Toastie in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Toastie

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Key Takeaway

You can unlock Toastie by unlocking Exdash first. Then, kill a non-red reaper, after which a pink ghost will appear on the lower right corner of the screen. Press Down and Enter when this happens, and Toastie will become available as a playable character.

Toastie is a secret character that players can unlock in Vampire SurvivorsToastie seems like a weak character upon first use. It’s even difficult to play as him. However, he does have a function that’s very important to the game’s progression.

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    Unlock Exdash First

    Before you can unlock Toastie, you’ll first need to unlock Exdash, another secret playable character.

    Exdash from Vampire Survivors.

    Exdash can only be unlocked via a cheat code. Type x-x1viiq on the main menu or while using the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.

    Once done, Exdash is unlocked, and you’re off to the next steps to unlock Toastie.

    Uppercut a Non-Red Reaper

    This is the description of how Toastie is unlocked according to the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. This means to defeat the enemies that look like death that spawn in various stages.

    These are the “non-red reapers” the scroll refers to.

    The Stalker

    Leda facing the Stalker in Vampire Survivors.

    This reaper wears a green robe. It appears in the following stages:

    • Dairy Plant – The Stalker has a very low chance of appearing at the start of your run. However, it has a slightly larger chance of appearing after 8 minutes and after 12 minutes.
    • The Bone Zone – It appears at this stage after 10 minutes.
    • Cappella Magna – The Stalker also appears here at 10 minutes and 10 seconds.
    • Boss Rash – Since the Stalker is technically a boss enemy, it appears at the Boss Rash stage.

    The Stalker will follow the player around for about 2 minutes. It can suddenly speed up its movement, making it highly dangerous since it can kill you with one hit.

    The Drowner

    Leda facing the Drowner in Vampire Survivors.

    The Drowner wears a blue robe. You’ll find him at these stages:

    • Gallo Tower – The Drowner can be summoned by the Giant Crab at 25:00. He can also appear alongside Death at 30:00.
    • The Bone Zone – It appears at this stage after 20 minutes.
    • Cappella Magna – It appears at this stage at 5:00.
    • Boss Rash – The Drowner can also appear at the Boss Rash stage.

    The Drowner will always appear on the screen from the left. As soon as it does, water will start to flood the lower part of the area. Avoid the water as this will persistently deal damage.

    The Drowner cannot be killed if it spawns at 30:00 alongside Death.

    The Trickster

    Leda facing the Trickster in Vampire Survivors.

    The Trickster sports a purple robe. Here are the places where it spawns:

    • Cappella Magna – Spawns at this stage at 15:10.
    • Boss Rash – It will also spawn as a part of the series of bosses you’ll fight at this stage.

    The Trickster will spawn decoy gems around the player that will explode once approached. If avoided, these gems will explode on their own after 30 seconds.

    Defeating the Non-Red Reapers

    The Stalker, the Drowner, and the Trickster all have immense health and will kill you instantly. The best way to deal with them is to use weapons and items that also wipe out enemies in an instant.

    Your best bet is to have the Pentagram weapon, or its evolved version, the Gorgeous Moon. Picking up a rosary will also instantly kill these reapers.

    There are three rosaries in Cappella Magna that are ripe for the taking. It so happens that the reapers are guaranteed to appear at this stage as well. That said, it’ll be better to defeat a reaper in Cappella Magna.

    The location of the three rosaries in Cappella Magna.

    Loiter around a rosary around the time when a reaper is expected to pop up. As soon as they do, go for the rosary to wipe out the reaper in an instant.

    Once one of these three reapers is killed, a pink ghost will pop up on the lower right side of the screen. As soon as this happens, quickly press the Down button and Enter at the same time. You only have a short span of time to do this, so be sure to be snappy. Prepare to press the necessary buttons after killing a reaper.

    This unlocks Toastie as a playable character. If you’ve successfully pressed the buttons in time, a sound effect will play out. This is an indicator that you’ve successfully unlocked Toastie.

    Alternative Unlock Method for Toastie

    If you find defeating a non-red reaper too difficult or grueling, there is an alternative option to unlock Toastie. What you’ll need is the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.

    Unlocking the Forbidden Scroll of Morbane in Vampire Survivors.

    You obtain the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by defeating the Sketamari. You’ll find this enemy in the lower regions of The Bone Zone. Be sure to use the Milky Way Map to know exactly where this enemy is. It’s labeled as a question mark (?) on the map.

    Once defeated, you’ll have the scroll and a new menu will appear in the main menu. This is where you can input “spells” to unlock characters, relics, stages, weapons, and more.

    The spell you’ll need to unlock Toastie is tramezzini.

    Toastie’s Purpose

    Toastie may seem like a useless and weak character, but he actually serves one major purpose.

    Toastie is capable of defeating Death.

    Death from Vampire Survivors.

    Initially, Toastie only has 1 HP, which means the character dies after receiving just one hit. Toastie also has slower speed and might than the other characters, making it immensely difficult to level the character up.

    However, at level 100, Toastie will receive a health bonus of 9,998. At level 200, it gains a 65,520 bonus in armor.

    Once this is achieved, Death’s attacks will only deal 15 to Toastie, allowing the player to have the chance to defeat the enemy.