God of War Ragnarök: What Does Luck Do?

Luck, symbolized by a die in God of War Ragnarök, affects the drop rate of items from enemies. However, it also affects how often certain abilities are triggered. Increase it if you want lots of loot and ability procs.

Table Of Contents

    Luck Stat Overview

    Overview of most of the stats in God of War Ragnarök, including Luck.

    When in the menu, you can press the Triangle button to bring up the stat help screen. While this is helpful for most stats, it’s a bit vague in regard to the Luck stat.

    Gain additional rewards, and activate chance abilities more often.

    How Luck Increases the Drop Rate

    That first part means that you get more item drops from enemies. The drop rates are not set in stone for frequent combat-related sources, which allows the Luck stat to grant you more items.

    This is based on RNG, however, a higher Luck stat still means better and more frequent item drops. Although, you cannot get more drops from bosses or containers this way, as those drops are always the same.

    This is very useful if you want tons of upgrade materials. While some upgrade materials cannot drop from enemies, the more common varieties do. This means that having a high Luck stat is always useful in all parts of the game.

    As you get newer pieces of gear, having a stockpile of low and medium-tier upgrade materials can let you level them up quickly and efficiently. Since gear level is crucial for success in GoWR, make sure to always equip high-level armor!

    Activating Chance Abilities More Often

    Description of the chest armor called Vidar's Pauldron of Might.

    On any weapon part or piece of armor that has a chance to passively activate a buff, the description will indicate how likely that buff is to activate. For example, on the chest armor called Vidar’s Pauldron of Might, there is a High LUCK chance to increase Kratos’ STRENGTH and Stagger Resistance when you perform any Combo Finisher.

    The Relentless Might buff text appearing on the left of the screen to show that it is active.

    Having such a chance means that this buff is more likely to happen than those with Low LUCK Chances. Furthermore, the higher your Luck stat, the higher the odds will be for this buff to activate. When a passive buff gets activated, you will see its name and the duration of its effects on the left side of the screen.

    Make sure to use your armor and weapon abilities often, as they are powerful and almost always helpful!

    Kratos sitting in a cave and looking at a small pouch in his hand.