Thanatos, Usher to the Underworld from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Usher to the Underworld Hunt Location and Rewards

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Key Takeaway

The Usher to the Underworld—also known as Thanatos—is found in Titan’s Wake within the Dhalmekian Republic. This area is located west of The Gilded Path obelisk. However, you’ll first need to begin the Brotherhood main quest before you can find the Usher to the Underworld in this area.

Thanatos, the Usher to the Underworld, is a Hunt Board target you definitely need to find and defeat in Final Fantasy 16. This is because one of its rewards is a Darksteel: a material needed to craft the second-best weapon in the game.

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    Where to Find Thanatos, the Usher to the Underworld

    The location of the Usher to the Underworld in Final Fantasy 16's Dhalmekian Republic location.

    Thanatos, the Usher to the Underworld is found at Titan’s Wake, which is within the Dhalmekian Republic. Thanatos appears here after you’ve started the Brotherhood main quest.

    To get here, fast-travel to the Gilded Path obelisk. Head west and south until you reach the area marked on the map image above. Once you reach this region, a cutscene plays and the Notorious Mark appears to face you.

    How to Beat Thanatos, the Usher to the Underworld

    The Usher to the Underworld punching the ground in Final Fantasy 16.

    Thanatos is a level 42 A-rank enemy. Despite its stocky build, the Usher to the Underworld is a quick enemy—and it hits pretty hard too! Get ready to dodge its many powerful attacks with much-needed precision. Prepare for beam spamming!

    • Spirits Without: With this attack, Thanatos opens up its chest to fire a large laser beam. You can evade it by dodging through the beam or running behind the Usher to the Underworld. If you do the latter, now is a good time to land a couple of hits on your foe. Just keep in mind that Thanatos can do this attack consecutively and begins it by locking onto your position. It’s easier to dodge this assault if you’re close to Thanatos.
    • Shockwave Slam: Thanatos will occasionally jump and slam the ground, causing waves of electricity to surge outward from it. Dodge as it reaches the ground or you can leap over the incoming shockwaves. Also, Thanatos can do this move up to three times in a row.
    • Energy Ground Pound: Occasionally, your enemy powerfully slams the ground with one of its fists. You’ll know this attack is about to happen when Thanatos brings its right arm up and its fist flashes blue. Dodge just before its fist reaches the ground. Attack accordingly while a window of opportunity is open.
    Thanatos will do the same with its legs. It can leap up to powerfully stomp on the ground, creating a similar explosion.
    • Destrudo: This is when it slams both of its hands on the ground while the area around it fills with blue energy. After a few moments, Thanatos starts attacking with its other maneuvers while the blue spots on the ground it created begin exploding in random order. Stay away from the blue spots to avoid these energy mines.
    Thanatos is pretty bad at tracking targets in the air. Use Garuda’s Deadly Leap to avoid a lot of this enemy’s attacks.

    Other than that, Thanatos will also occasionally dash around the area to tackle you. These can be avoided by dodging to the left or right. Land hits whenever you can to dwindle its Will Gauge and stagger it.

    Take advantage of strong abilities that slow down time to drain the Usher to the Underworld’s health. Some great examples of this are Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth, Ramuh’s Judgment Bolt, and Bahamut’s Gigaflare.

    The Usher to the Underworld Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for defeating the Usher to the Underworld in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ll receive the following for completing the Usher to the Underworld hunt:

    • 9,000 Experience
    • 110 Ability Points
    • 17,000 Gil
    • 45 Renown
    • 1 Darksteel

    The crafting material reward for defeating this Notorious Mark is by far one of the best in the game. Aside from the massive gain of Gil, Ability Points, and Renown, you also receive a Darksteel. This material is used to craft the Gotterdammerung sword: the best weapon in the game during your first playthrough.

    Aside from the Darksteel, you’ll also need Orichalcum to craft the above-mentioned weapon. You’ll receive this by defeating S-ranked hunt targets like the Breaker of Worlds, the Ruin Reawakened, the Tricephalic Terror, and the Masterless Marauder.

    The same materials are also used to craft the Ultima Weapon in New Game Plus while playing in Final Fantasy mode, which is the game’s most powerful weapon. As such, defeating the Usher to the Underworld is definitely worth your time.