Starting the Across the Realms favor in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: Across the Realms Favor Guide

Learn the tale of Jari and Somr by completing the Across the Realm favor.

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Key Takeaway

Complete the Across the Realms favor by finding the four ingredients. These are found in:

  • Nordic Gourd: East of the Eternal Campfire in Midgard
  • Prongfruit: The Forge in Svartalfheim
  • Elven Cap: In the southwestern corner of The Forbidden Sands in Alfheim
  • Bantam Melon: In the southeastern corner of The Sinkholes in The Crater in Vanaheim.

“Across the Realms” is a favor in God of War Rangarök. As the name implies, this favor will have you travel to four realms to scour for specific ingredients. The favor also tells a fairly heartwarming story.

Table Of Contents

    Starting the Across the Realms Favor

    The location of the Eternal Campfire in God of War Ragnarok.

    To begin the favor, head to The Eternal Campfire located west of the King’s Grave. From the King’s Grave Mystic Gateway, leave the King’s Grave by heading west, then take the path north. Keep moving forward from here and you’ll eventually find a rainbow campfire.

    Once here, pick up the book on the ground next to the campfire. After you pick up the book, the favor will officially begin. This book lists four ingredients you’ll need to find in order to prepare the meal. The book also details which realms each ingredient is found, as well as provides clues to their exact location.

    When seeking out these ingredients, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a heart graffiti with runes in them on a wall. Here’s where to find all four ingredients.

    Nordic Gourd – Midgard

    The location of the Nordic Gourd in Midgard.

    The Nordic Gourd is found very close to the Eternal Campfire. From the campfire, head to the path to the east. Continue moving forward and you’ll find the heart graffiti on the wall ahead. Approach it and you’ll find the recipe buried in the ground.

    Prongfruit – Svartalfheim

    The location of the Prongfruit in Svartalfheim.

    You’ll find the Prongfruit in The Forge in Svartalfheim. You’ll need to ride the train southwest of Durlin’s Office to get back to The Forge if you’ve explored it already via main quests.

    Once you exit the train, head north to leave the wooden station. Make the first right and you’ll find the heart graffiti ahead. From here, look to the right and you’ll find the ingredient on the ground next to a Nornir Chest.

    Elven Cap – Alfheim

    The location of the Elven Cap in Alfheim.

    You’ll find the Elven Cap in The Forbidden Sands in Alfheim. To properly traverse this region, you’ll first need to complete the Song of the Sands favor to clear the sandstorm here.

    The ingredient is on the southwestern corner of The Forbidden Sands. Head to the area marked on the image of the map above and you’ll find the heart graffiti on a wall next to a fallen pillar. Interact with the pillar to crouch under it and head to the area behind it. Look over to the right and you’ll find the ingredient. There’s also a Nornir Chest in this area.

    Bantam Melon – Vanaheim

    The location of the Bantam Melon in Vanaheim.

    For the final ingredient, make your way to The Crater region in Vanaheim. Take note that you can only access this area after doing the Scent of Survival Favor, which becomes available after you complete the Creatures of Prophecy main quest.

    Once The Crater becomes accessible for you, you’ll also need to complete the Return of the River favor. This will bring the river back to The Crater, allowing you to traverse the region by boat.

    You’ll find this next ingredient in The Sinkholes, northeast of The Sinkholes Mystic Gateway. If the gate here is still closed for you, you’ll first need to head to the Sinkholes Entrance Mystic Gateway and take the tunnel from here. This will lead you to the area where the chain that opens this gate is.

    Simply approach the heart graffiti and you’ll find the last ingredient on the ground next to it.

    Return to the Eternal Campfire

    With all four ingredients collected, simply head back to the Eternal Campfire in Midgard. Interact with the cauldron next to the campfire and Mimir will tell the rest of the story of Jari and Somr. Afterward, the favor will be completed and you’ll receive Whispering Slabs, XP for Kratos and the companion, and the Meal of Comfort.

    The Meal of Comfort is a unique resource that permanently increases all stats by 5.