The Ten of Clubs from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Ten of Clubs Hunt Location and Rewards

This enemy may be bigger than you, but he's far from stronger.

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Key Takeaway

The Notorious Mark going by the title the Ten of Clubs is located in the Dhalmekian Republic. They dwell within the southern part of the Fields of Corava—inside of a small abandoned village called Vamare. You can get here quickly by fast traveling to the Dravozd obelisk and then venturing south from there.

The Ten of Clubs hunt is worth doing in Final Fantasy 16 because its Notorious Mark drops Scarletite—one of the rarest resources in the game. Since the Hunt Board is vague about this enemy’s location, it’s somewhat confusing to find your target. Thankfully, there aren’t too many places to search.

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    Where to Find the Ten of Clubs

    The location of the Ten of Clubs hunt within the Dhalmekian Republic in Final Fantasy 16.

    You can start the Ten of Clubs hunt when you reach the main quest Things Fall Apart. Afterward, you can track this thug down in the Dhalmekian Republic. Specifically, this Notorious Mark lives in the Fields of Corava region—within a tiny village in the south of the area known as Vamare.

    To get here quickly, fast travel to the Dravozd obelisk and then go south. Alternatively, if you haven’t unlocked the Dravozd obelisk yet, you can start from the obelisk in the Jaw.

    If you choose the latter, you must head northeast from the Jaw’s obelisk and then go southeast through the Sickle to reach the Fields of Corava. Visit Vamare by continuing southeast until you come across the desolate dwelling.

    For more help finding your prey, look at the image above for the Ten of Club’s exact location.

    How to Beat the Ten of Clubs

    Clive fighting the Ten of Clubs in Final Fantasy 16.

    The Ten of Clubs is a level 35 B-rank enemy. As far as Notorious Marks go, this boss is fairly average in terms of difficulty. The Ten of Clubs is a big man wielding a massive axe. His attacks can hit hard and deal a ton of damage, but they also have long windups.

    • Peine Forte: This is when he holds his axe over his head before bringing it to the ground with great force to summon a sharp rock. The ground in front of the Ten of Clubs will glow red. Stay away from this area to avoid getting damaged. It’s best to get behind the Ten of Clubs when you see this ability coming.
    When the Ten of Clubs’s health drops below 50%, Peine Forte summons multiple sharp rocks—each with their own glowing red area that heralds their respective rises. All of these erupt in front of your foe, so you’ll be safe if you get behind the Notorious Mark.
    • Execution: During this attack, the Ten of Clubs begins by creating a small explosion around himself that knocks you back—all while dealing a small amount of damage. His axe is now imbued with a blue flame. He’ll then continue by performing a four-attack combo. These attacks are slow-moving, so you should be able to dodge all of them with little effort. Wait for the Ten of Clubs to finish this combo before attacking him again.

    Aside from these two named abilities (their names appear on-screen before they’re used), he’ll perform simple melee ones that are also fairly slow. Dodge his attacks precisely and punish him afterward with deft counterattacks. You’ll drain his health to zero in no time as long as you’re able to punish him after every successful dodge.

    We found that Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth and Bahamut’s Gigaflare were some of the best abilities to use during this hunt. Such attacks greatly slow down time and deal a large amount of damage (even if they aren’t upgraded or mastered). Use abilities like these for an easy way to decrease the Ten of Club’s health bar.

    The Ten of Clubs Hunt Rewards

    Rewards for completing the Ten of Clubs hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    For defeating this hulking foe, you’ll get the following rewards:

    • 2,200 Experience
    • 70 Ability Points
    • 9,200 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • 1 Scarletite
    • 1 Meteorite

    While unremarkable compared to the other, stronger hunts, Scarletite and Meteorite are still very useful materials that you will need to craft and reinforce some weapons, belts, and vambraces. If you’re up for fighting some of the tougher Notorious Marks, hunt the Breaker of Worlds. This machine can give you a tough time, but grants you great loot!

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