The blue note for the Lord of the Waterway merchant request.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Separate Ways: Lord of the Waterway

How can something so harmless have such an intimidating title?

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Key Takeaway

To find the Lord of the Waterway, you’ll first need to drain the water in the area by turning the wheel in the boiler room. Once the water is drained, head to the merchant’s room and drop down to the newly accessible ground below.

From here, head through the hole in the wall on the left, make a left once more, and proceed forward until you find a short opening under a fungi formation. You’ll find this large fish in this area.

In Chapter 5 of Resident Evil 4 Remake – Separate Ways, you find yourself in the dark waterways underneath the castle. While here, you’ll receive a request from the merchant to catch a “lord” that’s reigning over the murky channels. Here’s where you can find this “Lord of the Waterway.”

Where to Find the Lord of the Waterway

Once you arrive at the waterway, continue progressing ahead until you reach the room where the merchant is located. You’ll find the note dictating this request on a wall outside the merchant’s door. From outside the merchant’s room, follow the path ahead until you reach a boiler room.

There’s a wheel here you’ll need to turn. Interact with the wheel to drain the waterway. Not only is this the way to progress through this chapter, but this is also how you’ll find the Lord of the Waterways.

Ada heading towards a valve wheel in a boiler room.

Once the water is drained, return to the merchant’s room. You can drop down to the newly accessible ground below from here. Once down, head through the hole in the opening on the left of this area. Head left once more, and keep heading straight until you find a short opening under a wide formation of fungi.

Ada standing in front of a fungi formation in the waterway of the castle.

Crouch and proceed through the small opening. The Lord of the Waterway is in these waters. While the name of the creature sounds intimidating, it is by no means a danger to you at all since it’s incapable of attacking.

Your target is a large fish. You should be able to see it swimming around the waters as soon as you head inside this cavern. If you’re having a hard time spotting the fish, use a Rifle with a Biosensor Scope attached to it to see the fish better.

Ada standing in front of a dead Lord of the Waterway.

Once killed, simply pick up the fish, head back to the merchant, and sell it to complete the request. It’s better to return to the merchant and sell the fish now rather than along the path later as it occupies a huge chunk of space in your inventory.

Lord of the Waterway Rewards

You’ll receive 8,000 Pesetas for selling the fish and eight Spinels for completing the merchant request. Use your reward from this request to buy anything from the merchant from Charms and First Aid Sprays to briefcases and Small Keys.

While the Lord of the Waterway isn’t a danger to you, you’ll certainly face more powerful foes in the areas ahead. Be sure you’re ready to face any adversities the game throws your way by equipping the best weapons and upgrading them to their maximum stats. You’ll need Pesetas to do these things and one of the best ways to earn those is by placing gemstones on treasures and selling them to the merchant.

Thankfully, this request grants you enough Spinels to purchase gemstones and treasures. This is your best way to turn your Spinels into Pesetas in the Separate Ways DLC.

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