The player after they just beat Benedicta of the Endless Orison and are watching her death animation.

Blasphemous 2: How to Beat Benedicta of the Endless Orison

Don't look down.

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Key Takeaway

There are warp zones on either end of the boss room. Use them to help you avoid Benedicta’s screen-cluttering attacks. That—plus precise dodges—will lead you to victory.

To progress further in Blasphemous 2‘s story, you’ll have to beat Benedicta of the Endless Orison. We recommend practicing your aerial maneuvers beforehand, as this boss fight involves a lot of jumping. It’s time to exorcise this ghost!

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    Tips for Beating Benedicta of the Endless Orison During Phase 1

    You’ll need to leap between the two platforms to reach Benedicta as well as to dodge a lot of her attacks. Thankfully, each platform also has two levels—which means four places where you can stand. Be sure to equip Prayers that have hitboxes that’ll let you hit Benedicta from afar for an easier way to hit her.

    Our favorite Prayer to use in this fight is Bleeding Miracle because it has a straight horizontal hitbox, decent range, and comes back to you for double-damage potential. These three factors make it great for fighting ranged enemies.

    Ghostly Orbs

    Benedicta summoning ghost orbs that home in on the player.

    Frequently throughout this fight, Benedicta summons a ring of ghostly orbs that try to collide with you. There are eight of them in total. They move slowly; however, their homing is frustratingly good. With that said, you can destroy them with attacks from your weapon as well as with Prayers.

    Basilica Projectile

    Benedicta launching a large, purple projectile at the player.

    These big horizontal projectiles are some of the most annoying attacks to dodge in the entire game. They run across the length of the boss room and your adversary can launch multiples of these back-to-back.

    Jump, double-jump, duck, and air-dash to get out of harm’s way. If you can’t, then try using the blue warp zones on either side to teleport to the opposite ends of the boss room.

    Multiple Basilica Projectiles

    Benedicta launching many large, purple projectiles at the player.

    Despite the individual Basilica Projectiles being a pain to dodge, this attack is much worse. The boss tries to crush you between volleys of these large purple missiles that spawn on opposite sides of you. Sometimes Benedicta uses a horizontal variant of this attack.

    To avoid them, air-dash to the other platform. Alternatively, use the warp zone on one end to get to the other side of the boss room.

    Lightning Strike

    Benedicta shooting purple lightning at the player.

    When you see Benedicta holding up one of her spectral arms, she’s getting ready to shoot a bolt of lightning out of her hand. This attack is launched in a straight, horizontal line. A single jump is enough to evade this strike.

    Tips for Beating Benedicta of the Endless Orison During Phase 2

    If you pass Phase 1, don’t celebrate, as you still have a long way to go before you beat Benedicta of the Endless Orison. Once the boss drops below 50% health, she’ll destroy one of the platforms. As such, you’ll have far less room to maneuver.

    Benedicta breaking one of the two platforms in the boss room.

    Although the layout of the boss room changes, Benedicta’s attacks don’t get altered much. They just happen a bit faster and more frequently. As such, use the same techniques to avoid them as in Phase 1.

    Alternate between standing on the upper and lower parts of the remaining platform for some tactical advantages. On top of that, don’t forget to use the warp zones at the ends of the room to evade the trickier-to-dodge attacks.

    Equipping Rosary Beads that reduce Mystical damage and fall damage helps you take more hits in this boss fight.

    It may take you a few tries to defeat Benedicta; however, that’s probably more due to the lack of terrain than due to the boss’s attacks. With that said, once you triumph over this terrifying spirit, you’ll be able to head to a new area: the Sunken Cathedral. In addition to moving further along Blasphemous 2‘s story, you’ll be able to get the level 3 upgrade for Veredicto there. Just watch your step as you cross over the Sea of Ink…

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