Delicate Flower

The Delicate Flower is a rare white flower in Hollow Knight. It is believed to have originated from a place outside of Hallownest known as “lands serene.” It is the centerpiece of a quest of the same name, given by an NPC called the “Grey Mourner.”

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    Delicate Flower


    The Delicate Flower symbolizes eternal love, devotion, and loyalty, making it a highly valued and sought-after item in Hallownest. The flower’s fragile nature is also significant, as it serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between love and loss. The flower’s beauty and rarity are often mentioned in the game’s lore, as well as its ability to inspire strong emotions in those who come into contact with it.

    Connection to the Godseeker

    The Delicate Flower plays a crucial role in the side quest involving the Grey Mourner, a ghost mourning the loss of her lover. The Grey Mourner asks the Knight, the game’s protagonist, to deliver the Delicate Flower to her lover’s grave, the Traitor’s Child, located in the Queen’s Gardens. However, if the Knight delivers it to the Godseeker in the Junk Pit instead, a new ending is unlocked.

    In this new ending, as the Void seeps out from the Godseeker’s body, portions of it drop on the Delicate Flower as it is being held by the Godseeker. This causes the flower to emit a blinding white light which causes the Void and the Godseeker to disappear. The flower is left on the ground, with a few traces of black void remaining on it.

    Cultural Significance

    The Delicate Flower holds considerable cultural significance within Hallownest. Its rarity and beauty have made it a highly prized possession, often used in rituals, ceremonies, and tributes to honor the memory of lost loved ones. The flower’s symbolism of love and devotion resonates deeply with the inhabitants of Hallownest, who are known for their strong sense of loyalty and community. The Delicate Flower serves as a poignant reminder of the power of love and the fragile nature of life in the harsh, unforgiving world of Hallownest.