The note for the Beautiful Beetles request in Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Separate Ways: Beautiful Beetles

Good luck dealing with the Regeneradors!

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Key Takeaway

The first Ornate Beetle is inside the Regenerador in the Incubation Lab. The second one is in the room south of Dissection.

Welcome back to the Inside Facility! A place that’s infamous in Resident Evil 4 for the Regeneradors that roam the area. In RE4 Remake – Separate Ways, you’ll encounter a merchant request here called Beautiful Beetles. It involves finding two Ornate Beetles and selling them to the merchant.

Table Of Contents

    Ornate Beetle #1

    The first Ornate Beetle is in the Incubation Lab. You drop down to this area as you progress through the Inside Facility. Here’s the bad news, though: the Ornate Beetle is inside a Regenarador. Thankfully, there’s only one Regenerador left in this room. We have Leon to thank for that.

    When you make it to the Incubation Lab, be sure to eliminate the other enemies in this room first. Once the room is clear, equip your Rifle and make sure that the Biosensor Scope is mounted on it. Aim at the only tube here that’s not broken to see the Regenarador in all its ghastly glory. You’ll also see the Ornate Beetle lodged in its chest.

    Ada looking at a Regenerador through a Biosensor Scope.

    That said, shoot its hearts to bring it down. Once it’s eliminated, pick up the loot from its body to receive the Ornate Beetle.

    Ornate Beetle #2

    The second Ornate Beetle is in the room directly across the Dissection area.

    A picture of a map indicating the location of the second Ornate Beetle with a red circle in Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways.

    That being said, make your way to Dissection from the Incubation Lab. Be wary, as once you make it to the aforementioned room, a lone Regenerador will be waiting for you inside. Eliminate the hideous beast and take your loot.

    Ada looking at an Ornate Beetle on a metal shelf.

    Beautiful Beetles Rewards

    Completing the Beautiful Beetles Merchant Request in the RE4 Remake is a lucrative endeavor! The two Ornate Beetles are treasures and you’ll have to sell them to the merchant to complete the request. On top of that, you’ll also earn Pesetas for completing it.

    You’ll get 24,000 Pesetas for selling the two Ornate Beetles. Once the request clears, you’ll also receive 10 Spinels. Make the most out of your bounty!

    The thing that makes this request particularly daunting is the fact that you’ll have to go through two Regeneradors to complete it. While they can be eliminated easily through a rifle and a Biosensor Scope, they can still be extremely dangerous if you’re not careful.

    Make sure to come equipped by fully upgrading your weapons. If you lack the Pesetas to do that, make sure to inlay your treasures with gemstones and sell them to receive more Pesetas. Keep doing this and you’ll have enough Pesetas to fully upgrade your weapons.

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