What Does Lure Do in Minecraft?

The Lure enchantment in Minecraft decreases how long it takes to get a bite while fishing. When you apply Lure to a Fishing Rod, it will decrease the wait time while fishing by 5 seconds per level (3 total).

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    How the Lure Enchantment Works

    Enchanting a fishing rod on an enchanting table with lapis lazuli. The level 1 and level 2 enchantments are possible, but not the level 3 enchantment.

    While you’re fishing, there is between a 5 to 30-second delay between when you cast your line to when a fish bites. The moment the bobber at the end of your line touches the water, a hidden timer begins.

    The Lure enchantment will decrease the overall time of the delay. Both the minimum and maximum time delays decrease for much more efficient fishing. If the minimum time delay gets decreased to below 0, the game will roll a new value.

    The Effects of Each Level of the Lure Enchantment

    • -5-second time delay while fishing with Lure level 1
    • -10-second time delay while fishing with Lure level 2
    • -15-second time delay while fishing with Lure level 3

    A Tip for Faster Fishing

    To speed up how much fish (and potentially treasure) you find while fishing, you can try an easy trick. When you cast your line, you will eventually see a trail of bubbles appear. The trail of bubbles touching your bobber will cause it to get pulled down, indicating you have a bite on your line.

    As such, you can gauge how long it will take to hook a fish by taking note of the bubble trail. If you cast your line, and you don’t see any bubbles, retract your line and cast again. Not seeing any bubble streams means that no fish will bite within a short time. Re-casting will allow you to roll for a new time delay. This is especially effective with the Lure enchantment on your Fishing Rod due to the decreases in the fishing timer it grants.

    Furthermore, it should be mentioned that rain will further decrease the fishing timer by 20%. For maximum efficiency, you’ll be able to catch the most fish with an Enchanted Fishing Rod while it is raining.

    The player fishing while it is raining. The line of the rod extends to a red and white bobber floating on the water nearby.