience you get) in Vampire Survivors, attain the Apoplexy relic. With it, you get a shiny new stat and other benefits. Bring on the undead hordes!

Table Of Contents

    What Does the Apoplexy Do?

    The Charm power up from the Apoplexy relic.

    The Apoplexy unlocks a new stat called Charm. The Charm stat increases the number of enemies that spawns per wave. It has five levels, and each increases the number of enemies spawned by 20, totaling 100 once it reaches level 5.

    The Charm stat can be leveled up from the PowerUp menu, just like the other stats.

    Obtaining the Apoplexy

    Surviving in the Bat Country for 9 minutes.

    First, start a run in the Bat Country. Then, build up your character so that you can reach minute 9. At this point, the relic appears on the map near your position. It’s surrounded by a series of diamonds, which forms a square around it. Break the diamonds and approach the relic to permanently unlock it.

    Alternatively, you can also use the Secrets menu, which unlocks after you obtain the Forbidden Scroll of Morbane; you acquire it after defeating Sketamari in the Bone Zone. The secret code or spell needed for this relic is “tengillesbalm”.