Second Visit to Zil Padon in Grandia.

Grandia: Laine Village (2)

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If you haven’t taken on the two optional dungeons yet, now would be the best time! See the Castle of Dreams and the Soldier’s Graveyard!

Head to the House of Dorlin the Wise to progress the story. You’ll learn that you need to back to Zil Padon, so once you’re done chatting with Dorlin, Milda will say goodbye and permanently leave your party. Don’t worry. We won’t be alone long.

When you’re ready, head to Zil Padon.

Milda’s items, equipment, and weapon experience are now in the Stashing Place. Like before, I recommend holding off on using her EXP items until a bit later once the point of leveling yours up becomes less tedious. Especially her Mace EXP, as that goes to the final party member.

Also, if you upgrade your Bone Splitter Axes and Shadow Swords, I recommend keeping at least 1 of each in the Stashing Place for Justin and Rapp. They’ll come in handy during the Tower of Temptation. Keep the Lightning Sword and Wrecking Ax as well.

Zil Padon

Zil Padon
Items: Blue Medicine

You’ll need to check out the fountain, so go southwest, but before you cross the bridge, head southeast to this bridge. You’ll check out the door, but can’t do anything. After some quick dialogue with a Mogay girl, you need to find the Mogay Elder.

Go north across the bridge, then go northwest, then southwest across the bridge and into the Mogay section. Head southwest under the arch, then go northwest, south, and northeast into the Mogay Elder’s house, where you’ll have a chat with Guido.

When the dialogue options come up, you must choose #2 to proceed, at which point, Guido will join your party!

Guido comes equipped with the following by default: Poisoned Knife, Mogay Clothes, Rabbit Shoes, Moonlight Shield, Feathered Turban, and a Scarab. He also has Panacea x2, Launch Fireworks x2, and a Revival Stone in his inventory. You should transfer that Revival Stone to Rapp so he and Justin both have one.

Like Milda before, Guido can’t use magic and is just a temporary party member. He has some useful moves though, most notably the Mogay Bomb. His Sword level is really low, which will make for great boosting to transfer to Justin once he leaves. His Dagger level can be increased a decent amount as well, but the Throw level… not so much.

With Guido in your party, you can now converse differently with quite a few people in the town. If you visit Mogay House 1 (north-northwest of Guido’s House) in the Mogay Section of town, one of the Mogay folks here will prepare a “Green Medicine” that Guido gives to you — it’s actually a Blue Medicine, but that’s okay, it works!

Green Medicine that's actually Blue Medicine in Grandia.

Now… Before going to the Zil Ruins, you should visit the Hotel and get the stuff from Milda out of the Stashing Place. Put the equipment that you can on Guido, and sell off the rest as needed. After that, stock up on supplies at the General Store. Once we enter the Zil Ruins, we will not be able to leave and return here for a couple of dungeons.

After you’re completely ready, return to the fountain in the center of town and go down the ramp. Choose option 2 to proceed into the Zil Ruins.