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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Embark on an epic journey through the magical world of Gaia as we guide you step by step in this comprehensive Final Fantasy IX walkthrough.

Unravel the mysteries of the Mist, forge unbreakable bonds with unforgettable characters, and master their unique abilities as you uncover hidden treasures, face fearsome foes, and restore balance to a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the beloved franchise, our walkthrough will ensure you leave no stone unturned in this captivating adventure. So grab your controller, summon your courage, and join Zidane, Garnet, and their ragtag band of allies as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Choose an area from the list for the full Final Fantasy IX walkthrough. Each link brings you to a dedicated page for that section. The quick objectives of each section can be found in the lists below.

The objective list does not offer a 100% playthrough of Final Fantasy IX, but rather an at-a-glance list of what you need to do. For the 100% playthrough, check out each dedicated page.

The content below contains spoilers.

Disc 1

  • Prima Vista Airship
  • Alexandria
  • Alexandria Castle
  • Evil Forest
  • Gunitas Basin and Melda Plains
  • Ice Cavern
  • Visit Morrid in Norlich Heights
  • Village of Dali
  • The Cargo Airship
  • Lindblum Grand Castle
  • Qu’s Marsh, Chocobo’s Forest, and South Gate
  • Gizamaluke’s Grotto
  • Grand Citadel South Gate
  • Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain

Disc 2

  • Summit Station
  • South Gate, North Station
  • Quan’s Dwelling
  • Dark City Treno
  • Gargan Roo
  • Cleyra’s Trunk
  • Cleyra
  • Rescue Mission in Alexandria
  • Pinnacle Rocks
  • Lindblum in Ruins
  • Qu’s Marsh and the Excavation Site
  • Fossil Roo
  • Outer Continent
  • Conde Petie
  • Black Mage Village
  • Prenuptial Arrangements
  • Mountain Path
  • Madain Sari
  • Iifa Tree
  • Disturbance in Madain Sari
  • Conflict at Iifa Tree

Disc 3

  • Return to Alexandria
  • Treno’s Card Tournament
  • Attack on Alexandria
  • Preparations in Lindblum
  • Deserted Black Mage Village
  • The Desert Palace
  • Oeilvert
  • Desert Palace, Revisited
  • Esto Gaza
  • Mount Gulug
  • The Missing Princess and the Hilda Garde III
  • The Fallen Kingdom
  • Daguerreo
  • Ipsen’s Castle
  • The Four Shrines
  • Terra
  • Bran Bal
  • Pandemonium

Disc 4

  • Gathering at the Black Mage Village
  • Memoria

Prima Vista Airship

  1. Defeat Baku in the Dragon’s Mask


  1. Show Vivi’s ticket at the booth
  2. Help steal Dante’s ladder
  3. Sneak into the castle

Alexandria Castle

  1. Give the crowd a good show
  2. Impress the Queen with your stunts
  3. Find the Princess
  4. Search for the Knights of Pluto
  5. Join forces to stop Steiner

Evil Forest

  1. Search for the missing princess
  2. Save Garnet and Vivi from the Prison Cage
  3. Reassure Vivi
  4. Quit Tantalus
  5. Match blows with Baku
  6. Recruit Steiner and Vivi
  7. Find the master of the Evil Forest
  8. Escape the petrifying woods

Gunitas Basin and Melda Plains

  1. Learn Abilities while roaming the plains
  2. Visit the east side of North Gate
  3. Prepare to enter the Ice Cavern

Ice Cavern

  1. Thaw the frozen treasure chests
  2. Defrost the Moogle
  3. Fight the Black Waltz No. 1, alone.

Visit Morrid in Norlich Heights

  1. Fight your way across the highlands
  2. Visit the south gate
  3. Meet Morid
  4. Head to Dali

Village of Dali

  1. Spend the night at the Inn
  2. Meet Vivi in the morning
  3. Find Dagger at the shop
  4. Return to the Inn to wait for the others
  5. Search for Vivi
  6. Find the underground hatch
  7. Rescue Vivi
  8. Follow the trail of eggs
  9. Protect the Princess for the Black Waltz No. 2

The Cargo Airship

  1. Board the Cargo Airship
  2. Head for the Bridge
  3. Face the Black Waltz No. 3

Lindblum Grand Castle

  1. Follow Minister Artania into the castle
  2. Appeal to Regent Cid
  3. Catch up on old times with Freya
  4. Explore the city of Lindblum
  5. Learn about weapon synthesis
  6. Check in at the Tantalus theatre
  7. Join Lowell’s fan club
  8. Search for Dagger at the castle
  9. Take the guard’s uniform
  10. Ride the lift to the Upper Level
  11. Find Dagger at the overlook
  12. Use the telescope to mark locations
  13. Win the Festival of the Hunt
  14. Prepare to depart for Burmecia

Qu’s Marsh, Chocobo’s Forest, and South Gate

  1. Cross the plains
  2. Discover Chocobo’s Forest
  3. Find the South Gate
  4. Discover Qu’s Marsh
  5. Catch a frog for Quina
  6. Let Quina join your party

Gizamaluke’s Grotto

  1. Take the Gizamaluke Bell from the Burmecian soldier
  2. Ring the bells to open the doors
  3. Defeat the Black Mages
  4. Reunity the honey-mooning Moogles
  5. Stand your ground against Master Gizamaluke

Grand Citadel South Gate

  1. Move the two people away from the alley
  2. Search the area outside the cable car
  3. Board the cable car to Treno

Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain

  1. Before entering Burmecia, check out the North Gate
  2. Cross the plains to Burmecia
  3. Bridge the gap with the platform
  4. Hop balconies to the bedroom
  5. Ring the bell to open the door
  6. Rescue the trapped citizens
  7. Inherit the Mythril Spear
  8. Spy on the enemy
  9. Challenge Beatrix

Summit Station

  1. Relax in Summit Station
  2. Speak with the Attendant
  3. Spot Cinna and Marcus at the station
  4. Make Steiner settle down
  5. Board the train to Treno
  6. Finish off Black Waltz No. 3 for good

South Gate, North Station

  1. Read the road signs
  2. Use the Gate Pass to head for Treno

Bentini Heights

  1. Explore the mountain-high plateau
  2. Check out Quan’s Dwelling behind the forest
  3. Enter the Dark City Treno

Dark City Treno

  1. Follow Dagger around the city
  2. Find Dagger at the auction
  3. Catch up with Marcus at the Inn
  4. Attempt to steal Supersoft
  5. Return to the tower to meet Dr. Tot

Gargan Roo

  1. Pull the sequence activator lever
  2. Find the gargant call lever
  3. Feed the gargant to hitch a ride
  4. Scare off the Ralvurahva

Cleyra’s Trunk

  1. Enter the sandstorm
  2. Raise the sand floor of the chamber
  3. Close the upper sand gate
  4. Navigate between whirling sinkholes


  1. Take the Cleyra tour
  2. Explore the town
  3. Talk to the guards at the cathedral
  4. Find Dan at the Inn
  5. Save Puch from the Antlion
  6. Fight invaders in the trunk
  7. Rescue the villagers
  8. Fight Beatrix for the village jewel
  9. Stow onboard the Queen’s airship

Rescue Mission in Alexandria

  1. Rock the cage to escape
  2. Rejoin the party
  3. Fight your way into the Queen’s chambers
  4. Find the secret passage
  5. Descend the pit to the Ceremonial Chamber
  6. Topple the Jesters
  7. Settle the score with Beatrix
  8. Join forces to escape the castle
  9. Ride the gargant out of Alexandria
  10. Stop the Ralvuimago

Pinnacle Rocks

  1. Accept the challenge of Ramuh
  2. Search for the Eidolon’s five ghosts
  3. Assemble the hero’s tale
  4. Race back to Lindblum

Lindblum in Ruins

  1. Meet Artania in the Business District
  2. Confer with Regent Cid
  3. Prepare for the Outer Continent
  4. Bid farewell to Regent Cid

Qu’s Marsh and the Excavation Site

  1. Find Quina by the frog pond
  2. Check with Quale for clues
  3. Enter the marshes to look for Fossil Roo

Fossil Roo

  1. Run from Fossil Roo’s guardian
  2. Square off against Lani
  3. Ride the gargants through the passage
  4. Use the switches to change course
  5. Dig for treasures with the miner
  6. Throw the final switch to exit

Outer Continent

  1. Circle the area to reach the suspended building

Conde Petie

  1. Give a hearty “Rally-ho” at the entrance
  2. Talk to the dwarves blocking the exits
  3. Follow Vivi into the Grocer’s
  4. Pursue the Black Mage

Black Mage Village

  1. Follow the signs to the village
  2. Find Dagger at the Synthesis Shop
  3. Talk to No. 288 at the cemetery
  4. Check in with Vivi at the Inn
  5. Regroup in the morning

Prenuptial Arrangements

  1. Talk to the dwarf at the exit
  2. Find Father Heavenguard in the corridor
  3. Make the commitment of a lifetime
  4. Follow the little thief west into the mountains

Mountain Path

  1. Rescue the little thief
  2. Collect the four colored stones
  3. Beat Hilgigars
  4. Go to Eiko’s house

Madain Sari

  1. Relax at Eiko’s house
  2. Go with Morrison to the Eidolon Wall
  3. Bring Dagger to the wall
  4. Cook a delicious meal
  5. Clear Eiko’s table
  6. Convince Eiko to go to the Iifa Tree

Iifa Tree

  1. Get through the Eidolon seal
  2. Ride the platform down
  3. Brave the endless spiral
  4. Kill the maker of the Mist
  5. Investigate the trouble in Madain Sari

Disturbance in Madain Sari

  1. Return to Eiko’s home
  2. Make a plan with the Moogles
  3. Duel against Amarant
  4. Agree to let Eiko join
  5. Form a shaky alliance

Conflict at Iifa Tree

  1. Chase Kuja high into the tree
  2. Outrun the beasts
  3. Call upon Leviathan for aid
  4. Witness the battle between evils

Return to Alexandria

  1. Follow the heroes back to Alexandria
  2. Entertain yourself
  3. Speak with Marcus and Blank at the mini-theater
  4. Collect new items
  5. Stop the fight at the boat dock
  6. Hold audience with the soon-to-be queen
  7. Check out the card tournament in Treno

Treno’s Card Tournament

  1. Navigate smartly through the ATEs
  2. Become a finalist in the Treno card tournament

Attack on Alexandria

  1. Order the Knights of Pluto into action
  2. Rid the streets of the monsters
  3. Follow the music to the top of the castle
  4. Evacuate the castle dwellers
  5. Challenge a mysterious monster
  6. Save Dagger and Eiko from destruction

Preparations in Lindblum

  1. Find out Dagger’s location from Blank
  2. Go to Dagger at the telescope
  3. Join Regent Cid’s conference
  4. Check on Dagger’s condition
  5. Ride the air cab to the Theater District
  6. Search the art studio for the Strange Potion
  7. Talk to Cinna to get the Unusual Potion
  8. Get the Beautiful Potion from Alice in the Business District
  9. Return to the throne room with the three potions
  10. Ride to the Serpent’s Gate
  11. Board the Blue Narciss

Deserted Black Mage Village

  1. Return to the deserted Black Mage Village
  2. Follow Vivi to the cemetery
  3. Witness a Chocobo hatching
  4. Figure out the next move at the entrance

The Desert Palace

  1. Land on the east side of the Outer Continent
  2. Move to the northern sinkhole
  3. Make a deal with the devil
  4. Board the airship
  5. Land on the Forgotten Continent


  1. Fight your way south
  2. Enter the canyons and curve to the west
  3. At the sea, turn east and follow the spiraling canyon
  4. Meet the Moogle outside
  5. Enter the mysterious fortress
  6. Activate the globe on the upper level
  7. View the gigantic hologram
  8. Turn on the projectors in order
  9. Catch the slide show
  10. Stand before the witnesses
  11. Find the spiraling platform
  12. Bring down the Ark
  13. Take the Gulug Stone from the alter

Desert Palace, Revisited

  1. Sneak to the key
  2. Move through the Palace, activating bloodstones
  3. Use the braziers to make windows and objects disappear
  4. Light candelabras to open the path
  5. Destroy the security guard
  6. Chase Kuja
  7. Use the rope ladder to exit the Palace

Esto Gaza

  1. Cross the continent toward the mysterious structure near the mountains on the Lost Continent
  2. Exchange pleasantries with the Bishop
  3. Check out the shop
  4. Cross the back patio area
  5. Enter the volcano

Mount Gulug

  1. Search the abandoned mine for treasure
  2. Be wary of Red Dragon attacks
  3. Pull the lever to descend into the well
  4. Face the jesters
  5. Face Meltigemini

The Missing Princess and the Hilda Garde III

  1. Meet everyone in the conference room
  2. Search for Dagger in Alexandria
  3. Board the Hilda Garde 3

The Fallen Kingdom

  1. Console the citizens
  2. Find new items in the debris


  1. Meet the citizens
  2. Debate near the medicine shop
  3. Find the secret passage
  4. Fix the lift

Ipsen’s Castle

  1. Choose and equip your party
  2. Slide down the pole
  3. Navigate the upside-down castle
  4. Find the weakest items
  5. Open the fresco secret door
  6. Take the mirrors from the map room
  7. Beat the guardian
  8. Engage trap doors to find the secret of Odin
  9. Return inside to rescue Amarant

The Four Shrines

  1. Drop off Dagger and Eiko at the Water Shrine
  2. Leave Amarant and Freya at the Fire Shrine
  3. Bring Steiner and Vivi to the Wind Shrine
  4. Bring Quina with you to the Earth Shrine
  5. Avoid the traps in the ancient temple
  6. Face the four Guardians of Terra at once


  1. Go to the Shimmering Islands
  2. Transport to Terra
  3. Follow the mysterious girl to Bran Bal

Bran Bal

  1. Find the Inn so Dagger can rest
  2. Meet the blonde-haired girl in the basement lab
  3. Find the party members and follow Zidane


  1. Follow Garland across the pod platforms
  2. Fight through the corridor
  3. Help Zidane seek an attitude adjustment
  4. Activate the pulsating lights
  5. Cross the bridge before time runs out
  6. Use the control to adjust the elevator
  7. Determine how to move from floor to floor
  8. Use the teleporters
  9. Prepare for three powerful enemies

Gathering at the Black Mage Village

  1. Bring the Terra refuges to the Black Mage Village


  1. Overcome the guardian at the gate
  2. Search for hidden weapons and cards
  3. Upset the four Chaos Guardians
  4. Learn the secrets of the universe
  5. Defeat the enemies of the world