Getting to The Flats from Stray.

Stray: Chapter 3 – The Flat Walkthrough

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After passing through the exhaust fan in the Dead City, you’ll immediately enter a new area called The Flat.

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    Stray: Chapter 3 – The Flat Video Walkthrough

    Meeting B-12

    Jump to the bed below, then proceed through the door ahead. There’s another carpet here you can scratch.

    What you need to do here is get to the computer ahead and walk on top of the keyboard. You’ll have to write three lines before the computer opens a door for you. Once the door opens, proceed through it.

    Jump on top of the table at the center. Remove the battery that’s powering the computer on this table.

    Removing a battery from a computer in Stray.

    Return to the ground, then place the battery on one of the four sockets under the main computer in this room. Next, head to the left side of this room and jump on top of the stool. From the stool, jump on top of the shelf and walk to the right to find another battery.

    Removing another battery on top of a shelf in Stray.

    Head back down and place the battery on one of the sockets. Head to the other corner of the room and you’ll find a lever. Jump on it to flip the lever, causing the computer here to move left. At the base of this device is another battery. Remove it and place it on one of the sockets.

    Removing a battery from a moving computer in Stray.

    Jump on top of the computer that was moved by the lever and jump up once more to find the last battery. Jump back down and, again, put it in the last socket.

    Removing the final battery in Stray.

    Once all four batteries are in their sockets, a door to the left of the main computer opens. Proceed through, then get on top of the dead robot here. From the robot, get on top of the white machine, then onto the wooden platform ahead. Walk forward and you’ll find a box. Topple it over, then jump to the ground.

    Pick up the machine from the box and return to the main computer. Place the machine on the small, lit-up platform on the desk. A cutscene will then play out and you’ll meet your robot companion, B-12.

    The Stray cat meeting B-12.

    Leaving The Flats

    After the cutscene, B-12 gives you a series of orders, from picking up a key to wearing the backpack that charges it. Once all of that is done, head to the door outside and use the key to exit this room.

    The Stray cat and B-12 using a key to open a door.

    At the end of this hallway is a door you can open with a code. The code to this door is 3748. You can figure this out by entering the dark room on the right, jumping onto the shelf on the left, and then knocking over the cans. You’ll see the code on a whiteboard.

    Seeing a code on a whiteboard in Stray.

    Continue forward, and after the conversation with B-12, hop onto the bucket to continue. You’ll find the first memory in the area ahead. You’ll automatically interact with it as you approach it.

    With that done, continue forward until you get to another bucket you can ride. Be careful of the next area as there are Zurks here. Run forward, jump on top of the trash bin, and then to the pipe above. Once you pass through this narrow gap, you’ll arrive at The Slums.

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