Using the Demonic Summoning Circle in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Use the Demonic Summoning Circle

It's always better to have demons follow you around.

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Key Takeaway

The Demonic Summoning Circle allows you to turn demons into followers. Build one and interact with the building to do so.

The Demonic Summoning Circle is an incredible building in Cult of the Lambs. This turns followers into demons which then follow you into battle. These demons can provide extra support or offensive power, making them very useful.

Table Of Contents

    How to Build a Demonic Summoning Circle

    Before you can build a Demonic Summoning Circle, you must first unlock Cult II from the Shrine using Divine Inspiration. Once unlocked, you can then unlock the ability to build the first tier of the Demonic Summoning Circle.

    Unlocking the Demonic Summoning Circle from the Shrine.

    The building requires five pieces of Lumber, 10 Stone, and 20 Coins.

    Turn Followers Into Demons

    Once you’ve built a Demonic Summoning Circle, all that’s left to do is to turn a follower into a demon. Head to the building and select a follower. You’ll see what kind of demon they’ll turn into on the right side of your screen.

    Summoning demons in Cult of the Lamb.

    There are different types of demons in Cult of the Lamb. Each offers a different type of support in combat. Some will attack enemies with melee, some will attack enemies from afar, while some will provide support by seeking out hearts and fervor for you.

    At base level, the Demonic Summoning Circle can only summon one demon at a time. However, the building can be upgraded up to tier III via the Shrine. The Demonic Summoning Circle II can summon two demons at a time, while tier III can summon three demons at a time.

    Once a follower or more have been converted into demons, they’ll automatically follow you the next time you go out to explore dungeons. When you return to the cult HQ, the demons will revert back to being followers. These followers will be exhausted. Be sure to allow them to rest as soon as you get back to the base.