What’s the Max Level in Elden Ring?

As an RPG, Elden Ring allows you to level up your characters to make them stronger, as long as you have enough Runes to spare. The maximum level a character can get to in the game is level 713.

Getting to Level 713 in Elden Ring

It is more than possible to get to level 713 in Elden Ring. However, it will not be easy. You’ll get to this level when every attribute is set at 99. This essentially means you’ll be free to use every single weapon, armor set, and spell in the game, allowing you to use any build you want.

Whenever you complete a playthrough of Elden Ring, be sure to head to New Game Plus, or a new “Journey” as the game now calls it. Whenever you start an NG+ run, the enemies become stronger and more powerful, but they also drop more Runes.

Enemy power and Rune drops will continue increasing until you reach your eighth journey. After which, enemy damage and health, as well as Runes dropped, will remain the same.

The Tarnished sitting before Marika's statue at the Stone Platform.