The Resonance menu on top of the interior view of the sculptor's shop in the City of Blessed Name.

Blasphemous 2: How to Use Resonances

Combine your Altarpiece Favours for helpful bonuses!

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Key Takeaway

In Blasphemous 2, to use a Resonance, you must equip two of the same type of Altarpiece Favours in the same Altarpiece Pairing. An Altarpiece Pairing is two Altarpieve Favour slots that are directly next to each other.

Nothing really teaches you how to use Resonances in Blasphemous 2. You pretty much have to figure things out by arranging your Altarpiece Favours through trial and error. Thankfully, pairing Altarpiece Favours to get Resonances is fairly intuitive.

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    What Are Resonances?

    Resonances are bonus effects that give you some sort of passive combat advantage. For example, Cierzo’s Favour is a Resonance that increases any source of elemental damage that you use against enemies.

    Cierzo's Favour in Blasphemous 2's Resonance menu.

    There are four different types of Resonance since there are four true types of Altarpiece Favours (the ones in the “gray circle” tab don’t give you a Resonance). Due to there only being four Altarpiece Pairings possible, you’ll only be able to equip a maximum of four. With that said, multiple Resonances of the same type can stack.

    What Is an Altarpiece Pairing?

    In the Altarpiece of Favours menu, you’ll see that there are eight slots for Altarpiece Favours in total. They are grouped in pairs, which makes four pairs of two. A Resonance can only be gained through inserting two Altarpiece Favours of the same type in an Altarpiece Pairing.

    How to Get Resonances

    When you’re at the Sculptor’s shop in the City of Blessed Name, open the Altarpiece of Favours menu. As you scroll through this menu, you’ll see that there are five tabs within which all the Altarpiece Favours are contained. You need to insert two Altarpiece Favours from the same tab to gain a Resonance.

    The only exception is the fifth tab—the one with the gray circle for its symbol. Altarpiece Figures from the gray circle tab do not give you a Resonance.

    The Favour of Miracles menu in Blasphemous 2.

    On top of that, each tab in the Altarpiece of Favours menu has a different symbol. Use these symbols to figure out what each Resonance does.

    Pick your Resonance based on what you want to do in battle. For instance, if you’re focusing on dealing a lot of elemental damage, use a Resonance that boosts the power of elemental attacks.

    All Resonances and What They Do

    If you equip two Altarpiece Favours from the Altarpiece of Favours tab with the blue candle symbol, you’ll get Gregal’s Favour, which increases Veredicto’s strength.

    For the Altarpiece Favours in the tab with the green knife symbol, two equipped Altarpiece Favours give you Lebeche’s Favour, which increases Sarmiento & Centella’s strength.

    Thirdly, if you equip two Altarpiece Favours from the tab with the red skull symbol, you’ll get Jaloque’s Favour. This Resonance increases Ruego Al Alba’s strength.

    Last—but certainly not least—if you equip two Altarpiece Favours from the tab with the purple feather, you’ll get Cierzo’s Favour. This Resonance increases elemental damage against your foes.

    Although learning how to use Resonances in Blasphemous 2 is a bit tricky due to the game’s cryptic nature, this mechanic is a great way to gain passive and helpful effects. This is similar to how equipping more Rosary Beads gives you better defenses. Stack up the effects and then unleash your wrath upon every wretched fiend in your path, Penitent One!

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