Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. She also appears as the main protagonist of the novel Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of Two Pasts, and appears in a supportive role in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Growing up with Cloud in Nibelheim, Tifa lost contact with the mercenary when he left town to join the Shinra forces. When the two are reunited, she convinces him to join the resistance group Avalanche to fight against Shinra, later also supporting him in his fight against Sephiroth. Tifa fights her enemies at close range using her fists and often acts as the voice of reason in the party, encouraging the group to always think things through before taking action.

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    Tifa Lockhart
    20 (Final Fantasy VII)
    15 (Crisis Core)
    22 (Advent Children)
    23 (Dirge of Cerberus)
    May 3, 1987
    5’6” (167cm)
    Blood Type
    Ultimate Weapon
    Premium Heart
    Ultimate Limit Break
    Final Heaven
    Tetsuya Nomura
    Voice Actors
    Ayumi Ito (Japanese / Final Fantasy VII Remake, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Dirge of Cerberus, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Explorers, World of Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts)
    Ayaka Mitsumoto (Japanese / Young Tifa, Final Fantasy VII Remake)
    Yoko Asada (Japanese / Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring Arcade Version)
    Yuko Minaguchi (Japanese / Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring PlayStation Version)
    Britt Baron (English / Final Fantasy VII Remake)
    Glory Curda (English / Young Tifa, Final Fantasy VII Remake)
    Rachael Leigh Cook (English / Dirge of Cerberus, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Explorers, World of Final Fantasy, Mobius Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Kingdom Hearts)
    Theme Song
    Tifa’s Theme – Nobuo Uematsu

    Appearance and Personality

    While slender, Tifa boasts an athletic and toned physique. She has red eyes and dark hair that falls below her waist, which is tied at the tips to form a dolphin-tail split. While her outfit changes slightly a number of times throughout her numerous game appearances, she generally sports a sleeveless top with her midriff exposed. Tifa also wears a miniskirt and a white teardrop-shaped earring on her left ear.

    In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa wears a black miniskirt, a white tank top, a belt, and suspenders, donning red and black gloves that extend to her elbows. She also wears red boots, black socks, and a metal guard on her left arm.

    In Final Fantasy VII Remake, her skirt has pleats, making it easier for her to perform her standard martial arts moves. Under this, she wears black shorts, along with a black sports bra under her standard white tank top. The metal guard on her left arm also sports a red-and-black leather vambrace decorated with Norse runes along the edges. Similar to the outfit a gymnast would wear, she wears black and red boots with black leg protectors. During the Corneo quest, Tifa can be seen in one of three dresses based on player choices: a black leopard-print cheongsam with her hair in buns, a short black kimono-style dress with pink flower hair accessories, or the default violet mini dress.

    In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Tifa’s hair is slightly shorter, coming to the middle of the back. She wears a white tank top beneath a black zip-up vest with short black gloves and black shorts that fold at the waist. A short duster reaches down to her heels. This outfit is also seen in Kingdom Hearts.

    In Crisis Core, Before Crisis, and in certain flashbacks in both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tifa is seen in a cowboy outfit with a short leather skirt and vest. This Nibelheim tour guide outfit also includes a button-up corset, a short white shirt exposing her stomach, a belt, a hat, and cowboy boots.

    Although Tifa naturally watches out for others and offers those in her party protection and guidance, she neglects herself in the process. Empathetic, motherly, and quiet, she is emotionally shy and reserved, changing the subject whenever questions arise regarding her own personal feelings. Before taking action, Tifa prefers to consider all options and study all available information, encouraging others to do the same. She fights to keep herself and others safe, preferring that others don’t get involved in her battles.

    Tifa has painfully low self-confidence and constantly strives to do better. This is due to the many losses she has experienced in her short life–while more outgoing as a child, the trauma of losing her mother as a young child impacted her negatively, followed by the loss of her father and her hometown during the Nibelheim incident. Tifa hates both Shinra and Sephiroth and seeks revenge on both, leading her to join AVALANCHE. Despite this, she questions the actions taken by the resistance group, wondering if the bombings are the best way to go about things and feeling heavy guilt.

    While Tifa is the voice of reason, she also depends on her friends to lead her when she is indecisive. While Barret needs Tifa to be his moral compass, she needs him to force her to make decisions when she freezes. As Cloud is her last link to her hometown, she aims to protect him, though he feels the same way about her. Tifa also wants to protect Aerith, relying on the girl to keep the party positive. As the game progresses, Tifa is hinted to have more romantic feelings for Cloud.

    Weapons and Abilities

    Tifa fights with her fists, utilizing a unique collection of claws and gloves throughout the game. Her stats are designed around the Monk class from previous Final Fantasy games, meaning that her physical stats are far superior to her magic stats. Most of her weapons deal bonus critical damage, and the God’s Hand has a whopping 255% accuracy, guaranteeing that she’ll never miss. Her ultimate weapon, the Premium Heart, grows stronger as Tifa fils her Limit gauge.

    While Tifa has lower HP growth than other characters in Final Fantasy VII, her Strength growth gives her the third-highest potential Strength of any character behind Cloud and Barret.

    WeaponStatsMateria SlotsLocation
    Leather Glove13 Atk
    0 Mag
    1 UnlinkedStarter Weapon
    Metal Knuckle18 Atk
    1 Mag
    2 LinkedWall Market: 320g
    Mythril Claw24 Atk
    3 Mag
    2 Linked, 1 UnlinkedKalm, Junon (before Highwind): 750g
    Grand Glove31 Atk
    6 Mag
    2 Linked, 2 UnlinkedGongaga, Junon (before Highwind): 1,200g
    *Can steal from Madouge in Mythril Mine
    Tiger Fang38 Atk
    8 Mag
    4 LinkedCosmo Canyon: 2,500g
    Diamond Knuckle51 Atk
    10 Mag
    4 Linked, 1 UnlinkedWutai: 5,800g
    Dragon Claw62 Atk
    13 Mag
    4 Linked, 2 UnlinkedIcicle Inn: 10,000g
    Crystal Glove75 Atk
    16 Mag
    6 LinkedMideel: 16,000g
    Motor Drive27 Atk
    6 Mag
    3 UnlinkedCosta del Sol (find in Villa Cloud basement)
    Platinum Fist30 Atk
    7 Mag
    4 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 2,700g
    *Can find in Nibelheim (Talk to man in black in Tifa's house)
    Kaiser Knuckle44 Atk
    13 Mag
    2 Linked, 6 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 15,000g
    *Can find in treasure chest in Whirlwind Maze
    Work Glove68 Atk
    0 Mag
    NoneJunon (after Highwind): 2,200g
    *Can find in the Temple of the Ancients. Head to the bottom of the room before the Red Dragon room
    Powersoul28 Atk
    7 Mag
    4 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 4,200g
    *Can find on Mt. Nibel. Take second slide in area with Materia Keeper
    Master Fist38 Atk
    0 Mag
    6 UnlinkedFound in the Shinra Building (treasure chest in shop)
    God's Hand86 Atk
    34 Mag
    4 LinkedDropped by Carry Armor in Underwater Reactor
    Premium Heart99 Atk
    32 Mag
    8 LinkedAfter Cloud returns after the events in Mideel, examine the machine in the Item Store

    Tifa’s Limit Breaks are unique when compared to other characters in the game. Rather than choosing a specific Limit Break from a list, Tifa hits her opponent consecutively depending on her Limit Break level. Her Limits are selected through a slot process, wherein each time the reel lands on ‘Hit,’ the attack connects. When the reels hit ‘Yeah!,’ damage is doubled. When it hits ‘Miss,’ the attack is not performed. Players much stop the reel at the right time, and as Tifa’s Limit level rises, it becomes more difficult. Each Limit allows multiple physical hits–specifically, up to seven in a single turn.

    Limit Break NameHow to UnlockEffect
    Beat Rush (Level 1)Starter Limit BreakDeals 1 1⁄4 times normal damage to a single target.
    Somersault (Level 1)Use Beat Rush 9 timesDeals a kick to a single target for 1 3⁄8 times normal damage to a single target.
    Waterkick (Level 2)Kill 96 enemiesTifa deals a circling sweep kick and summons a blast of water dealing 1 1⁄2 times normal damage.
    Meteodrive (Level 2)Use Waterkick 7 timesSlams an enemy to the ground dealing 1 5⁄8 times normal damage.
    Dolphin Blow (Level 3)Kill 96 enemies after learning WaterkickTifa uppercuts the enemy while accompanied by a burst of water and a dolphin for 1 3⁄4 times normal damage to a single target.
    Meteor Strike (Level 3)Use Dolphin Blow 6 timesThrows a single target to the ground from a great height, dealing 1 7⁄8 times normal damage.
    Final Heaven (Level 4)Use the Final Heaven manual after learning Tifa's six other Limit BreaksCreates a massive energy blast with a punch, dealing 2 5⁄8 times normal damage to a single target.

    Meteodrive and Meteor Strike were taken from Sabin, a character in Final Fantasy VI.

    Character Design

    Early drafts for Tifa saw a very different vision of her character. Initially, she was meant to take more of a background role in Avalanche, supporting the team behind the scenes and doing her part to cheer them up after difficult missions. She would also sport a massive scar on her back caused by Cloud, though she wouldn’t remember the entirety of the traumatic event.

    While the moment Cloud and Tifa share beneath the Highwind in the original Final Fantasy VII is well-known by fans, it was initially planned to be a little more risque. After a fade-out scene, Cloud would emerge from the ship’s Chocobo stable, with Tifa following soon after, implying that the two had spent the night together. Kitase rejected the scene for being too “extreme.”

    In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Nomura and Kazushige Nojima wanted to develop more of Tifa’s caring side, focusing on the way she supports other members of the party. Nomura described her character in the film as “very much like any woman who’s been left behind by a man.” Nomura, on the other hand, saw her as more multidimensional, describing her as “a mother, a sweetheart, and a close ally in battle.” He also noted that she is “remarkably strong, not only emotionally, but physically as well.”

    In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the development team wanted to avoid the image of playing favorites, therefore deciding to make Tifa and Aerith double heroines.

    Early Life

    Born to Brian and Thea Lockhart in Nibelheim in 1987, Tifa was an outgoing and extroverted child, often seen playing with her friends Tyler, Emilio, and Lester. Although Cloud also lived in Nibelheim and was only a year older, the two never spent much time together. When Tifa was eight years old, she lost her mother. This instantly changed her personality and caused her to grow apart from her friends.

    Unable to cope with her mother’s death, Tifa believed that she had simply gone to Mt. Nibel, and if she could cross the mountain she can meet her again. Cloud followed Tifa, who traveled to Mt. Nibel with a group of friends. After her friends turned back, Tifa took a wrong step, and Cloud tried to catch her, but both fell from a great height. Tifa was severely injured and in a coma for seven days, and her father mistakenly blamed Cloud for leading her to Mt. Nibel in the first place.

    In her early adolescence, Tifa’s male friends started to see her in more of a romantic light. She always politely declined any of these advances, instead growing attached to her cat Mal. One day, Mal ran away as Tifa comes down with a fever, causing the entire village to run after the animal. Cloud’s mom Claudia later brought the cat to Tifa’s house, as Cloud had found it in the mountains but was too embarrassed to bring it back to Tifa himself. At the time, Tifa had developed an admiration for Cloud, though she assumed him to have little interest in her.

    Years later, Tifa’s friends Lester, Typer, and Emilio mentioned wanting to leave Midgar during a picnic with Tifa under the water tower. This causes her to resent the city, and five years after Thea’s death, Cloud decided to join SOLDIER to become like his idol Sephiroth, in part to impress Tifa. When he shared his plans with her, Tifa made Cloud promise to protect her if she ever found herself in trouble, to which he agreed. This caused Tifa to fall in love with him.

    The following spring, Cloud left, becoming a Shinra Public Security Division infantryman. Tifa continued checking the newspaper to search for any news about him, and would often ask Shinra personnel in town if they knew him. Her friends also left town one by one, never writing to her. It was at this point that Tifa began taking martial arts lessons from Zangan.

    Two years later, Tifa worked as a tour guide in Mt. Nibel as a 15-year-old after being hired by the Turks to lead a Shinra expedition to investigate a faulty mako reactor. This expedition included Sephiroth and Zack, a SOLDIER, to whom Tifa mentioned dreaming of a blond-haired SOLDIER coming to protect her. While she didn’t realize it at the time, Cloud was one of the two Shinra guards accompanying Zack and Sephiroth–he hid his identity after failing to make it into SOLDIER.

    Cloud attempted to stop Tifa from entering the reactor at that time, also failing to protect her from a monster. Instead, Tifa protects him, helping him down the mountain.

    Soon after, Sephiroth went berserk after learning of his origins. After setting the village of Nibelheim on fire, he fled to the reactor. When Tifa’s father and other villagers followed him, they were slaughtered. Tifa found her father dead at the Nibel Reactor, and when she attacked Sephiroth, he easily disarmed her and cut her down. Zack found Tifa injured, but she refused his help, claiming not to trust him. Zack is then defeated by Sephiroth as well, and Cloud arrived to carry her to safety before challenging Sephiroth himself.

    Zangan eventually arrived, finding Tifa and casting Cure on her. While was unable to help the others, he was able to save her life, taking her to Midgar for medical treatment. In an effort to avoid clinics run by Shinra, Tifa ended up in the hands of quacks who stole her money and blackmailed her with a topless photo. She stayed at an apartment complex in the Sector 7 slums called Stargazer Heights during this time. The building was owned by the landlady Marle who, after seeing the photo taken during Tifa’s surgery, becomes protective of her.

    To pay for her medical treatment, Tifa worked at a bun stall in the Sector 7 slums. This is where she would meet Barret and Marlene Wallace at the bar and restaurant Seventh Heaven, which she later bought and managed to give them a place to live. Tifa then joined the anti-Shinra group AVALANCHE, led by Barret and also including Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, with the latter instantly striking up a friendship with Tifa.

    Tifa handled the group’s finances and helped look after Marlene while Barret was away. The bar became famous in Sector 7 for Tifa’s tasty food and drinks.
    When Cloud returned to Midgar as a mercenary, he ran across Tifa again, who had no idea that Cloud had been in Nibelheim when it was destroyed. Concerned and suspicious about Cloud’s strange behavior, Tifa recruited him to work for Barret, giving her a chance to keep him under observation. When she noticed that Cloud knew things he shouldn’t while not knowing things he should, she began doubting her own memories.

    In Final Fantasy VII

    Following the successful mission to destroy Mako Reactor 1 at the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud returned to Tifa’s bar. Although attempting to quit Avalanche following an argument with Barret, Tifa diffused the situation, pleading for Cloud to stay and reminding him of the promise they made as children, while also reminding Barret how much they needed help. Tifa later accompanies the group to Mako Reactor 5–while at the reactor, they spoke to President Shinra, who poked fun at their efforts before unleashing the Air Buster. Cloud destroyed it but fell to the slums below.

    When Barret and Tifa returned to the hideout soon after, they found someone spying on them. After a brief interrogation, the spy revealed that he worked for Don Corneo, a crime boss and Shinra informant. Although Barret warned her against it, Tifa left for Don Corneo’s mansion in Sector 6 via chocobo carriage while wearing a disguise and posing as one of his chosen ‘brides’ for the day. Cloud caught her on the way and infiltrated the mansion along with her, accompanied by Aerith, who he met in the Midgar slums.

    Corneo revealed that Shinra had tracked the Avalanche base to Sector 7 and planned to destroy it by dropping the Sector 7 plate hovering above the city. He told the group this before ejecting them out of a trap door. Tifa, Cloud, and Aerith then passed through the sewer system and the Train Graveyard to reach Sector 7 before it was too late. Tifa asked Aerith to find Marlene and to keep her safe while she left to travel up the Sector 7 support pillar with Cloud. After finding Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie in critical condition, the two reach Barret at the top. Failing to defeat the Turks, the pillar was destroyed, and while Tifa, Cloud, and Barret managed to escape, Aerith was captured.

    During the following chapter, Tifa and the others visited Elmyra Gainsborough’s house, where they find Marlene and learn of Aerith’s true heritage as an Ancient.

    Tifa, Barret, and Cloud then stormed the Shinra Building to save Aerith from Professor Hojo. They also found Red XIII, another research experiment, during the process, with the beast joining the party. The group was then caught and locked in cells, with Tifa and Cloud in the same room, though the entire party could still converse. Aerith reminded Cloud that he was to be her bodyguard in exchange for one date, which upsets Tifa.

    The following day, the group woke up to find their cells unlocked and President Shinra dead, presumably killed by Sephiroth. Rufus Shinra, President Shinra’s son, appeared, and Cloud agreed to hold him off to give the others time to escape. Eventually, via motorcycle and pick-up truck, the party left Midgar on a mission to find and stop Sephiroth.

    While in Kalm, Cloud finally told the party how he was deployed to Nibelheim with Sephiroth, and how the man later destroyed his hometown. Although his recollection of events was faulty, Tifa chose to say nothing, instead starting to doubt her own memories. She also hoped to protect him from the truth if it turned out that he was mistaken.

    While at the Corel Prison, Barret began struggling with the events of his past. Tifa mentioned that the two of them weren’t so different, given that they both joined Avalanche after their hometowns were destroyed by Shinra.

    In Gongaga, the group met Zack’s parents, who said that they hadn’t heard from their son in years and were unsure whether or not he was still alive. Tifa was upset at the news, remembering Zack as the SOLDIER who had come to Nibelheim years prior. However, she chose to lie to Cloud, telling him that she didn’t know who Zack was.

    As the party arrived in Nibelheim, they noticed that the town had been completely rebuilt and populated with Shinra employees as a way to cover up the previous incident. All of these false residents claimed that Cloud and Tifa had never lived there.

    Tifa is a possible date for Cloud when the party arrives at the Gold Saucer. During the event, she talks about her insecurities with her emotions, expressing that “being old friends is hard” and “timing is everything.” While she clearly wanted to tell Cloud something–either about his faulty memories or her romantic feelings for him–she does neither.

    When the party arrived at the Temple of the Ancients, Sephiroth manipulated Cloud into handing over the Black Materia, which would allow him to summon Meteor to destroy the planet. Aerith continued on towards the City of the Ancients by herself, and when Cloud nearly gave up on his quest, Tifa and Barret convinced him to keep going, promising to be his support. Upon finding Aerith, the group sees her murdered by Sephiroth. Tifa is seen kneeling by her body before running away in tears.

    Tracking Sephiroth to the Whirlwind Maze, the man showed Cloud the actual events that took place in Nibelheim years prior. Shocked by his words, Cloud started to believe that he was not a real person at all, but rather a puppet with false memories created by Professor Hojo. This only caused Tifa to further doubt her own memories.

    After Cloud handed over the Black Materia to Sephiroth, he apologized as the North Crater began to shake and ancient beasts called Weapons started to appear. Tifa and Barret fled on the Highwind as the crater collapsed–the two were brought to Junon to be executed as scapegoats in an effort to prove that Shinra was still in control as Meteor loomed high above the planet.

    During the planned public execution, Tifa was thrown into a gas chamber. Other party members hidden in the crowd managed to save Barret, and despite Shinra’s best efforts, Tifa escaped from her restraints and escaped through a hole caused by Sapphire Weapon. Confronted by the Shinra executive Scarlet as she climbed onto the Mako Cannon, the two fought, and Tifa was victorious. Shortly after, the Highwind appeared to pick her up, and Tifa served as the temporary party leader in Cloud’s absence.

    Due to so much recent trauma, Tifa was unable to provide any answers to the team. After Hojo had implied that Cloud was not a real person, Tifa only doubted her memories more, and she set out to find Cloud to learn the truth. Eventually, the party stumbled upon him in Mideel, though he was found to be suffering from a mako overdose. Tifa watched over him, though he showed no signs of improvement.

    Ultimate Weapon attacked Mideell while the remaining party members were off hunting Huge Materia. The lifestream subsequently swallowed the village, and while Tifa attempted to push the unresponsive Cloud to safety in a wheelchair, the two fell into the lifestream to become completely submerged. It was then that Tifa was able to enter Cloud’s subconscious mind, uncovering the truth behind the Nibelheim incident and helping the man restore his memories and remember his reason for fighting.

    During this event, Tifa learned that Cloud admired her when they were young children and that he had wanted to join SOLDIER to impress her. She also learned that Cloud had helped her during the incident, though he had remained disguised. The two washed up on the beach near Mideel and were rescued by the other party members.

    Following the impending collapse of Shinra and Midgar’s siege by Diamond Weapon, Cloud dismissed the party, telling each of them to find their own reasons to fight. Tifa decided to stay with him, and the two spend the night together beneath the Highwind. The following day, the party reached the bottom of the Northern Cave and defeated Sephiroth to release Aerith’s Ultimate White Magic, Holy.

    Despite the man being defeated, Cloud sensed that he wasn’t totally dead, and Tifa stayed behind for a final battle. Cloud descended into the lifestream, where he managed to defeat Sephiroth once and for all. Cloud saved Tifa from falling as the cavern fell to pieces, and the party returned to the Highwind to watch as the lifestream surged from the planet to ensure Meteor’s destruction.

    In Final Fantasy VII Remake

    While much of Final Fantasy VII Remake maintains the same overall story as the original game, there were some changes and additions made throughout.

    As Cloud and Barret return from the successful bombing of Mako Reactor 1, Cloud gives Tifa a flower upon their first meeting. She leads him to a room she had booked for him in the Stargazer Heights apartment complex in Sector 7. When he inquires about payment for his services, Tifa apologizes, citing the group’s lack of funds. She promises he will be paid the next day if he helps collect money for the water filters they had sold. Tifa also gives Cloud the idea to work as a mercenary around the slums, opening up a wide array of side-quests.

    Following a conversation about Nibelheim which is very similar to that seen in the original game, the two find Johnny, a slum dweller, being harassed by Shinra Public Security. Tifa hopes to help him out of fear that he may leak information about Avalanche. When Cloud assists, Tifa stops him from killing Johnny after the soldiers were dealt with.

    Barret rehires Cloud for the attack on Mako Reactor 5. Tifa is hesitant to support the act, despite knowing that it is necessary in the big scheme of things. The following day, the town is attacked by the Whispers–Tifa wakes Cloud and the two fight through them, but they disperse after Jessie is wounded. Cloud takes her place in the mission, with Tifa replacing Wedge. After planting the bomb, Heidegger appears to explain that their actions have been shown on live TV to set up AVALANCHE as public enemy number one.

    During the mission to meet Don Corneo, Tifa can be seen in three available dresses depending on the player’s choices.

    In the following chapter, Tifa gets to know Aerith, realizing that the girl knew something the rest of them didn’t. Afraid of ghosts, Tifa holds Cloud’s arm in the Train Graveyard, with Aerith holding the other. While at the home of Elmyra Gainsborough, Cloud nearly leaves to rescue Aerith, but Elmyra objects. Tifa agrees, encouraging Cloud to wait and see if Shinra would let her go of their own volition.

    Players have a chance to meet Tifa in Aerith’s garden during the chapter In Search for Hope. She reveals that she has kept the flower Cloud gave her alive for as long as possible, as it was a symbol of reunion. Tifa also grieves everything being lost yet again because of Shinra and begins crying, as Cloud embraces her. The next morning, the team leaves to save Aerith, feeling that it is the right thing to do.

    The group meets Leslie Kyle again at Don Corneo’s palace, who agreed to help them get safely topside if they helped him settle a score with Corneo. Tifa reminded him that Cloud would kill him if he betrayed them, and in the end, the group is given powerful grappling guns. On the way up, Tifa remarks that Cloud is actually a nice guy deep down and that she had never noticed that when they were kids. Once at the top, Barret and Tifa discuss opening a new bar.

    As the group breaks into the Shinra Building, they are aided by Mayor Domino who sabotaged the security system. If players use the elevator to get in, they are tasked with fighting soldiers, as well as normal employees. Tifa is reminded that normal people trying to make a living work for Shinra, though Barret doesn’t offer them any forgiveness regardless of this fact.

    As in the original game, Aerith shares her history as a Cetra when the group is captured inside Hojo’s lab. Exclusive to Remake, she also speaks of the role of the Whispers as stewards of fate. As she attempts to warn them of a threat greater than Shinra, the Whispers attack her. Tifa suspects that Aerith has more to say, and she says as much, promising to help the girl figure things out before it’s too late.

    The next morning, the group is set free, finding a trail of black liquid leading to President Shinra’s office. In the original game, the man is already dead when the group arrives. In Remake, he is seen hanging on for his life on the side of the skyscraper. Sephiroth appears, impaling the president and Barret before transforming into Jenova Dreamweaver.

    Barret is healed by the Whispers and the group attempts to leave following their battle. Rufus Shinra tries to stop them, though Cloud steps in to fight him off while preparations are made to leave the city.

    After Cloud fights Sephiroth in the Singularity, Tifa officially joins the party in their search for the silver-haired man after he disappears.

    Post-Final Fantasy VII

    In Episode: Tifa found in the short story collection Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Tifa, Cloud, and Barret’s daughter Marlene become a family in Edge, where Tifa opened a new bar called 7th Heaven and Cloud ran a delivery service. While things began happily, Tifa starts to worry when Cloud becomes more closed off and depressed. One day, Cloud brings home an orphaned boy named Denzel, who he found in the ruins of Midgar. Despite seeming happier after adding the boy to their family, Cloud disappears again soon after.

    In Dirge of Cerberus, Tifa arrived to take part in the ground assault on Midgar alongside Barret and Cloud. Fighting against the group known as Deepground, she appears when the party cheers on Vincent at the end. When Yuffie inquires about Vincent inside 7th Heaven, Tifa is seen running the bar. She also allows Shelke to live with them.

    In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    After calling Cloud’s cell phone numerous times with no response, Tifa continues to run the bar while caring for Denzell and Marlene while also handling the business side of Cloud’s delivery service. While taking Marlene to the church in the Sector 5 slums to find Cloud, she finds out that he’s been infected with Geostigma, an illness that always leads to death.

    Angry that he didn’t share this with her, she is suddenly confronted by Loz, one of the three remnants of Sephiroth. After the two fight and Tifa is defeated, Cloud finds her unconscious and intends to leave to find Marlene, though the pain from his illness stops him. Reno and Rude arrive and deliver the two safely back to 7th Heaven.

    Although Cloud initially turns down Tifa’s request to travel to the Forgotten City to save Denzel and Marlene out of fear of failure, he eventually concedes. The following day, as Loz and Yazoo begin to brainwash the kidnapped children into traveling to the memorial in the middle of Edge, Tifa attempts to save Denzel but is stopped by Bahamut SIN. All major members of the party from Final Fantasy VII arrive to fight as Aerith also supports Cloud from the lifestream.

    After the battle concludes, Tifa brings Denzel to the church to heal his Geostigma while smiling at Cloud.

    Appearances in Other Final Fantasy Titles

    Tifa Lockhart has appeared in a large number of Final Fantasy crossover titles, second only to Cloud as the most frequently appearing character from Final Fantasy VII. She appears as a playable character or summon in the following Final Fantasy titles:

    • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia
    • Mobius Final Fantasy
    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival
    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Final Bar Line
    • Final Fantasy VII G-Bike
    • Pictlogica Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
    • Final Fantasy All the Bravest
    • Final Fantasy Record Keeper
    • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
    • War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
    • World of Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy Explorers

    Tifa appears in the following games in card form:

    • Final Fantasy Artniks
    • War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
    • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game
    • Portal App Triple Triad

    Tifa’s outfit is also available as a Mii Fighter Outfit for Brawler in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She appears in Crisis Core as a non-playable character during Chapter 8.

    Appearances in Other Media

    Tifa has also made a number of appearances in non-Final Fantasy titles, including:

    • Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring
    • Itadaki Street
    • Puzzle & Dragons
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Kingdom Hearts II
    • Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

    Miscellaneous Trivia

    • Tifa is thought to be a shortened version of Tiffany, meaning ‘manifestation of God. It may also be derived from the Tifaret, a part of the Tree of Life found in Jewish mysticism symbolizing beauty, love, and self-sacrifice.
    • Tifa’s surname, Lockhart, may potentially be a reference to her reserved nature and her inability to share her feelings with Cloud. It may also refer to her vital role in rescuing Cloud’s psyche towards the end of the game.
    • Tifa was named the pinup girl of the “cyber generation” by The New York Times in 1998.