Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Vivi from Final Fantasy IX

Embark on an epic journey through the magical world of Gaia as we guide you step by step in this comprehensive Final Fantasy IX walkthrough.

Unravel the mysteries of the Mist, forge unbreakable bonds with unforgettable characters, and master their unique abilities as you uncover hidden treasures, face fearsome foes, and restore balance to a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the beloved franchise, our walkthrough will ensure you leave no stone unturned in this captivating adventure. So grab your controller, summon your courage, and join Zidane, Garnet, and their ragtag band of allies as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Choose an area from the list for the full Final Fantasy IX walkthrough. Details of each area can be found in the sections below.

Note: The content below contains spoilers.

Disc 1

  • Prima Vista Airship
  • Alexandria
  • Alexandria Castle
  • Evil Forest
  • Gunitas Basin and Melda Plains
  • Ice Cavern
  • Visit Morrid in Norlich Heights
  • Village of Dali
  • The Cargo Airship
  • Lindblum Grand Castle
  • Qu’s Marsh, Chocobo’s Forest, and South Gate
  • Gizamaluke’s Grotto
  • Grand Citadel South Gate
  • Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain

Disc 2

  • Summit Station
  • South Gate, North Station
  • Quan’s Dwelling
  • Dark City Treno
  • Gargan Roo
  • Cleyra’s Trunk
  • Cleyra
  • Rescue Mission in Alexandria
  • Pinnacle Rocks
  • Lindblum in Ruins
  • Qu’s Marsh and the Excavation Site
  • Fossil Roo
  • Outer Continent
  • Conde Petie
  • Black Mage Village
  • Prenuptial Arrangements
  • Mountain Path
  • Madain Sari
  • Iifa Tree
  • Disturbance in Madain Sari
  • Conflict at Iifa Tree

Disc 3

  • Return to Alexandria
  • Treno’s Card Tournament
  • Attack on Alexandria
  • Preparations in Lindblum
  • The Blue Narciss and Exploring Memoria
  • Deserted Black Mage Village
  • The Desert Palace
  • Oeilvert
  • Desert Palace, Revisited
  • Esto Gaza
  • Mount Gulug
  • The Missing Princess and the Hilda Garde III
  • The Fallen Kingdom
  • Daguerreo
  • Ipsen’s Castle
  • The Four Shrines
  • Terra
  • Bran Bal
  • Pandemonium

Disc 4

  • Black Mage Village and Side Quests
  • Memoria
  • Crystal World
  • Last Chance
  • Final Showdown