A player exiting Victory Road and entering Route 224. There are flowers and grass everywhere.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Get to Route 224

To fully explore the Sinnoh region, you'll need to make your way here!

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Key Takeaway

You need to have entered the Hall of Fame by beating the Pokémon League and obtained the National Pokédex to unlock the way to Route 224. The way to this route is accessed through the latter part of Victory Road.

There aren’t too many blocked-off areas in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, however, Route 224 is one such location. There is some great loot here, plus some strong trainers. There’s even a secret path here that leads to a mythical Pokémon!

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    The Requirements for Unlocking Route 224

    The exterior of the Pokémon League, which looks like a cathedral with a purple stain glass window featuring Poké Balls.

    There are two things that you need to do to open the way to Route 224. Firstly, you need to have entered the Hall of Fame. The only way to do this is to beat the Pokémon League at least once.

    The other thing you need to do is obtain the National Pokédex. Once you’ve seen all of the 151 pocket monsters in the Sinnoh region, you can talk to Professor Rowan in Sandgem town for a Pokédex upgrade. Professor Oak will show up and give you a National Pokédex.

    Thankfully, you don’t need to catch all 151 Sinnoh Pokémon—just see them. Although, due to the version exclusivity of some species, you must do a bit of trading with someone who has a different version of the game than you.

    Where to Find the Entrance to Route 224

    The trainer in Victory Road who is blocking the way to Route 224.

    After you’ve met the requirements that unlock the way, you’ll have to head back into Victory Road. Start from the end of Victory Road where the Pokémon League is located. Then, head south across the wooden bridge to where a Dragon Tamer is located.

    Following this, descend the southern rocky slope with Rock Climb and then walk west. Travel north at the next intersection, which will lead you under a wooden bridge. At this point, you’ll see a Veteran to the east next to a short staircase leading south. Walk up the short staircase.

    From there, go across the wooden bridge that you just walked under. At this point, follow the linear path to the cave exit that was previously blocked by the NPC in blue overalls. Beyond this exit, you’ll find Route 224.

    Why You Should Explore Route 224

    The full view of Route 224 in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl overtop box art.

    Since this is an endgame area, you can find powerful trainers and rare Pokémon here. Also, there are quite a few useful items to be found. To top it off, this is also the place you need to visit for a Shaymin event.

    The Wild Pokémon You Can Find Here

    PokémonEncounter Location TypeLevel RangeEncounter Rate
    GloomGrass535%—any time of day
    WeepinbellGrass535%—any time of day
    BeautiflyGrass235%—any time of day
    RoseliaGrass52 to 5420%—any time of day
    BuizelGrass234%—any time of day
    FloatzelGrass53 to 5420% during morning and day; 30% during night
    Shellos (East Sea)Grass231%—any time of day
    Gastrodon (East Sea)Grass52 to 5320% during morning and day; 30% during night
    ChatotGrass52 to 5420% during morning and day; 0% during night
    TentacruelSurfing40 to 5535%—any time of day
    PelipperSurfing40 to 5565%—any time of day
    MagikarpFishing (Old Rod)3 to 10100%—any time of day
    MagikarpFishing (Good Rod)10 to 2555%—any time of day
    RemoraidFishing (Good Rod)10 to 2545%—any time of day
    GyaradosFishing (Super Rod)30 to 4040%—any time of day
    OctilleryFishing (Super Rod)20 to 5045%—any time of day
    LuvdiscFishing (Super Rod)20 to 3015%—any time of day
    NatuGrass (Swarm)5340%—any time of day
    DuskullGrass (Poké Radar)232%—any time of day
    DusclopsGrass (Poké Radar)52 to 5420%—any time of day

    Items That You Can Find Here

    • Stardust (x3)—all hidden on the rocks along the beach
    • Razor Claw—on the spit of land at the very south
    • Sitrus Berry (x2)—on berry trees in the middle of the area
    • Bluk Berry (x3)—on berry trees in the middle of the area
    • Nanab Berry (x3)—on berry trees in the middle of the area
    • Wepear Berry (x3)—on berry trees in the middle of the area
    • Rare Candy—on the spit of land southwest of the berry trees
    • PP Max—hidden on the row of trees southwest of the beach
    • Big Pearl—hidden in the deep water north of the barren island in the northeast of the area
    • Pearl (x2)—hidden in the deep water north of the barren island in the northeast of the area
    • Destiny Knot—northeast of Dragon Tamer Hayden

    The Shaymin Event

    Between February 27 and March 27, 2022, the key item known as “Oak’s Letter” was distributed online worldwide for Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. If you got Oak’s Letter, you can use it on Route 224 to open up the Seabreak Path. This new path leads to the Flower Paradise, where you could find a level 30 Shaymin.

    After obtaining Oak’s Letter, Professor Oak will appear by the white rock on the north end of this route. When spoken to, Professor Oak will tell the player to interact with the white rock and type in what they’re most grateful for. After you input any word, the Seabreak Path will appear.