The player beating Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices and watching the boss's face melt away to reveal the skull beneath.

Blasphemous 2: How to Beat Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices

Meet the first bullet hell boss in the game.

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Key Takeaway

Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices uses many fire and miasma attacks. Since these can be sometimes hard to dodge, equip Rosary Beads that give you resistance to these elements. That way, even if you get hit, you won’t lose as much health.

You’ll need to beat Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices to progress the story of Blasphemous 2. By equipping the right Rosary Beads, you can give yourself a better chance at attaining victory. On top of that, time your attacks well and you’ll eventually succeed.

Table Of Contents

    Tips for Beating Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices During Phase 1

    Sínodo has two faces that they’ll swap between during the first part of this boss fight. One looks like that of an elderly man and the other looks like the face of a blindfolded nun.

    When you see the old man’s face, get ready for lots of fire and miasma attacks. The blindfolded nun’s face heralds some fire attacks as well as a move that heals the boss.

    Miasma Pillars

    Sínodo using a miasma attack that creates entwining columns and pools of green vapor.

    The most common attack Sínodo uses is the one featuring miasma damage. After a growl, the boss summons multiple pools of poisonous green vapor along the ground. From these pools erupt entwining pillars. Six such pillars emerge, which altogether cover a large portion of the boss room. What’s more, after the pillars disappear, the pools of green vapor move around the floor before themselves dissipating.

    To dodge this attack, you first need to get to the left or right of the pools of green vapor. This allows you to avoid the initial miasma and pillars. However, when the pillars descend, you need to jump to avoid the miasma that rushes along the ground.

    Fire Spouts

    Sínodo creating multiple fire spouts.

    When you see white orbs appear in a line throughout the boss room, get ready for a lot of fire. The safest place to be when you see them is in the air between two such orbs. The flames cover a large part of the ground, so aerial maneuvers are best here.

    Use a quick Prayer in the air to increase how long you stay above the ground. Doing so also lets you deal a bit of damage to the boss.

    Bullet Hell

    Sínodo shooting a bunch of yellow fire projectiles.

    This is where the fight starts looks like a bullet hell game. Whenever Sínodo changes faces in Phase 1, they’ll spew a bunch of yellow fire orbs. To most easily dodge this attack, get far away from the boss. When you’re further away, there’s more space between the projectiles. This makes it more manageable to jump between them.

    Moving Fire Column

    Sínodo summoning a column of fire that moves around the room.

    Once in a while, the boss disappears as a column of fire spawns in the room. It moves around and also launches waves of flames along the ground near its location.

    Jump to avoid the flames on the floor and use air dashes to dodge through the column of fire. However, we admit that doing so is easier said than done. Thankfully, this attack doesn’t last long.

    Healing Halo

    Sínodo healing themselves as a halo appears around their head.

    As if this boss couldn’t get more annoying, they can also heal themself! Sometimes, when the nun’s face is out, you’ll see a halo appear around Sínodo’s head. After a few seconds of charging, the boss uses this move to restore some health.

    You can counter this by unleashing as much damage as you can during this period. If you hit the boss hard enough, they won’t heal. We recommend using Debla of the Lights or another hard-hitting long Prayer to knock your foe out of their regenerative trance.

    Tips for Beating Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices During Phase 2

    Once the boss drops below 50% health, they’ll swap to a new face: a black mask.

    Sínodo's black mask face appearing in Phase 2 of the boss fight.

    The majority of this Phase involves your adversary launching many waves of yellow fire orbs. This puts their Bullet Hell attack from Phase 1 to shame.

    Sínodo shooting many yellow fire orbs in Phase 2.

    You’ll have a hard time dodging all of these orbs. On top of that, you’ll also find it tough to approach the boss to land melee attacks. We found that the best tactic was to alternate between moving away from the boss to dodge the fire orbs and approaching them went the coast was clear for the occasional melee strike.

    Equipping Rosary Beads that increase fire resistance helps a lot to negate large portions of this attack’s damage.

    Use double jumps and air dashes liberally here to accomplish the above-mentioned strategy.

    Tips for Beating Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices During Phase 3

    Right when you think you’re about to beat Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices, they reveal their third Phase. This happens when the boss gets down to around 10% health. When Sínodo shifts into their final form, they’ll have an agonized face covered in melting wax.

    Sínodo entering Phase 3 when they drop to 10% health.

    In addition to the face-change, flames cover the ground of the entire boss room and Brothers of the Miracle appear throughout the air above. You’ll take constant fire damage if you’re on the ground, so use the yellow rings to stay aloft.

    Besides the fiery floor, Sínodo also summons a column of flames that’ll move around the area.

    Sínodo summoning a fire column in Phase 3.

    To avoid damage during Phase 3, cling to the yellow rings above and use air dashes to pass through the fire column.

    As for how to finish off your foe: use quick Prayers like Bleeding Miracle to hit the boss from afar. Alternatively, jump and hit Sínodo’s waxy face before jumping again to reach a yellow ring. Due to your adversary having very little health left, you’ll want to go on the offensive to take them down quickly.

    If you’re still having trouble with this fire-spewing fiend, we recommend increasing your max health. However, after you beat Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices, rest your hands and take a deep breath. You’ve earned it after facing and felling this powerful enemy. You’re bound to be thirsty after this fight, so maybe have a cool glass of water to celebrate.

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