What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

The only food that you can feed your Axolotl in Minecraft is a Bucket of Tropical Fish. To make a Bucket of Tropical Fish, you’ll need to use a Water Bucket to scoop up a Tropical Fish.

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    All the Ways to Get a Bucket of Tropical Fish

    The player holding a bucket of tropical fish while underwater. Red and blue fish can be seen nearby.

    The first and most straightforward way of getting a Bucket of Tropical Fish is to catch some Tropical Fish in a Water Bucket. Firstly, use an empty Bucket on some water to fill it up. Next, swim up to any Tropical Fish and use the Water Bucket on them to scoop them into it. Following this, you can feed the Tropical Fish that you caught to an Axolotl by using the Bucket of Tropical Fish on your amphibious friend.

    Where Tropical Fish Spawn

    Tropical Fish can spawn in Lukewarm Ocean and Warm Ocean biomes, in addition to the “Deep” variants of both. Overall, the best place to find Tropical Fish is in a Deep Warm Ocean biome, as they are guaranteed to spawn there.

    Biome TypeSpawn ChanceGroup Size
    Lukewarm Ocean55.6%8
    Deep Lukewarm Ocean65.8%8
    Warm Ocean (Java Edition)62.5%8
    Warm Ocean Small Group (Bedrock Edition)20%1 to 3
    Warm Ocean Large Group (Bedrock Edition)60%3 to 5
    Deep Warm Ocean100%8

    Where to Buy a Bucket of Tropical Fish

    You can occasionally meet a Wandering Trader who will sell you 1 Bucket of Tropical Fish for 5 Emeralds. However, the odds of them having this trade in the first place is only 20%.

    The player holding a bucket of tropical fish in front of a brown axolotl.