The Heathen's Box in Weird West.

Weird West: Should You Open the Heathen’s Box?

"What's in the Box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!"

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Key Takeaway

Do not open Heathen’s Box! It doesn’t contain any items. Instead, keep it unopened and return the box to Heathen when you’re playing as Constance to receive a trophy or achievement.

Weird West has no shortage of intriguing and mysterious encounters—such as with the Heathen’s Box. You’ll get it when a witch named Heathen gives you the small crate. She’ll tell you not to open it, but this alone is enough to give us the urge to do so.

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    What Is the Heathen’s Box?

    Heathen’s Box is a box the witch Heathen gives to you when you encounter her for the first time. It is an unassuming item that sits on your inventory as long as you keep it unopened. It is seemingly made of wood and has the number “21” carved into it.

    Where to Get the Heathen’s Box

    Encountering the "A Witch at the Crossroads" event while fast traveling in Weird West.

    Early in Weird West, you’ll reach an encounter called “A Witch at the Crossroads” while playing as Jane Bell (the first character in the game). This is when you’ll meet Heathen for the first time. Interact with Heathen here and she’ll give you the box.

    What’s Inside the Heathen Box?

    As it happens, there is absolutely nothing inside the Heathen Box. No items, no Nimp Relics, not even any coins. That being said, it is absolutely not worth it to open the box—curiosity be damned!

    When you first encounter the “A Witch at the Crossroads” event, Heathen, the strange witch, will say she’ll ask for the box back later on. That’s all you’ll need to do.

    Do not open the box. Instead, hang on to it. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter Heathen again and again. Keep the box safe until you encounter Heathen again for the final time while playing as Constance the Oneirist (the final character in the game).

    What to Do With the Heathen’s Box

    Jane Bell having a conversation with Heathen the Witch.

    During your final encounter with Heathen, she’ll ask for the box back. If you can manage to keep it unopened throughout your current Weird West playthrough, you can return the Heathen’s Box to its rightful owner and you’ll receive the “What’s in the Box?” achievement or trophy.

    That’s the best way to handle Heathen’s Box and get something out of it in the end, since opening it rewards you with nothing. However, if you don’t care much for trophies and achievements, opening the box prior to meeting Heathen for the last time will remove it from your inventory. That being said, if you need the extra space, feel free to open the box.

    Weird West, as the name implies, is a game that marries the Wild West genre with the supernatural. It is a game ripe with violence, mysteries, and multiple strange situations. Your encounters with Heathen are certainly great examples of that. Keep on playing the game and you’ll find even weirder side quests that reveal more about this title’s bizarre setting and lore.

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