The player touching a statue to upgrade Veredicto to level 3 in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Upgrade Veredicto to Level 3

Fortify your flail to its maximum potential.

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Key Takeaway

After you make it into the Sunken Cathedral (past the Sea of Ink), you need to ring a bell high up in this area to unlock a blue door on the right of this region. Pass through this door to find the level 3 upgrade statue for Veredicto.

Since your flail is the hardest-hitting weapon in your arsenal, you’ll want to upgrade Veredicto to level 3 in Blasphemous 2 as soon as you can. However, before this is possible, you need to reach the Sunken Cathedral. Explore the innards of the drowned city to find what you seek!

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    Where to Find the Statue That Lets You Upgrade Veredicto to Level 3

    Head to the Sea of Ink and cross the newly surfaced bridge to enter the Sunken Cathedral—which houses the statue that lets you upgrade Veredicto to Level 3. Before you can do so, you need to climb the Balisica of Absent Faces and beat Benedicta of the Endless Orison. Only then will the Sunken Cathedral rise out of the Sea of Ink.

    Within this waterlogged location, the room with Veredicto’s final upgrade statue is in the upper right of the area. Check out the map image below, where we’ve outlined this upgrade statue’s room with a red circle.

    A red circle on the map showing where players can find the level 3 upgrade statue for Veredicto in the Sunken Cathedral.

    To enter this room, you’ll need to open the blue door by ringing a bell that’s nearby.

    How to Open the Door to the Upgrade Statue Room

    To the left of the upgrade statue room, there’s a saint statue below a ledge. Clear the enemies out of your way to reach it.

    A saint statue below a ledge in the Sunken Cathedral.

    When you interact with this saint statue, you’ll be able to move a bell at the top of this large open room. Shift the bell all the way to the right so that you can reach it.

    A bell high up in the big open room of the Sunken Cathedral.

    Next, run up the stairs to the right. Once you’re below the bell, double-jump to get high enough to ring it with a deft swing from Veredicto.

    The player hitting a bell in the Sunken Cathedral with a smack from Veredicto.

    Afterward, drop down two platforms and stand in front of the blue door to your right. As the pink soundwave reaches the door, it’ll open. Pass through it before it closes.

    The player running through a doorway that was opened after ringing a bell.

    Beyond, you’ll find the level 3 upgrade statue for Veredicto.

    A statue holding a flail that lets you upgrade Veredicto to level 3.

    Lastly, interact with the statue to unlock Veredicto’s tier 3 skills and perks.

    After reaching the level 3 upgrade statue, check out Veredicto’s new potential in the Weapon Memories tab of the menu. However, if you didn’t get the level 2 upgrade for Veredicto yet, you should head back to the Elevated Temples to grab it first. When all’s said and done, you’ll reap the rewards of upgrading this mighty flail. Use it to crush all those who oppose you, Penitent One.

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