The Tarnished facing a Walking Mausoleum in Liurnia.

Can’t Duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring? Here’s Why

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If you find that you somehow can’t duplicate remembrances in Elden Ringthere are potential reasons for that. It’s mostly the features of the duplication mechanic, but there are rare instances of them being bugged as well.

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    You’ve Already Used the Walking Mausoleum

    Remembrances from Elden Ring.

    In Elden Ring, a Walking Mausoleum can only be used once per playthrough. If you’ve already duplicated a remembrance in a certain Walking Mausoleum, you can’t use it anymore.

    This could be a reason why you can’t duplicate a remembrance. If you’ve already used the mausoleum before, try duplicating a remembrance at another Walking Mausoleum.

    You’re Attempting to Duplicate a Shardbearer’s Remembrance in a Mausoleum With No Bell

    A Walking Mausoleum with no bell.

    It’s unknown whether this is an intended feature or a mistake, but you can’t duplicate a Shardbearer’s remembrance at a Walking Mausoleum that has no bell. This refers to the two Walking Mausoleums around the Mausoleum Compound in Liurnia.

    Shardbearers are bosses in Elden Ring that hold a Great Rune. For context, these are the Shardbearers in the game:

    If you want to duplicate the remembrances of any of these bosses, be sure to do so at a Walking Mausoleum that has a bell dangling from its belly.

    The Mausoleum is Bugged

    The Tarnished inside a Walking Mausoleum.

    Other players have reported that their Remembrances menu doesn’t show up when they interact with a Mausoleum altar. This is clearly a bug FromSoft has yet to address.

    Although not everyone can encounter this, those who have experienced the bug first-hand have stated that you can simply rest at a Site of Grace and return to the Mausoleum at a later time.