How to Build Silos in Stardew Valley.

How To Build Silos in Stardew Valley

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Silos, which are used for storing hay, are one of the first and most basic buildings you’ll build on your farm. Here’s everything you need to know about building a silo and why you need to construct one.

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    Silo Materials and Costs

    Silos are the cheapest single player farm building offered in the Carpenters’ Shop, both cost and material-wise. In order to build a silo, you’ll need:

    • 100 gold
    • 100 pieces of stone
    • 10 pieces of clay
    • 5 copper bars
    • A 3×3 empty tile space on your farm

    These materials are easily obtained in the beginning of the game, so there’s no need to grind for them.

    How to Build a Silo

    To start building a silo, visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop whenever she’s open, which is 9am to 5pm daily unless it’s a Tuesday (when she’s closed for the day) or a Friday (when she closes an hour early).

    Buying a silo from Robin in the Carpenter's Shop.

    Click on “Construct Farm Buildings” in the Carpenter’s Shop menu and select the Silo option. Robin will begin work the next day once you’ve picked out a location for your new silo. If you’re unsure that the location you choose is the best place to have your silo, don’t worry—you can always move your silo later.

    Unlike other regular farm buildings, silos only take 2 days to build. Do note, however, that Robin doesn’t work on festival days and your silo will be delayed if one of those 2 days is a holiday.

    Robin doesn't build farm buildings on festival days.

    Benefits of Having a Silo

    A farmer with multiple silos in her farm.

    Each silo stores up to 240 pieces of hay. It’s normal for players to have more than one silo on their farms, as animals eat through hay stores quickly and any hay stored in the silos will automatically be added to any barn or coop with the Autofeed System.

    To place hay in a silo, simply select the hay in your inventory and right-click on the nearest silo. All silos in your farm share a combined hay storage, so clicking on any individual silo will display the total amount of hay stored in all the silos.

    You can check hay in the silos by right-clicking them.

    The recent 1.5 update introduces a new way to check the amount of hay you have in your silos. The Farm Computer, which is a craftable item learned after finishing one of Demetrius’s special quest, displays the total amount of hay stored in the silos at any given time.

    You can check hay in silos from the farm computer.

    Having a silo on your farm adds new ways to obtain hay.

    • Cutting grass on your farm with a scythe now has a 50% chance of adding 1 hay to your silo.
    • Harvesting wheat with your scythe may also give you an extra piece of hay that’s automatically added to your silo.

    Having multiple silos on your farm saves you plenty of time and hassle when it comes to feeding your animals. Now that you know how to construct a silo, you can plan for your next big step in building your farm: raising animals.