Freya and Aqua sitting at the cafe in Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk: Complete Drink Recipe List

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Coffee Talk transforms players into a mysterious barista tasked with brewing delectable drinks for a slew of unique and otherworldly characters in an alternate version of Seattle. While some brews are straightforward, you might need some help uncovering the trickier recipes. These clientele know what they want.

Below, we’ve gathered a list of every recipe found in the game, including the required ingredients and the order in which they should be blended together.

Table Of Contents

    Coffee Drink Recipes

    The recipe for a Ginger Latte in Coffee Talk.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Black LemonCoffee, Coffee, LemonA perfect - if unlikely - combination of sour and bitter
    Black MagicCoffee, Mint, HoneySweet, cool, and magically wakes you up
    Caffè LatteCoffee, Milk, MilkA caffeine boost dominated by milk
    CappuccinoCoffee, Coffee, Milk Italian delight
    EspressoCoffee, Coffee, CoffeeBlacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself
    Ginger LatteCoffee, Ginger, MilkWarm energy boost, perfect for a cold evening
    Gingerbread CoffeeCoffee, Ginger, CinnamonSweetened with brown sugar to satisfy the cookie monster
    Jahe TubrukCoffee, Coffee, GingerGinger presides over the ground coffee at the bottom of the cup; originally from Indonesia
    Sugar and SpiceCoffee, Honey, Cinnamon Spicy, sweet, and natural bliss in a cup

    Tea Drink Recipes

    Making tea in Coffee Talk.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Gala HadTea, Milk, GingerGinger chai latte, good to calm yet warm your nerve
    Masala Chai Tea, Ginger, CinnamonSpiced tea from Southern Asia
    Midsummer Night's DreamTea, Lemon, HoneySweet and memorable, like summertime blues
    Russian TeaTea, Lemon, CinnamonDespite the name, it's a totally American drink
    Shai AdeniTea, Milk, CinnamonSweet, spicy chai latte from the town of Aden, Yemen
    Teh TarikTea, Tea, MilkTea with milk, mixed by pouring the two repeatedly between cups; originally from Malaysia

    Green Tea Drink Recipes

    How to make Cough Syrup in Coffee Talk.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Cough SyrupGreen Tea, Lemon, Honey A cure for a sore throat
    Green Tea LatteGreen Tea, Milk, MilkBoth sweet and savory, with a hint of bitterness for the heart
    MarrakechGreen Tea, Mint, MintA fresh and healthy drink from Morocco
    Shin GenmaichaGreen Tea, Green Tea, GingerA variation of the Japanese brew, mixing the brown rice with ginger
    The GrinchGreen Tea, Ginger, CinnamonGreen, spicy, and not everyone's cup of tea

    Chocolate Drink Recipes

    Making a chocolate drink in Coffee Talk.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Bitter HeartChocolate, Ginger, CinnamonShadows that will help you try to hide
    Chocobee MirukuChocolate, Honey, MilkSweet, nourishing, healthy, chocolate
    Dark ChocolateChocolate, Chocolate, ChocolateA warm and calming darkness
    Spanish SaharaChocolate, Milk, GingerWarm and cozy, just like a day in Barcelona
    Spiced LadyChocolate, Milk, CinnamonA British chocolate drink, extremely popular in the '90s

    Milk Drink Recipes

    Making a Milky Way in Coffee Talk.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    BedchamberMilk, Cinnamon, HoneyA cup for those longing for a deep slumber
    Le MentholMilk, Mint, LemonSour and cool, with a hint of home
    Lemony SnippetMilk, Honey, LemonA fortunate tale in a cup
    Milky WayMilk, Honey, MintSweet and cool, like outer space
    STMJMilk, Ginger, HoneyA warm booster made of susu (milk), telur, (egg), madu (honey), and jahe (ginger); from Indonesia