The Stray cat in The Slums.

Stray: Chapter 4 – The Slums

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You’ve left The Flat and have made it to The Slums! One of the biggest areas you’ll explore in Stray. You’ll meet the robots here for the first time and meet some characters that will help you return to your cat family. The threat here is very minimal, but you’ll have to complete a series of tasks in order to move on.

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    Stray: Chapter 4 – The Slums Video Walkthrough

    Meeting the Robots

    When you officially enter The Slums, continue moving forward and you’ll notice that the robots will run away from you as you approach. Pay no mind to this. Just keep pushing forward and follow the linear path. If you make a turn and the way is blocked, you’re not supposed to pass through there yet.

    Continue heading forward until a cutscene plays out. This is when you’ll meet the Guardian.

    The Stray cat meeting the Guardian.

    Finish the conversation with the Guardian until the cutscene ends. Then, talk with him once more and show him a picture of the “Outside.” He’ll tell you to seek out another robot named Momo after this. He’ll also tell you where to find him. Momo is in the building with the orange neon sign.

    Once you’re finished speaking with the Guardian, you can first walk to the alley on his right. You can find a ball here right before a slope. Below the slope is a bucket. You can push this ball and have it land in the bucket to unlock the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy or achievement.

    The Stray cat in front of a basketball.

    From the ground, climb up any building to get to the roofs. There are multiple buildings in The Slums that have ledges that will allow you to get higher. Once you’re on the roof, simply face the orange neon sign and make your way there. Right under the neon sign is a balcony with an open window. Hop through the window to meet Momo.

    The Stray cat standing on a ledge outside Momo's apartment.

    Find the Notebooks

    A cutscene will play out as soon as you enter Momo’s apartment. During your interaction, show him a picture of the Outside. He’ll give you his notebook after this. Although it seems like Momo has given up on the idea of heading to the Outside, you can reignite this desire by reminding him of his friends. What you’ll need to do now is to find the notebooks of the three other Outsiders.

    Before you head outside, though, enter the bedroom behind Momo and interact with the poster across the bed to unlock a memory.

    The Stray cat facing a poster.

    There’s also a paper bag in this apartment, on the ground below the sink, that you can interact with. This unlocks the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy.

    The Stray cat in Momo's apartment.

    With all that done, exit the apartment through the window.

    Finding Clementine’s Notebook

    As soon as you exit the apartment, B-12 will point out that the symbol on the building across matches the one on Momo’s notebook, meaning it’s the place of one of the Outsiders. You can head to this building first.

    Drop down on the balcony and head forward. You’ll find a bucket on a zipline here. Ride the bucket to continue. From here, head to the roof on the right, then proceed to the roof on the left. Continue forward until you can hop onto a pipe. Keep going forward from here and you’ll get to the window of the building with the symbol.

    The Stray cat walking on a pipe.

    Proceed through the window, walk forward, and pass through one of the square panels on the door ahead. Go to the end of this room to find a computer. Hop on the desk and you’ll find Clementine’s Notebook on the monitor.

    The Stray cat finding Clementine's notebook.

    With that done, exit Clementine’s apartment. Once you get to the door with the square panels, proceed to the bookshelf first and you’ll find a Sheet Music.

    The Stray cat finding a Sheet Music in Clementine's apartment.

    Finding Doc’s Notebook

    After exiting through the window, jump down to the pipe again and continue forward to the roof at the end. Once you’re on the roof, look slightly to the left and you’ll find another Outsider symbol. This is where you’ll head next.

    The Stray cat on a roof in The Slums.

    The path there is fairly straightforward. Once you get to the roof before the Outsider’s apartment, you’ll find that there’s a couch facing a TV here. On the couch is a remote. Interact with the remote and keep switching the channels until you unlock the Télé à chat trophy.

    Proceed to the balcony where the symbol is and enter the apartment through the hole in the door. Keep walking to the other end of the apartment, then make a right to find a bedroom that’s covered by stacks of books. Enter the bedroom and walk over to the bed to find a note on it. Interact with the note to pick up a key.

    Exit the bedroom, make a left, then make the first right. On the left side of this area are more stacks of books. There’s a safe behind these books that you’ll need to access. You can clear the way by jumping on top of the books, then jumping off of them until they all fall down. Once the way is clear, interact with the safe, open it using the key you got from the bedroom, and you’ll find the notebook inside.

    The Stray cat finding the safe the contains Doc's notebook.

    Finding Zbaltazar’s Notebook

    Exit Doc’s apartment. Look straight ahead and you’ll see one more Outsider symbol. That’s the next destination.

    The Stray cat outside Doc's apartment.

    Start making your way there. You’ll eventually get to a section where you’ll find one robot tossing a can to another robot. Hop to the roof where the left robot is. You can reach the next Outsider’s apartment from here.

    Once you get to the building where the symbol is, you’ll find that you’re unable to enter the balcony. Head to the roof instead. There’s a ventilation system here that turns off once you remove the battery on the side. Remove the battery and enter the apartment below through the vent.

    The Stray cat standing before a vent above Zbaltazar's apartment.

    You’ll find stacks of boxes in this apartment. Jump on top of the one next to the four picture frames by the door. Then, jump off of it to topple the stack over. The last notebook, belonging to the Outsider named Zbaltazar, is in one of these boxes.

    The Stray cat finding Zbaltazar's notebook.

    Along with the last Outsider notebook, you’ll also find a note that details how to fix Momo’s Transceiver. With all of these in your inventory, exit Zbaltazar’s apartment. To leave this apartment, head to the corner of this apartment where a green curtain is. Scratch the curtain to raise it open, revealing an open window behind it. You can exit from here.

    Before you head to Momo’s apartment to give him the notebooks you’ve collected, you can head down first to the mural on the wall below. Interact with this mural to unlock another memory.

    Returning to Momo

    From either Zbaltazar’s apartment or the mural that unlocks a memory below it, start making your way to Momo’s apartment. It is fairly close to where you currently are. Once you make it there, talk to Momo and show him all three notebooks. After reading all three, Momo will also read the note about the Transceiver. This will finally encourage him to seek out the Outside again.

    A cutscene of Momo repairing the Transceiver will then play out. After the cutscene, follow Momo and he’ll open a window for you. Talk to Momo and he’ll instruct you on what to do next. He’ll give you the Transceiver so you can place it on top of the tallest tower in the next area. With that, head through the window and ride the bucket zipline. You’re on your way to the next chapter.

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