Split screen in Rocket League.

Rocket League: How to Play on Split-Screen

You don't need a second platform to play Rocket League with a friend.

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Key Takeaway

To play Rocket League on split-screen, turn on a second controller while on the Main Menu and press the Option button. For PC, all local players need to use a controller to play on split-screen.

Local co-op games are rare in this generation of gaming. Therefore, being able to play on split-screen in Rocket League means fans are in luck! Those who want to play the game in the same room as their friends can do just that.

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    How to Play Rocket League on Split-Screen on Consoles

    The process of activating the split-screen on consoles is similar across the board, whether you’re on PlayStation, Xbox, or the Nintendo Switch. Firstly, start Rocket League as you normally would. Once you make it to the Main Menu, turn on the second controller and log in using a second account or a Guest account.

    If you use a Guest account for the second player, you won’t be able to play online. You are limited to playing one-on-one locally, or against bots.

    After the second player is logged in, you can see a Press Option to Join prompt at the bottom of the screen. Then press Option on the second player’s controller and that second player will officially enter the game.

    The main menu of Rocket League, highlighting the option button to split screen.

    Rocket League can simultaneously support up to four local players. If you want to play with the maximum number of local gamers, simply repeat the process above for the third and fourth players.

    How to Play Rocket League on Split-Screen on PC

    Playing on split-screen on PC shares a similar process to doing so on consoles. However, there is one clear rule you need to keep in mind before you can do so. To play split-screen Rocket League on a PC, every local player needs to play with a controller. Split-screen won’t work if one is playing with a keyboard and mouse. This rule applies whether you’re playing through Epic or Steam.

    That being said, connect the controllers of your choice to your PC and start up Rocket League. Once you’re in the Main Menu, press the Option button on the second controller and you’re good to go.

    Rocket League is an immensely enjoyable game that can be made even more so if you play it with friends. Have someone join you as your team faces off against others online and you’re in for a great game night. Be sure to use some of the game’s best cars so that you and your friend can win more games than usual.

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