Zil Desert in Grandia.

Grandia: Zil Desert

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Zil Desert
Save Points: N. Zil Desert, S. Zil Desert
Items: Resurrect Potion, Resurrect Potion, Seed of Defense
Equipment: Cactus Thorn, Cactus Armor, Energy Ring, Anklet, Gil Sword
Gold: 220G, 220G, 220G, 220G, 660G, 660G, 220G, 220G, 220G, 220G
Enemies: Cactus Man, Sand Worm, Scissorlock, Zil Scorpion
There are two Special stages in the Zil Desert. The Castle of Dreams and the Soldier’s Graveyard. You can take them on now if you like, though we recommend waiting until we’ve cleared a couple more dungeons and can buy some better equipment before doing so. We will list their walkthroughs directly after the Laine Village section, along with how to get to them.

Use the Save Point as soon as you enter, then head directly south to an area with a bunch of Cactus Men dancing around a giant cactus. Take out all four groups of them, then collect your rewards: the Cactus Thorns for Rapp, a Resurrect Potion, the Cactus Armor, and another Resurrect Potion.

Return to the Save Point, then head all the way west. Pick up the 220G here, then keep going south along the western wall, down a hill, to a large door. This is the Soldier’s Graveyard optional dungeon. As I said before, you CAN try it out, but I strongly advise against it until you’re a bit stronger.

Grab the 220G to the east of its entrance, then continue east until you see a huge rock to your north. Go on the northern side of this rock, then run east from it to another 220G. Move south a few steps, then head east through a narrow path between the rock and the wall.

Make your way south while following along this eastern wall, and you’ll eventually come to an Energy Ring in the corner. This handy little accessory allows you to recover 2 SP per combo hit / 5 SP per critical hit!

Energy Ring in Zil Desert in Grandia.

Take a couple of steps north, then run go west and southwest through the rocks, then look further to your west to find another 220G. Continue all the way west from that money to find 660G in the corner.

Now just head back east, then turn south when you can to go to the South Zil Desert. You’ll find another Save Point to the south. Use it, then go all the way west until you hit a wall. Follow that wall south and southwest to find an Anklet.

Anklet in Zil Desert in Grandia.

Head back to the Save Point, then go east, but not up the ramp here. Take a few steps south, then move east to come to another 660G here. Now, go back west and head up the ramp to the east. Follow its path for a while, but when it turns southeast, keep going west to find 220G.

Make your way southeast to another open area. From the first small rock you see, head southeast to find another 220G, then check out the DungeonScope Icon to the southwest. Move south to another wall, then follow it east, up the ramp, and to a smaller open area with a Seed of Defense.

Return to the DungeonScope Icon, then go north to the wall here. Follow this wall east and northeast to another ramp, where you’ll follow it to an enclosed area containing a Gil Sword.

Gil Sword in Zil Desert in Grandia.

Head back to the DungeonScope Icon one last time, then head directly west-northwest up a ramp. Soon you’ll come to a fork. If you go north and west, you’ll come to the Castle of Dreams, which we’ll tackle some other time.

Instead, from the middle of the fork, go directly south for 220G, then head southeast and east. Run all the way east past the giant round stone and the other smaller ones to find the last 220G in the dead-end, then head back west and turn south to exit the Zil Desert.

Now it’s time for Zil Padon!

With the Gil Sword, one needs to be careful. If the person using it deals the final blow to an enemy that normally drops something 100%, then there’s a chance that it will glitch out and you won’t get the item at all. So just to be safe, when facing a boss? Use a different weapon.