A player using a flail to ring a bell above them in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Ring Bells

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Key Takeaway

You need the flail Veredicto to ring bells in Blasphemous 2. All you need to do is hit a bell while Veredicto is equipped to ring them—which sends out soundwaves that affect nearby objects such as blue doors, spawning platforms, and more.

Although there are lots scattered throughout the game, you won’t be able to ring bells in Blasphemous 2 unless you have a certain item. You need to ring bells to spawn temporary platforms and open the blue doors that have faces on them. To do so, you’ll need something heavy.

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    What You Need to Ring Bells

    You need to have the flail Veredicto to ring bells in Blasphemous 2. No other weapon is heavy enough to cause soundwaves to emerge from bells. If you chose Veredicto as your starting weapon, you’ll be able to ring bells right away.

    The player testing the flail Veredicto in Blasphemous 2.

    After you hit a bell with Veredicto, a slow-moving pinkish soundwave emerges.

    A player hitting a bell and seeing a pink soundwave emerge from it.

    The Uses of Bells

    This soundwave that comes from a bell travels outward and triggers blue particles to temporarily turn into platforms—and it also opens blue doors that have faces on them.

    However, these platforms and doors don’t stay active and open for long. Once you strike a bell, you only have a few seconds to reach the interactable objects before they return to their inert states.

    Where to Find Veredicto

    If you didn’t pick Veredicto as your starting weapon, you can find it later in the Sacred Entombments area. To find this flail, start from the first Prie Dieu in the Sacred Entombments area and work your way leftward and down. Eventually, you’ll come to a room with a round green statue. Interact with it to get Veredicto.

    Take a look at the map image below, where we highlighted in red the location of the room that has Veredicto.

    The map location of the flail Veredicto in Blasphemous 2.

    After you pick up Veredicto, the game gives you some tutorial messages about how to use it. You can switch weapons at any time by using L1 on a PS5 controller, L on a Nintendo Switch controller, Left Bumper on an Xbox controller, and the Q key if playing on a PC.

    Besides bashing bells, Veredicto is exceptionally useful when slaying enemies. It hits harder and has a longer attack range than other weapons. Use it to pummel anything that gets in your way! When you learn to wield it properly, it’ll help you make short work of lesser foes and bosses alike—such as when doing battle against Great Preceptor Radamés.

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