A player increasing their max health in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Increase Max Health

Enhance the vital light within thyself.

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Key Takeaway

You need Ornate Chalices to increase your max health in Blasphemous 2. When you find some, bring them to a Blood Upgrade room to exchange these fancy cups for 30 more max HP each.

You’ll need to increase your max health in Blasphemous 2 to survive the most dangerous encounters. As with upgrading your supply of Bile Flasks, you’ll need a specific type of item as well as the aid of an NPC if you want more HP.

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    What Items Do You Need to Increase Your Max Health?

    You need Ornate Chalices to increase max health in Blasphemous 2. Like other quest items, they are scattered throughout the world. You need to explore each area thoroughly if you want to find them.

    A player getting an Ornate Chalice in Blasphemous 2.

    Where to Find the NPC That Upgrades Your Max Health

    The best way to get to the NPC that upgrades your max health is to begin your search in the City of Blessed Name. Go right and get across the pit that’s just beyond the Confessor room where you can get rid of Guilt. You’ll need the Ivy of Ascension to get past this point.

    At the screen to the right of the pit leading down to Profundo Lamento, there’s a ladder. When you descend it, you’ll see an open doorway. This leads into a Blood Upgrade room. Beyond the doorway, there’s an NPC who can upgrade your max health (as well as your number of Bile Flasks).

    Below, we’ve highlighted where the easiest-to-reach Blood Upgrade room is located.

    The Blood Upgrade room in City of Blessed Name.

    Within this room, speak to the large NPC garbed in white and choose the option to give them an Ornate Chalice.

    The player giving an NPC an Ornate Chalice to increase max health in Blasphemous 2.

    Afterward, your max health increases by 30 hit points. Every Ornate Chalice you exchange in this way will do the same. Since you start with 150 hit points, the first max health upgrade brings you to 180. Next, you’ll go up to 210, and so on.

    As you spill the blood of your foes, they’ll inevitably do the same to you. With this in mind, having more hit points understandably makes your journey through Blasphemous 2 easier. This is especially true when fighting bosses, such as Great Preceptor Radamés. Drink deep of the bloody chalice, Penitent One.

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