Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Salmon

You can only find salmon in two of Disney Dreamlight Valley's biomes, despite its popularity with the locals.

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Key Takeaway

Salmon can only be harvested from specific fishing spots in the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a case of doing some careful and targeted fishing. You’ll need to know exactly where to locate this valuable fish to help you craft a number of different recipes.

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    Using Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Salmon is an important ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need it as an ingredient for a number of dishes, some of which are linked to specific quests. For example, you’ll need it to create Teryaki Salmon, Sake Sushi, Sake Maki, and Apple Cider Glazed Salmon, to name a few.

    Salmon is also a regularly featured favorite gift item. Many of the characters you’ll want to build friendships with across Disney Dreamlight Valley enjoy being gifted with different types of fish. In addition, salmon is a particular favorite with Lion King villain Scar. He’ll also ask you to get some for him as part of his Friends Aren’t Food quest, so you’ll need to know where to find it.

    Raw salmon can be eaten to regain 500 points of energy and sold for 150 Star Coins. When added to recipes, salmon-based dishes can fetch much higher prices, and provide greater energy rewards. It’s worth taking the time to find out where to find these fish, and stock up on them wherever possible.

    How to Get Salmon

    It’s worth bearing in mind that you can’t fish for salmon until a little bit later in the game. So, if you’re just starting out on your Disney Dreamlight Valley adventures, you’ll want to progress further through the initial quests in the Peaceful Meadow and Dream Castle first. This way, you can build up some stocks of much-needed Dreamlight, which you’ll have to use in order to start fishing for salmon later.

    Although it’s a popular fish, salmon doesn’t swim in all of the waters of Dreamlight Valley. In fact, you can only get it from two specific biomes. You’ll need to unlock the Sunlit Plateau or Frosted Heights before you’ll be able to fish for salmon at all. If you’ve unlocked both of these, then your chances of getting some salmon are even higher.

    Finding Salmon Fishing Spots

    The Sunlit Plateau can be unlocked in exchange for 7,000 Dreamlight. This area is probably the better choice for fishing if you’re still early in your gameplay. It’s definitely the right option to go for first if you haven’t gathered a huge amount of Dreamlight just yet.

    In contrast, the Frosted Heights region is a little bit more expensive to access. If you prefer to do your salmon fishing in icy waters, you’ll need to spend 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock them in Frosted Heights.

    A character fishing for salmon in the Sunlit Plateau in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Once you’ve made your way to your biome of choice, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the bubbling fishing spots on the surface of the water. These have different colored rings, which indicate what type of fish or seafood you’ll be able to catch from them.

    Salmon can be harvested from white-ringed fishing spots. You may find that other fish pop out of these spots from time to time, but you’ll be most likely to gather salmon from these bubbling white circles.

    Be aware that the white-ringed fishing spots are the most commonly-occurring ones in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So, you’ll probably see plenty of them on your fishing expeditions. Just remember that you can only get salmon from the ones in the Sunlit Plateau or Frosted Heights.

    Tips for Getting More Salmon

    One way to potentially increase your catch of salmon is to bring along a friend who has the Fishing hangout skill. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of getting more fish for your efforts, as these characters will often drop extra quantities of whatever fish you’ve just caught.

    Additionally, if you’ve already unlocked Moana, you can repair and upgrade her boat in the Dazzle Beach biome. Although it’s a bit of an effort to gather all of the crafting materials and create the parts needed to repair the broken boat, it’s definitely worth it.

    Once you’ve fixed it, Moana’s boat will automatically bring in a regular catch of fish once it’s back up and running on the shore. This means you’ll be able to pick up a haul of salmon from Moana’s catch from time to time. Also, the more you upgrade the boat, the more fish it can carry. This effectively increases the amount you can gather with no effort required on your part.