A player talking to a Confessor in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Get Rid of Guilt

Let not thy Guilt condemn thee.

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Key Takeaway

There are two ways to get rid of Guilt in Blasphemous 2. Recovering the Guilt Fragment that was created when you last died lets you restore a bit of your Fervour bar. However, to completely get rid of all Guilt, you need to visit a Confessor and pay them 500 Tears of Atonement or more (depending on how much Guilt you have).

You’ll want to get rid of Guilt in Blasphemous 2 whenever you can, as it decreases your maximum Fervour. Guilt limits how much you can use Prayers—which are vital to combat. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to reduce it or get rid of it completely.

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    What Is Guilt?

    Blasphemous 2's explanation of the Guilt mechanic.

    Not only does the accumulation of Guilt reduce your Fervour bar, but it also reduces how much Fervour you gain from attacking enemies and reduces your defense.

    However, gaining Guilt also has some benefits. Having Guilt increases how much Tears of Atonement and Martyrdom Points you gain from killing enemies. As such, if you need to farm the aforementioned resources, accumulating Guilt is a good tactic.

    In addition to noting how much of your Fervour bar is unusable, you can also look in The Penitent One tab of the menu (the one on the far left) and take note of how full the orb on the left is with purple fluid.

    About Guilt Fragments

    Guilt Fragments look like a figure eight surrounding a ghostly version of the Penitent One. Whenever you die, a Guilt Fragment is created at the place where you met your demise. If you get back there and touch the Guilt Fragment, you’ll remove it from the map and regain a bit of your Fervour bar.

    There can only be one Guilt Fragment in the world at a time. If you die again before recovering a Guilt Fragment, the old one disappears, and a new one spawns in the place where you most recently died. The more you die, the more Guilt you accumulate—which progressively shrinks your Fervour bar.

    How to Completely Get Rid of Guilt

    To completely get rid of Guilt, you must visit a Confessor and pay them 500 or more Tears of Atonement. The exact amount will increase if you have more guilt, jumping up in increments of 500 Tears of Atonement (starts at 500, then goes up to 1000, and so on). This fully restores your Fervour bar to its maximum potential.

    The player about to pay a Confessor 500 Tears of Atonement to remove Guilt in Blasphemous 2.

    While there are a few Confessors scattered throughout the world, the first and most easily accessible one is located a couple of screens to the right of the City of Blessed Name’s Prie Dieu.

    From the Prie Dieu in the City of Blessed Name, go two screens to the right to find the entrance to a Confessor room. Press up to enter the open doorway.

    The entrance to the Confessor room in the City of Blessed Name.

    On the map, after you discover a Confessor, their location will be marked with a greenish-blue figure eight. Check out the image below to see what it looks like and to learn the exact map location of the City of Blessed Name’s Confessor.

    A red arrow pointing to the location of a Confessor in the City of Blessed Name area in Blasphemous 2.

    The more you die, the more Guilt you’ll accumulate. As such, picking the best starting weapon helps to prevent this thanks to giving you the ideal tool with which to face foes. However, before you get rid of Guilt in Blasphemous 2, consider using this mechanic to farm resources. When you’re trying to gain enough money to buy important items, this becomes really helpful. Never let your Guilt weigh heavily on your conscience!

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