Raven fighting a series of enemies that drop Combat Logs in Chapter 5 of Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: All Combat Logs in Chapter 5

Just one more set of Combat Logs and you're done!

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Key Takeaway

  • Intercept the Corporate Forces
    • Silver Log – On the glass ceiling above the first objective marker, there’s an enemy AC that will ambush you. Defeat this enemy to get the Silver Log.
    • Platinum Log – Automatically dropped by V.I Freud.
  • Eliminate “Cinder” Carla
    • Platinum Log – Dropped by V.II Snail.
    • Platinum Logs 1 & 2 – Dropped by Cinder Carla and Chatty Stick.
  • MIA
    • Gold Log – Past the room where you fought Iguazu and Deadsled, make a right when you reach the next chamber that’s filled with enemies. Here, find the hole in the ground and drop through to find G6. Defeat the other enemies, then take out G6 for the Gold Log.

There are multiple Combat Logs that you can collect in Chapter 5 of Armored Core 6—despite this being the end of your journey. Many of these come from the bosses you must fight to proceed onward; however, some are well hidden.

Table Of Contents

    Intercept the Corporate Forces

    There are only two Combat Logs in this mission. One of them is unmissable, but you’ll need to steer away from the objective path just for a bit to get to the other one.

    Silver Log

    Make your way above the glass dome near the first objective marker. Next, keep going forward until an enemy AC attacks you. This enemy AC holds a Silver Log.

    Raven flying above the roof of a glass dome in the "Intercept the Corporate Forces" mission.

    Platinum Log

    The Platinum Log is dropped by V.I Freud. You face him at the end of this mission.

    Raven fighting V.I Freud.

    Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

    There are three Combat Logs in this mission and all of them are unmissable.

    Platinum Log 1

    The first Platinum Log is dropped by V.II Snail.

    Raven fighting V.II Snail in the 'Eliminate "Cinder" Carla' mission.

    Platinum Logs 2 & 3

    You receive these logs after defeating Cinder Carla and Chatty Stick.

    Raven fighting Cinder Carla and Chatty Stick.


    The MIA mission is exclusive to New Game ++ and it only unlocks if you follow the Alea Iacta Est Ending path. There’s only one Combat Log to be found in this mission.

    Gold Log

    Make it to the area where you fought Iguazu or Deadsled. After defeating the enemies in this area, pass through the next tunnel. Once you make it to the next area that’s filled with multiple enemies, enter the room on the right.

    Raven heading towards a chamber in the "MIA" mission.

    There’s a hole in the ground here you can drop down. After descending, get to the room below and you’ll find G6 Red here, marked as an ally. Help him defeat the other enemies in this area. Once done, wait for G6 to finish speaking and he will attack you—defeat him to get the Gold Log.

    Raven fighting G6 Red.

    If you’ve collected the Combat Logs from the previous chapters, after you collect them all in Chapter 5, you’ll unlock the Combat Log Collector achievement or trophy! If you’re looking to unlock more achievements or trophies, be sure to get S-Rank on every mission in Armored Core 6. Now that’s an entirely new endeavor! Good luck, mercenary!

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