The player after they just beat Orospina, Lady Embroiderer in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Beat Orospina, Lady Embroiderer

Sever the threads that bind thee!

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Key Takeaway

Wait until after Orospina, Lady Embroiderer attacks before counterattacking. She’s fast, so you won’t be able to hit her and dodge before she assaults you with thrusts and lightning magic.

To beat Orospina, Lady Embroiderer in Blasphemous 2, you’ll need quick reflexes and precise timing. With that said, once you learn all of her attacks, you’ll be able to dodge them and line up deft counterattacks!

Table Of Contents

    Tips for Beating Orospina, Lady Embroiderer During Phase 1

    Out of the first three bosses in Blasphemous 2, Orospina is the fastest. If you plan to use the Ruego Al Alba or Sarmiento & Centella to fight her, you’ll be able to keep up with her. However, if you’re using Veredicto, you need to pick ideal times to strike—otherwise, you’ll get hit needlessly.

    With that said, let’s get into Orospina’s attacks and how to dodge them.

    Basic Attacks

    Orospina uses simple thrusts and upward slashes throughout both phases of the fight. To avoid them, dodge away or through the boss. These should be straightforward to evade, as the boss telegraphs her intent clearly.

    Teleporting Slash

    Orospina disappearing only to reappear while creating a blue slashing effect.

    Frequently throughout the fight, the boss disappears briefly before circular blue slashing effects appear. When you see the blue crescents, get away from them, as they mean Orospina is about to reappear and deal damage in that area.

    Sometimes the boss will use this multiple times at once. When this happens, the blue circles cover much more of the boss room. While harder to avoid, there are pockets that you can crouch in to evade this maneuver.

    Lunging Thrust

    Orospina holding up her sword before lunging forward with a swift thrust.

    When you see Orospina leap to either the left or right edge of the boss arena, watch out! She’ll hold up her sword—which begins sparking with electricity—before lunging across the length of the room. The only way to dodge this attack is to jump over Orospina as she rushes towards you.

    Lightning Bolts

    Orospina shooting three electric projectiles at the player.

    On occasion, the boss jumps onto some threads above the boss arena. When she does so, she’ll soon shoot electric projectiles at you from above. The closer you are to her when she does this, the harder this attack is to dodge.

    When you see Orospina leap onto some threads above, get as far away from her as possible. This lets you stand or jump between the projectiles that she launches much easier.

    Tips for Beating Orospina, Lady Embroiderer During Phase 2

    Orospina, Lady Embroiderer summoning two golden clones of herself.

    When the Lady Embroiderer drops below 50% health, she’ll summon two golden clones to attack you. Thankfully, this doesn’t last for the rest of the fight—it only happens when Phase 2 begins.

    Double Lightning Bolts

    The player dodging lightning bolts from both the left and right side.

    Immediately after the boss enters Phase 2, her two clones hop onto threads on either side of the boss room. They’ll then shoot electric projectiles at you at the same time.

    This can be difficult to dodge if you’re in the middle of the room. However, if you’re at either the right or left edge of the platform, you should be able to avoid the projectiles without needing to dodge.

    Enhanced Basic Attacks

    Orospina uses the same basic attacks as in Phase 1—but they’re a lot quicker. You can still dodge away or through the boss to avoid them. With that said, you’ll need to react quicker to evade these swift strikes.

    Enhanced Teleporting Slash

    The boss sometimes covers most of the boss room with blue circles that herald a series of slashes. While daunting to deal with at first glance, you can crouch below this string of attacks if you spot a gap.

    Enhanced Lightning Bolts

    The lower Orospina is in health, the more projectiles she’ll fire your way during this attack. From three missiles, they increase to five and then seven respectively.

    However, the same dodging technique works regardless of the number of projectiles: get as far away from the boss as possible to slip through the gaps between her bolts of lightning.

    It may take you a few tries to beat Orospina, Lady Embroiderer. Though, once you do, you’ll be one step closer to your goal, Penitent One. If you haven’t already, seek out Great Preceptor Radamés next. No foe shall stand in thy way for long!

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