Four of the best cars in Rocket League.

The 10 Best Cars in Rocket League, Ranked

These are all gorgeous and fast vehicles, but some of them are definitely better than others.

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Key Takeaway

Here are the best cars in Rocket League:

  1. Octane
  2. Fennec
  3. Dominus
  4. Mantis
  5. Nimbus
  6. Endo
  7. Outlaw
  8. Merc
  9. Aftershock
  10. Breakout

There are many car choices in-game. Although the difference in speed and performance is minimal, the cars definitely feel different from one another because of their hitboxes. Considering that, a lot of players may find these to be the best cars in Rocket League.

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    The Breakout car from Rocket League.

    The Breakout is a common vehicle and is the basis for the Breakout body type. This vehicle, and this body type, is a popular choice among newcomers because of its wide body. The Breakout is a good vehicle for defense, dribbling, and carrying the ball.

    A few veterans prefer the Breakout as well, but its popularity has dwindled in recent years. Players who are still getting into Rocket League may fare better with this vehicle as it will allow them to master some of the more complicated mechanics of the game, such as dribbling.


    The Aftershock car from Rocket League.

    This rocket-looking vehicle is as fast as it is stylish. The Aftershock is a Dominus-type vehicle, preferred for its length and height. What’s impressive about the Aftershock is that although it has a sizable build, the Aftershock impresses with its speed and maneuverability on the ground.

    The vehicle does feel somewhat heavy when it takes to the air. Those who prefer mid-air rolls, flips, and dribbles should turn to other vehicles instead. Those who want to stick with this vehicle, or just want to give it a shot, will find that it’s best used to attack or defend on the ground.


    The Merc car from Rocket League.

    The Merc is the basis for the vehicle type of the same name. Mercs are some of the thinnest cars in the game, but they are the tallest in terms of height. That being said, they can be useful for attacking and defending—although they’re much easier to use on the ground.

    Due to its peculiar size, maneuvering the Merc mid-air can be somewhat tricky. However, those who can master it can definitely win a ton of matches using this vehicle. However, it’s better used to guide beginners into the more intricate mechanics of the game rather than one you will use as you continue ranking up.


    The Outlaw car from Rocket League.

    The Outlaw is an Octane-type vehicle. Although many players consider Octane to be the best vehicle type in the game, pros and veterans almost never use the Outlaw because there are better alternatives under the same category. Be that as it may, one should not immediately discredit this car—especially those who only recently acquired it.

    The Outlaw controls very smoothly. It also has a particularly decent build, with average dimensions all across the board. This means it can be used as a defensive vehicle as well as one you can use to perform aerial maneuvers.


    The Endo car from Rocket League.

    The Endo is a Hybrid-type vehicle. This means the car has average width and length, but also has a fair bit amount of height. The car isn’t the best at defending, and it can also be fairly challenging to dribble the ball consistently with this vehicle.

    However, the Endo is a very good option for those who are great at aerial play, as it controls fairly well in the air. Players who want to practice and master air dribbling will have a great time at it when they use this vehicle.


    The Nimbus car in Rocket League.

    The Nimbus is a Hybrid vehicle with a unique-looking dome. Being a Hybrid-type vehicle, the Nimbus has a fairly short length, but decent width and height. It’s average in terms of build, giving it a substantial hitbox without feeling too stocky.

    The vehicle also feels and controls lighter than other vehicles, especially when it comes to aerials, flips, and ball control. However, those who value defense will find better vehicles in this game than the Nimbus.


    The Mantis car from Rocket League.

    The Mantis is a Plank vehicle. This alone makes it a great car to use considering how a lot of Rocket Players value Plank vehicles’ hitboxes. Plank vehicles are the widest vehicles in the game and they also have decent lengths.

    Considering all that, the Mantis makes for a perfect vehicle for all-around play. It can defend, control the ball consistently, and maneuver quite well. Those who were unable to get the Batmobile 2016 vehicle (which can no longer be purchased) will enjoy the Mantis as this was intended to be a substitute for that vehicle.


    The Dominus car from Rocket League.

    The Dominus vehicle is the basis for the body type of the same name and is one of the most popular vehicles in Rocket League. Many of the game’s pros use this as their main vehicle and it is easy to see why.

    The Dominus controls like a sharp blade on silk. It is smooth to maneuver whether you’re on the ground or flying through the air. It also has a significant surface area, making it good for defending and dribbling the ball. On top of that, it has a really cool muscle-car vibe that automobile enthusiasts will surely die for.


    The Fennec car from Rocket League.

    The Fennec is slowly becoming an all-time favorite vehicle in Rocket League. A lot of pros have switched from other popular ones, like the Dominus and the Octane, to this one. As such, it can certainly be argued that this is one of the game’s best vehicles.

    The Fennec is an Octane-type vehicle. It has the speed and maneuverability of one, but it also feels heavier and bigger. Players who have mastered the game’s mechanics will have an absolute blast carrying matches with this vehicle. They’ll be able to do flashy moves in mid-air, defend near the goal, and cruise through the arena swiftly.


    The Octane car from Rocket League.

    The Octane is believed by many players to be Rocket League’s ultimate vehicle. Those who pay attention to the game’s E-Sport side will see this vehicle used a lot by multiple pros. As an Octane-type vehicle, it has one of the best builds in the game: it’s easy to maneuver, and it moves insanely fast.

    What’s awesome about the Octane is that it’s perfect for beginners and pros alike. Those who are just getting into this game can make use of this vehicle and stay with it as they play more games and rank up.

    At the end of the day, the true best car in Rocket League is the one with which you become most familiar. That being said, take the time to try out every car on this list. See which one you’re most comfortable with and run with it. You may eventually find the one that will take you to the rank of Grand Champion!

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