A player dredging up the Family Crest in DREDGE.

DREDGE: Where to Get the Family Crest

It's time to dredge up the past...

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Key Takeaway

The location of the Family Crest is marked on that map at the northeast corner of coordinates 3O. This is the small bay near the waterfall in Gale Cliffs. The Family Crest’s dredging spot is glowing yellow, so keep an eye out for that!

If you need to get the Family Crest in DREDGE, you’ll risk an encounter with Gale Cliff’s sea serpent! When you head to the marker on the map, dredge up the goods and then sail away as fast as possible.

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    DREDGE: Where to Get the Family Crest Video Guide

    Location of the Family Crest (01:21 in the Video Guide)

    A red "X" marking the spot where the Family Crest can be found in DREDGE.

    After you start the “Hermitage” pursuit by speaking to the Hermit at Gale Cliff’s Ruins (located at the southern part of coordinates 4N), the Hermit marks the location of the Family Crest on your map—it’s found at coordinates 3O. However, the “X” covers the entire small bay by the waterfall in the southeast part of Gale Cliffs. Worse yet, there’s a violent sea serpent roaming the area.

    Unfortunately, the easiest way to the bay by the waterfall is currently blocked. This means you’ll have to go around. Start from Dusty Pontoon and sail east past a buoy with a light (00:37 in the Video Guide). Slightly beyond this buoy is a shipwreck. When you approach this shipwreck, turn south and enter the nearest tunnel.

    When you reach a fork in the tunnel, take the southern path. This leads you into the bay by the waterfall. Nearby, there’s a dredging spot that’s glowing yellow. Here’s where you’ll find the Family Crest. However, be wary, as the sea serpent is lurking not far away…

    A player approaching a dredging spot that's glowing yellow in DREDGE.

    To progress the Hermitage pursuit, return to the Hermit and show him the Family Crest. He’ll then ask you to return it to his brother: the Retired Whaler in Ingfell (01:55 in the Video Guide).

    What Happens After You Reunite the Hermit and the Retired Whaler

    The Retried Whaler giving the player a Packed Explosive in DREDGE.

    After you return the Family Crest to the Retired Whaler, he asks you to clear some debris near where you found the Family Crest (o3:09 in the Video Guide). Once you do so, and tell the Retired Whaler you accomplished his task, he’ll ask you to get his brother (the Hermit) and bring him to Ingfell (04:02 in the Video Guide).

    Ferry the Hermit to Ingfell to complete the Hermitage pursuit. Following its completion, the Retired Whaler starts selling you Packed Explosives (05:05 in the Video Guide). You need these items to destroy barriers—which is an important function, as there are plenty of barriers in DREDGE that block your way to Refined Metal and Exotic Fish.