The Nimp Head item from Weird West.

Weird West: What to Do With Nimp Heads (and Where to Find Them)

They're more useful than you realize!

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Key Takeaway

In the game’s normal game mode, Nimp Heads can be sold to Wanderers and Doctors for dollar coins. In Nimpossible Mode, they are used to resurrect your character.

To perfectly go with the game’s bizarre atmosphere, there are a lot of strange items in Weird West—such as the Nimp Head. You won’t know exactly what to do with them at first. However, they have two uses: one in normal mode and another in Nimpossible Mode.

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    What Do Nimp Heads Do?

    In the normal mode of Weird West, Nimp Heads are items you can sell for extra money and nothing else. You can sell them to Wanderers and Doctors all around the world.

    The Nimp Head in the player's inventory in Weird West.

    In Nimpossible Mode, Nimp Heads have a more active function. The Nimpossible Mode of Weird West is a permadeath game mode, which means that your playthrough will end if you die. Put another way: when you die in this game mode, you go back to the very beginning—that is unless you have a Nimp Head.

    You can resurrect your character in Nimpossible Mode with Nimp Heads. This means it is highly beneficial to have as many of them as you can in this mode instead of selling them for extra money.

    Where to Find Nimp Heads

    You will randomly find Nimp Heads in Weird West on treasures, containers, hollow trees, and chests. That being said, take the time to explore every location you go to, especially in Nimpossible Mode, to have a higher chance of obtaining more Nimp Heads.

    One Nimp Head is also found at the starting locations of every character in Weird West while you’re playing in Nimpossible mode:

    • Jane Bell receives when she leaves Bell Stead
    • Cl’erns Qui’g can find one in Dread Slough
    • There’s one for Across Rivers in the Hunting Territory
    • There’s one for Desidério Ríos in the Absolution Hall
    • Finally, Constance Driftwood can find one in Somnolence

    While they are only a handful, there are Nimp Heads in the game that are found in fixed locations. Here are their locations.

    • Big Gulch Mine
    The Big Gulch Mine on the map of Weird West.

    Progress through the mine until you locate Snack. You’ll find the Nimp Head on a bedpost near where Snack is found.

    • Cedar Flats
    Cedar Flats on the map of Weird West.

    You’ll find this one on a cart near the town’s entrance.

    • Copper Mountain Quarry
    The Copper Mountain Quarry on the map of Weird West.

    You can find a Nimp Head in the area of the quarry where there is a stage. On your first time here, a prisoner is performing on this stage for a lone Stillwater.

    • Galen’s Crossing
    Galen's Crossing on the map of Weird West.

    This Nimp Head is on a table in the same basement where you find Marion Keen.

    • Oleander Temple
    Oleander Temple on the map of Weird West.

    There is one Nimp head behind the secret door in this temple. You can open this door by accessing a hidden mechanism that you can find when you interact with an incense burner.

    • Shepherd’s Dale
    Shepherd's Dale on the map of Weird West.

    You’ll find one Nimp Head in the basement of Shepherd’s Dale.

    Nimp Heads are easily overlooked in the game’s normal game mode. You may even have an abundance of them given its dependence on RNG. However, it is immensely important in Nimpossible Mode. Give this challenging mode a shot and find these reliable Nimp Heads to have a higher chance of seeing the game through while in this mode. Good luck!

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