The Penitent One next to all three starting weapons in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: Which Starting Weapon Should You Choose?

Begin your penance with the perfect weapon.

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Key Takeaway

Although which weapon you prefer depends heavily on personal preference, we think that the best starting weapon in Blasphemous is Veredicto, the flail.

Veredicto has the highest single-hit damage, the best attack range, and can become the choice with the highest DPS after it buffs itself with fire damage via its special ability. On top of that, it can let you hit airborne enemies easily.

Unlike in Blasphemous, you get to choose a starting weapon in Blasphemous 2. There are three options: a flail, dual rapiers, and a sword. Thankfully, the game lets you test them all before you make a final decision. Pick the one that feels the best.

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    What Are the Starting Weapons in Blasphemous 2?

    These are the three starting weapons in Blasphemous 2:

    • Veredicto: a flail
    • Sarmiento & Centella: dual rapiers
    • Ruego Al Alba: a sword

    There are pros and cons to all the starting weapons. They vary in damage output, attack speed, and attack range; so, depending on your personal preferences, one of these weapons may speak to you louder than the others.

    You can test each by attacking the test dummy ghost to the right of the statues holding the weapons. This is the best way to see how much damage each weapon does as well as their respective attack speeds—and more.

    It should also be mentioned that you can find the two weapons that you didn’t choose later on. As such, this decision won’t prevent you from obtaining all three weapons eventually.

    We’ll go into the pros and cons of each weapon to help you decide.

    Veredicto, the Flail

    The player wielding Veredicto, the flail, in Blasphemous 2.

    Easily the starting weapon with the highest single-hit damage, Veredicto is the best choice if you prefer to one-shot lesser foes and stun more resilient ones. If you don’t choose Veredicto at the beginning of the game, you can find it later on in the Sacred Entombments area.

    Pros of Choosing Veredicto

    • High single-hit damage
    • Stuns small enemies that don’t die in one hit
    • Greater attack range than other starting weapons
    • Can perform a charged attack (hold down the attack button until the charging animation finishes)
    • Can be infused with fire for higher damage output
    • Lets you easily hit airborne enemies

    Cons of Choosing Veredicto

    • Slower attack speed than other starting weapons
    • Can’t block
    • Can’t parry
    • No dropdown attack

    Sarmiento & Centella, the Dual Rapiers

    The player wielding two rapiers: Sarmiento & Centella, in Blasphemous 2.

    With the fastest attack speed out of the three starting weapons, Sarmiento & Centella are the best choice for players who want to hit enemies very quickly as well as use blocking and parrying tactics. If you don’t choose Sarmiento & Centella at the beginning of the game, you can find them later on in the Palace of the Embroideries area.

    Pros of Choosing Sarmiento & Centella

    • Fast attack speed (results in the highest DPS [damage per second] out of all starting weapons)
    • Can block
    • Can parry

    Cons of Choosing Sarmiento & Centella

    • Short attack range
    • Low single-hit damage
    • No charged attack
    • No dropdown attack
    • Can’t riposte after parries (until upgraded)

    Ruego Al Alba, the Sword

    A player wielding the Ruego Al Alba sword in Blasphemous 2.

    Ruego Al Alba is the most balanced out of the three starting weapons—which makes it the best choice for players who don’t want a weapon with any major drawbacks. However, due to prioritizing moderation in regard to damage output, attack speed, and range, it fails to excel in any one area. If you don’t choose Ruego Al Alba at the beginning of the game, you can find it later on in the Crown of Towers area.

    Pros of Choosing Ruego Al Alba

    • Can parry
    • Can riposte after a perfect parry
    • Has a dropdown attack

    Cons of Choosing Ruego Al Alba

    • No charged attack
    • Not the best attack range
    • Not the best single-hit damage
    • Not the fastest in terms of attack speed

    Our Recommendation for Choosing Your Starting Weapon in Blasphemous 2

    To be blunt (pun intended), Veredicto, the flail, is the best choice for your starting weapon in Blasphemous 2. Although Sarmiento & Centella technically have the highest DPS, Veredicto isn’t far behind. One solid strike with Veredicto equates to about four or five with Sarmiento & Centella.

    On top of that, Veredicto has a way to improve its damage with its special ability, which makes it easily the weapon with the highest damage output out of the three starting weapons.

    Furthermore, due to its slow attack speed, large damage hitbox, and knockback, you can sometimes hit the same enemy twice with the same swing—essentially doubling your damage per hit. That’s on top of stunning foes briefly on connected hits.

    Veredicto makes up for its relatively slow attack speed and post-attack movement delay by having a better attack range than the other two starting weapons. You can easily out-space lesser foes to the point where you can hit them and they can’t hit you. This totally negates Veredicto’s slow attack speed in most cases.

    It should also be mentioned that your attacks in the air create a damage hitbox above you, which makes reaching airborne enemies much easier. Down with pesky flyers!

    Offense is almost always the best defense in Metroidvania-style games. Choose the weapon that lets you slay foes the fastest. Whether that’s in a Souls-like manner via plentiful parries, or through unrelenting brute force, the choice is yours. May the Miracle light your way to salvation, Penitent One.

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