Cait Sith

Cait Sith is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII. He also appears in Dirge of Cerberus, Before Crisis, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and briefly in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Additionally, he appears in the PlayStation portable title Crisis Core as a summon.

Appearing as a small cat riding a giant stuffed moogle, Cait Sith is actually a toy remote-controlled by Reeve Tuesti, the head of Urban Development at the Shinra Electric Power Company. He joins the party at the Gold Saucer, though his initial motives are unclear. Cait Sith uses megaphones to provide instructions to his moogle in battle.

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    Cait Sith
    3’4” (100cm)
    Ultimate Weapon
    HP Shout
    Ultimate Limit Break
    Tetsuya Nomura
    Voice Actors
    Hideo Ishikawa (Japanese)
    Greg Ellis (English)
    Theme Song
    Cait Sith’s Theme – Nobuo Uematsu

    Appearance and Personality

    While not appearing robotic in any way, Cait Sith is a remote-controlled plush toy cat. With short black fur and a white stomach and face, he stands just over three feet tall, wearing a short red cape and white gloves. He also wears a crown.

    In Final Fantasy VII, Cait Sith rides a large robotic moogle that was manufactured by Shinra to gather intelligence. In the game’s instruction manual, however, it reads that the moogle was brought to life by Cait Sith. While it was not initially made clear who was controlling the moogle, the 10th Anniversary Ultimania explains that Reeve controls the moogle via Cait Sith’s megaphone.

    Although simply a robot controlled by Reeve, Cait Sith’s personality differs greatly. He speaks more casually, referring to himself in the first person, and in the English versions of both Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children, he has a Scottish accent while Reeve does not. In the Japanese version, Cait Sith speaks with Reeve’s original Kansai dialect.

    It’s possible that Cait Sith is equipped with some kind of artificial intelligence, given how difficult it would be for Reeve to control him at all times. In Final Fantasy VII, it’s not made clear how Reeve controls him, but in Dirge of Cerberus, he explains that it is done mentally.

    Playful, noisy, and cheery, Cait Sith is also a coward and useless in battle. Although initially not a fan of Avalanche after the group’s attacks on the mako reactors, he has a change of heart after seeing how hard Cloud and his friends fight in order to save the planet. However, Reeve continues to criticize the group’s actions, implying that Avalanche is just as destructive as Shinra.

    Cait Sith enjoys telling people’s fortunes and is often correct, although his descriptions are vague.

    Weapons and Abilities

    Cait Sith uses different megaphones to give orders to his moogle, and most have slots for multiple Materia. The Silver M-phone, found in Nibelheim, has eight Materia slots, making it a rare find for part one of the game.

    WeaponStatsMateria SlotsLocation
    Yellow M-phone36 Atk
    8 Mag
    2 Linked, 2 UnlinkedStarter Weapon
    Green M-phone41 Atk
    9 Mag
    4 LinkedCosmo Canyon: 2,400g
    Blue M-phone48 Atk
    10 Mag
    4 Linked, 1 UnlinkedWutai: 5,500g
    Red M-phone60 Atk
    15 Mag
    4 Linked, 2 UnlinkedIcicle Inn: 11,000g
    Crystal M-phone74 Atk
    20 Mag
    6 LinkedMideel: 18,000g
    White M-phone35 Atk
    8 Mag
    3 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 2,200g
    *Can be found in Gongaga (northern-most house)
    Black M-phone31 Atk
    10 Mag
    4 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 2,800g
    *Can be found in Cave of the Gi
    Silver M-phone28 Atk
    14 Mag
    8 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 3,300g
    *Can be found in the Mansion (Foyer)
    Trumpet Shell68 Atk
    2 Mag
    NoneJunon (after Highwind): 3,000g
    *Can be found in the Temple of the Ancients (Room VII in the clock room)
    Gold M-phone58 Atk
    28 Mag
    8 LinkedCosta del Sol (after Highwind): 15,000g
    Battle Trumpet95 Atk
    0 Mag
    6 LinkedFound in Underwater Reactor (Submarine Docks)
    Starlight Phone88 Atk
    31 Mag
    8 LinkedFound in the Midgar Underground (Part 2)
    HP Shout95 Atk
    44 Mag
    8 LinkedFound in the Shinra Building (Part 2, in the locker on 64F)

    Unlike other characters in the game, Cait Sith only has two Limit Breaks. Dice inflicts random damage, while Slots can lead to various effects. These are largely random and can be both damaging to the enemy and, if unlucky, catastrophic to the party. Rolling ‘Death Joker’ will lead to an instant Game Over.

    Limit Break NameHow to UnlockEffect
    Dice (Level 1)Starter Limit BreakCait Sith throws a number of dice onto the field (another dice is added at every tenth level for a maxinum of six). The sum of the dice is multiplied by the sum of the highest repeat of a number and then multiplied by 100 to calculate the damage done.
    Slots (Level 2)Kill 40 enemiesA slot machines decides on which effect will impact the enemy or the party.

    The complete list of Slots results can be seen below.

    Toy SoldierCrown/Crown/CrownAn army of toy soldiers appear and fire on all enemies for 5 times normal damage.
    Mog DanceStar/Star/StarA moogle appears, dancing and restoring the HP and MP of all allies.
    Lucky GirlHeart/Heart/HeartA cat-girl appears, making all character's attacks critical hits until the battle ends of a character is KO'd.
    TransformMoogle/Moogle/MoogleCait Sith transforms and his new stats are the summation of all three allies. Cannot be used if Cait Sith is alone in a battle.
    Game OverFace/Face/FaceCauses instant death to all enemies. (Not blocked by death immunity)
    Death JokerFace/Face/BarAll allies are killed instantly.
    SummonBar/Bar/BarA random summon is brought to the battlefield.
    Toy BoxElseOne of seven random objects is dropped on one enemy. (These are not named in-game but are listed below and marked with *)
    Falling Rock*-Hits a single enemy for double normal damage.
    Icicles*-Hits a single enemy for 2 1⁄2 times normal damage.
    Weight*-Hits all enemies for triple normal damage.
    Hammer*-Hits a single enemy for 3 1⁄2 times normal damage.
    Fat Chocobo*-Hits a single enemy for 4 times normal damage.
    Hell House*-Hits a single enemy for 4 1⁄2 times normal damage.
    Meteorites*-Hits a single enemy for 5 times normal damage.

    Character Design

    Cait Sith was initially planned to be a robotic spy from Shinra controlled by Reeve, with his character changing very little during the game’s production. In a scene cut from the final game, Avalanche would have needed to shut down the Mako Reactors around the world in order to fight Sephiroth, but they wouldn’t have made it in time. Reeve, willing to jeopardize his position at Shinra, would have shut down the reactors himself.

    Towards the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, players can enter the Honey Bee Inn during the Wall Market series of quests to peek through the keyhole of the Lover’s Room. There, a tiny Cait Sith is visible to the far right of the screen. The elderly couple inside are implied to be Reeves’s parents, as they discuss their son’s recent promotion at Shinra.

    Originally, Cait Sith’s job class was listed as ‘Beastmaster.’ Instead of using megaphones, he would have used whips and cards. Tetsuya Nomura has mentioned his initial idea of having a cat riding a dog, which is why Cait Sith is sometimes seen on Red XIII’s back.

    Early Life

    During the events of Before Crisis, Cait Sith assists the Turks in the search for Support Materia. A prototype, he meets the player Turk after initially having trouble with activation. Upon being led to Tseng, Reeve appears to reveal that he is the controller of Cait Sith, bidding the toy to provide a fortune. This leads the group to Gongaga, where Cait Sith says that one of Zirconiade’s Support Materia is located.

    On the journey to Gongaga, Cait Sith tells the player Turk that he’s aware that they are working for Verdot, a defected former Turk leader. However, Reeve–speaking via Cait Sith–notes that he knows Verdot and agrees to not tell President Shinra.

    Simply a toy, Cait Sith applauds the player’s physical ability while wishing that he too could be powerful enough to fight. When damaged, Reeve laments the robot’s poor combat abilities, devising ways to strengthen it for the future. However, doing so would restrict Cait Sith’s movement and agility. Later, he decides to have the cat ride a moogle. Upon repairing the toy, Reeve allows the Turk to control him using a backup controller as he attends a meeting. Tseng tells Rufus Shinra, the Vice President of Shinra, about Cait Sith, and the man is quickly interested in using the robot for reconnaissance.

    Controlling Cait Sith, the Turk uses the toy to infiltrate the Mako Reactor and take the Materia.

    In Final Fantasy VII

    The party first meets the new and improved Cait Sith at the Gold Saucer. Reading Cloud’s fortune, Cait Sith tells the former SOLDIER that “what you pursue will be yours, but you will lose something dear.” Although shaken by the prediction, Cloud agrees to take Cait Sith along when the toy asks to join the party, eager to see his fortune come to fruition. Upon leaving the Gold Saucer, Cloud suspects that there is a traitor in the group, though he doesn’t point the finger at anyone directly. He is correct–Reeve uses Cait Sith to spy on the party and report their actions back to Shinra.

    Upon returning to the Gold Saucer to get the Keystone required to enter the Temple of the Ancients, Cait Sith steals the item and gives it to Tseng, the leader of the Turks. When caught, the toy confesses that he is being remote-controlled by a Shinra operative, but refuses to disclose any further information. Though the party wants to eject him, Cait Sith protects his position by admitting that he has reluctantly taken Barret’s daughter, Marlene, hostage. Intrigued by the party’s selflessness when it comes to protecting the planet, Cait Sith hopes to stay until the end and leads the group to the temple as an apology.

    The Temple of the Ancients turns out to be the Black Materia itself, but the location must be shrunk from the inside to claim it. A failsafe meant to stop anyone from claiming the Materia, the party is at a loss until Cait Sith offers to sacrifice himself. Before he leaves, Aerith allows him to read her fortune one last time.

    Although Cait Sith is crushed in the temple, Reeve had been prepared for the outcome. A second identical Cait Sith arrives to rejoin the party only moments later.

    After Sephiroth summons Meteor and Tifa and Barret are captured by Shinra in Junon, the pair are set to be executed as a scapegoat for the ongoing crisis. Cait Sith, wearing a disguise, knocks the Shinra Executive Scarlet unconscious after she locks Tifa in a gas chamber, freeing Barret. The two flee and manage to reach the Highwind, an airship hijacked by the rest of the party. Tifa is set free by an attack from Sapphire Weapon, and she also joins the party to flee the decimated city.

    Following these events, Cait Sith begins to serve as a spy for Avalanche, allowing the party to listen in on Shinra’s meetings. The robot shares more information about Shinra’s research and intentions, with their search for the Huge Materia serving as the precursor to Diamond Weapon’s attack on Midgar.

    Rufus Shinra, the current president of Shinra, is presumed dead in the attack on the Shinra Building, leading Scarlet and Heidegger to take over. The two imprison Reeve, and as the man begs for help from Cloud and the rest of the party, he blows his cover as Cait Sith’s master.

    Prior to the final battle against Sephiroth, Reeve announces the fall of Shinra via Cait Sith. Going dormant soon after, Reeve eventually reactivates him, and following Sephiroth’s defeat, Cait Sith tells the party that he had evacuated the metropolis.

    In Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Cait Sith does not appear as a party member in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He makes a brief cameo from the Shinra Building helipad as the Sector 7 plate collapses during the chapter “Fight for Survival.”

    In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII, Cait Sith appears to help the party defeat Bahamut SIN. Riding on the back of Red XIII, he notes that he can’t do much in terms of battle, however.

    Following Sephiroth’s defeat, Cait Sith is among the other party members visible when Cloud awakens in the pool in the Sector 5 slums church. He can be seen being held by Marlene.

    In the original film, Cait Sith can be seen riding on Red XIII’s back into the Northern Cave during Marlene’s narration of the events of Final Fantasy VII. However, in Advent Children Complete, he’s seen instead riding his signature moogle into battle.

    In Dirge of Cerberus

    Cait Sith is first seen when Deepground attacks in Kalm, posing as Reeve when meeting with Vincent. However, Deepground soldiers quickly destroy his disguise. The robot also assists Vincent in Mako Reactor 0. Following this, Cait Sith is captured by Nero, who uses him to enter the Shera.

    A fifth iteration of Cait Sith is built by Reeve, complete with all previous memories. He uses the Synaptic Net Dive after Shelke to share the many horrors experienced by Deepground members to the World Regenesis Organization, who then realize that Deepground is trying to make a Lifestream pure of Jenova in order to summon Omega.

    Players can control Cait Sith for a brief period of time, though he is a terrible fighter.

    Appearances in Other Final Fantasy Titles

    Cait Sith also appears in the following titles:

    • Dissidia Final Fantasy (cameo)
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia
    • Pictlogica Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade (as a series of abilities)
    • Final Fantasy Artniks (as a series of cards)
    • Final Fantasy Record Keeper
    • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (as a summonable vision)
    • Final Fantasy XIV (NPC in Heavensward raids)
    • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game
    • Triple Triad

    In Crisis Core, Cait Sith is a summon for Zack. He is acquired by finding ‘Cait Sith’s Megaphone’ in a treasure chest during Mission 8-4-3. When summoned, he can cure a number of status ailments including Poison, Silence, Stun, and Stop. Cait Sith can also provide various status buffs, with their duration depending on the level of the summon.

    In November 2014, a Cait Sith costume was added to Gunslinger Stratos 2.

    Miscellaneous Trivia

    • The Cat sith is a creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a black cat with a white spot on its chest. Rumors have it that the specter haunts the Scottish Highlands.
    • Cait Sith’s Japanese voice actor, Hideo Ishikawa, has voiced many other Final Fantasy characters, including Auron from Final Fantasy X and X-2 and Squall Leonhart in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.
    • At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, there is a reference to the fortune given to Cloud by Cait Sith in the Gold Saucer. Marluxia tells Sora that “along the road ahead lies something you need, however in order to claim it, you must lose something that is dear to you.”