A player encountering a wild Drifloon near the Valley Windworks.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Where to Find Drifloon

Need a Ghost-type Pokémon? Then seek out a Drifloon!

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Key Takeaway

You can find Drifloon in front of the Valley Windworks, which is just east of Route 205 and Floaroma Town. However, only one Drifloon appears at a time—and only on Fridays.

Unlike many other pocket monsters in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you can only find Drifloon on a specific weekday. Also, it only shows up in one location. Thankfully, they spawn as an overworld sprite, so you can’t miss them!

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    The Weekday and Location You Need to Find Drifloon

    The location of where to find Drifloon at the Valley Windworks on the world map.

    You can only find Drifloon on Fridays. It spawns just in front of the Valley Windworks building. To get there, start from Floaroma Town and then go east. You need to pass through Route 205 to reach this spot.

    This spawning trend is the same in both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. So it doesn’t matter which version you have if you want to capture this Ghost and Flying-type Pokémon.

    With that said, Drifloon only appears after you defeat Team Galactic in this area. This can be done very early in your playthrough and is required to progress through the main part of the game.

    How to Catch Drifloon

    A player talking to a Drifloon in front of the Valley Windworks.

    Before you can catch Drifloon, you need to walk up to them and speak to the little floating fiend. They spawn with an overworld sprite, which makes things straightforward. Be sure to save your game before you talk to Drifloon just in case you accidentally knock it out during the coming battle.

    The Drifloon that spawns here is at level 22. Any other Drifloon that appears at the Valley Windworks will be at the same level. If you don’t catch the Drifloon, don’t worry, as another one will show up here next Friday.

    As for how to battle and catch them: use your favorite method! Drifloon’s catch rate is 125, which means that at full HP you have about a 25% chance to successfully catch it with a regular Poké Ball.

    Wittle down Drifloon’s HP until it is in the yellow or red zone. Afterward, it shouldn’t take too many attempts to catch it in your chosen type of Poké Ball. Afflicting it with a status condition is helpful, but be careful about poisoning or burning it. The damage over time from those status conditions can potentially knock out Drifloon.