The player getting more Bile Flasks in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Get More Bile Flasks

Blood from blood, bile from bile.

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Key Takeaway

You need to find Empty Receptacles to get more Bile Flasks in Blasphemous 2. When you find Empty Receptacles, bring them to an NPC in a Blood Upgrade room to trade the receptacles for Bile Flasks. The first Blood Upgrade room is in the City of Blessed Name—a few screens to the right and down of the Confessor room.

It’s important to get more Bile Flasks in Blasphemous 2, as this lets you heal more times. With death always around the corner, you’ll need to be as prepared as possible! As such, keep your eyes open for a few select quest items.

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    What Items Do You Need to Get More Bile Flasks?

    You need Empty Receptacles to get more Bile Flasks in Blasphemous 2. These quest items are scattered throughout the world, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. Search every corner of the game for these precious upgrade materials.

    The item description of an Empty Receptacle, which states that it's used to get more Bile Flasks in Blasphemous 2.

    Where to Find the First Empty Receptacle

    To get the first Empty Receptacle, you need to fully explore Profundo Lamento. First, descend to the bottom-right room of this area to pick up the Ivy of Ascension ability. You need this ability to climb walls—which is essential for getting the first Empty Receptable and other important functions.

    Afterward, make your way up and to the left following the path outlined in the image below.

    The path from Profundo Lamento's bottom-most Prie Dieu to first Empty Receptacle. The path is shown with a red arrow.

    When you get into the room that’s geographically below the Prie Dieu in the City of Blessed Name, you’ll see an item on the ground.

    A purple item on the ground on the right side of an otherwise empty room.

    After you pick up this item, a door will shut on the left side of the room. Following this, you must fight a few waves of enemies to both get out of the room and get an Empty Receptacle.

    The player getting an Empty Receptable in Profundo Lamento.

    After getting the Empty Receptacle, you’re ready to get another Bile Flask. Thankfully, the NPC that lets you do so is pretty close.

    Where to Find the NPC That Upgrades Your Number of Bile Flasks

    Start from the Prie Dieu in the City of Blessed Name and go right—past the Confessor room where you can get rid of Guilt. Across the pit that you initially used to get into the Profundo Lamento area, you’ll see a climbable wall. Ascend it and go right to the next screen.

    There, you’ll see a ladder leading downward. Descend it and then enter the room at the bottom.

    The doorway that leads to the room where you can upgrade the number of Bile Flasks you can carry.

    Below, we’ve outlined this location on the map for your convenience.

    The Blood Upgrade room in City of Blessed Name.

    Within this room, you’ll find a large NPC in a white robe. Speak to them and, if you have an Empty Receptacle, you can trade it to the figure in white for a Bile Flask.

    The player trading an Empty Receptacle for another Bile Flask. They are speaking with a large figure wearing white to do so.

    Return here whenever you find more Empty Receptacles to get more Bile Flasks in Blasphemous 2.

    The more the merrier when it comes to healing items! They’ll help you stay alive much longer as you traverse Blasphemous 2‘s grim yet intriguing world. With that said, you can’t heal-spam your way to victory at every turn. You’ll need to master your chosen weapon before you can get to the later parts of this game.

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