The Platinum trophy for Spider-Man 2 in front of a background depicting Spider-Man swinging through a city.

Spider-Man 2: Complete Trophy Guide

With great power also comes the great need to acquire a game's Platinum trophy.

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Key Takeaway

The following are the PS5 trophies for Spider-Man 2 and their unlock requirements:

  1. Dedicated – Collect all the other trophies
  2. Superior – 100% all the districts
  3. Heal the World – Finish the main story
  4. To the Max – Purchase all Gadget upgrades
  5. Kitted Out – Purchase all suits
  6. Behind the Masks – Complete all Mysterium activities
  7. Amazing – Reach level 60
  8. Data Collector – Complete all Unidentified Targets activities
  9. Crimson Hour – Complete all Fire Cult side quests
  10. Exterminator – Eliminate all Symbiote Nests
  11. Grains of Sand – Complete all Marko’s Memories activities
  12. Leave Us Alone – Finish the “Don’t Be Scared” mission
  13. The Great Hunt – Finish the “Anything Can Be Broken” mission
  14. Seek and Destroy – Eliminate all Hunter Blinds and Hunter Bases
  15. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man – Complete all FNSM requests
  16. Medicine – Complete the “It Chose You” mission
  17. Surge – Use Symbiote Abilities while in Symbiote Surge mode 25 times
  18. Foundational – Complete all EMP Experiments
  19. Evolved – Defeat 100 enemies using Miles’ Evolved Venom abilities
  20. Armed and Dangerous – Defeat 100 enemies using Peter’s Spider Arm abilities
  21. Another Way – Complete the “No Escape” mission
  22. Fully Loaded – Unlock all Suit Tech upgrades
  23. Brooklyn Pride – Complete all Brooklyn Visions quests
  24. My Community – Complete all Cultural Museum activities
  25. I Quit – Complete the “This Isn’t You” mission
  26. Funky Wireless Protocols – Find all Spider-Bots
  27. Stylish – Equip a suit style
  28. Slack Line – Stealth takedown a total of 25 enemies while on a Web Line
  29. Hang Ten – Perform 30 air tricks in a row without touching the ground
  30. Overdrive – Use the Reverse Flux ability while playing as Miles to pull six enemies together
  31. Home Run! – Run the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium
  32. Just Let Go – Find Miles and Phin’s science trophy while playing as Miles
  33. You Know What to Do – Visit Aunt May’s grave while playing as Peter
  34. Soar – Glide from the Financial District to Astoria using only your Web Wings.
  35. Splat – Hit the ground while failing to complete a trick
  36. A New Adventure – Complete the Howard FNSM app request
  37. Resourceful – Collect a total of 10,000 Tech Parts
  38. Co-Signing – Complete all Prowler Stashes
  39. You’re Gonna Need Help – Complete the “Surface Tension” mission
  40. New York, New York – Complete all Photo Ops
  41. Antidote – Defeat a symbiote using an Anti-Venom ability
  42. A New Suit – Unlock the Black Suit

Spider-Man 2 is a PS5-exclusive superhero title with tons of trophies. The most dedicated players will want to reach 100% completion and unlock the game’s Platinum one. Prime your Spider-Sense and prepare for a wild webslinging adventure!

Table Of Contents

    How Many Trophies Are There in Spider-Man 2 ?

    Including the final Platinum trophy, there are a total of 42 trophies in Spider-Man 2. A nice chunk of these trophies are automatically acquired as you complete the main story. The rest will require you to explore the game a bit more, make use of abilities a certain amount of times, and complete specific side quests.


    The player earning the Dedicated Platinum Trophy in Spider-Man 2 while Spider-Man is walking across a rope made of webs.

    This is the game’s Platinum trophy. You automatically receive this PS5 trophy after obtaining all the other Spider-Man 2 trophies.


    A picture of the map in Spider-Man 2.

    You receive the Superior Gold trophy when you 100% complete all the districts in the game. This involves completing every side quests, collectibles, and side activities. There are 14 types of collectibles or activities scattered all throughout the 14 districts in the game.

    Thankfully, you naturally receive this trophy if you’re going for the Platinum one. Each collectible is tied to a different trophy. Therefore, as you go through each trophy: collect every collectible, and complete every side activity. When you do, you’ll eventually receive the Superior trophy.

    Heal the World

    Venom flying in Spider-Man 2.

    You automatically receive this Gold trophy after completing the main story.

    To the Max

    The Gadget menu from Spider-Man 2.

    Fully upgrade all five gadgets to earn this Silver trophy. Each gadget has five upgrade tiers. You’ll need Tech Parts, City Tokens, and Hero Tokens to upgrade them. You get these parts and tokens by finding collectibles and completing side activities that are scattered throughout each district.

    Kitted Out

    The Suits menu from Spider-Man 2.

    Kitted Out is a Silver trophy. You receive this for unlocking all the suits in the game, both for Peter and Miles. There are three requirements to make a suit available to unlock in this game. The first is progress through the main story. Second, complete specific side quests and activities. Finally, the third way is to level up. Once a suit becomes available to unlock, you can then craft it using Tech Parts and Tokens.

    Behind the Masks

    Miles entering a Mysterium in Spider-Man 2.

    To unlock the Behind the Masks Silver trophy, complete all the Mysteriums in the game. There are nine Mysteriums to discover in Spider-Man 2. Once you complete all of them, a final one will appear on the map. Head to this new location, complete the final Mysterium, and you’ll earn this trophy.


    The Skills menu in Spider-Man 2.

    You receive the “Amazing” trophy when you reach the maximum level of 60. You’re unlikely to reach this level if you’ve only been completing the main story missions. Keep doing side activities and finding collectibles and you’ll eventually reach the max level. You will naturally attain this level when you go through and collect each trophy.

    Data Collector

    Miles chasing a drone through the air at sunset over a large body of water in Spider-Man 2.

    Complete every Unidentified Target side activity in the game to earn this trophy. There are eight of them on the map. Once you complete all eight, a ninth one will appear. Head to the new location and complete the side quest to earn the trophy.

    On top of that, you’ll also learn the identity of the “target.” Spider-Man fans will surely get a kick out of this one.

    Crimson Hour

    Peter standing outside the Fire Cult's base in Spider-Man 2. The door of the base has graffiti of a large red hand that looks like it's made of fire.

    Complete the side quests that are related to the Fire Cult to earn the Crimson Hour Silver trophy. Once these quests become available, they will continuously appear on your FNSM app. There are a total of four Fire Cult quests. Complete all of them and you’ll receive the trophy.


    Peter exterminating an orange Symbiote Nest covered in black spikes in Spider-Man 2.

    Symbiote Nests will appear throughout the map once you reach the game’s final act. There are a total of 10 of them in the game. Clear all 10 Symbiote Nests to receive the Exterminator Silver trophy.

    Grains of Sand

    Peter Parker standing across one of Marko's Memories in Spider-Man 2. Marko's Memories look like large orange crystals.

    Complete all Marko’s Memories side activities to receive the Grains of Sand Silver trophy. You’ll find 13 of these activities throughout the map. After completing all 13, a 14th will appear. Finish this last one for the trophy.

    Leave Us Alone

    Venom holding Spider-Man up with one arm.

    Complete the “Don’t Be Scared” quest to earn this Silver trophy. This mission is part of the main story progression, therefore it is unmissable.

    The Great Hunt

    Peter Parker removing the symbiote from himself by tearing it out of his chest.

    Complete the “Anything Can Be Broken” quest to earn this Silver trophy. This mission is another part of the main story progression. As such, you can’t miss it.

    Seek and Destroy

    Peter perching over a Hunter Blind from a lamp post overlooking a short building and the corner of a lake.

    Hunter Blinds will eventually appear all around the city as you progress through the main story. These are found in four districts. There are three blinds each in Harlem, the Financial District, the Upper West Side, and Downtown Brooklyn.

    Once you clear all the blinds in a district, the main Hunter Base for that district will appear on the map. That being said, clear all Hunter Blinds and all Hunter Bases to receive the Seek and Destroy Silver trophy.

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App from Spider-Man 2 open on the right side of the screen as Spider-Man looks over the city at sunset.

    Complete all the FNSM app requests to earn this Silver trophy. There are six FNSM requests in the game which will become available to you as you progress through the main story. Here’s what all six are called, when they become available, and where to find them:

    • Find Grandpa (After the “Show Me New York” main quest) – Prospect Park, Downtown Brooklyn
    • Rooftop Fireworks (After “Roll Like We Used To”) – Little Odessa
    • Photo Help (After “Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt”) – Midtown, Manhattan
    • Howard (After “Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt”) – Financial District
    • Graffiti Trouble (After “Funky”) – Financial District
    • Monster of Queens (After “Wings of My Own”) – Astoria


    Peter injecting Lizard with an antidote while holding the latter's mouth open and extending many large black tentacles from his back.

    Complete the “It Chose You” quest to earn this Silver trophy. This mission is another one that’s part of the main story progression. Since this is the case, you’ll get this one easily.


    Peter performing an Anti-Venom ability that extends large, white tendrils from his back against enemies in Spider-Man 2.

    To receive the Surge Silver trophy, you’ll need to use Symbiote abilities while in Symbiote Surge form a total of 25 times as Peter. You unlock these abilities when you receive the black suit during the “Good Men” main quest.

    When you fight enemies, activate Symbiote Surge by pressing L3 and R3 at the same time. While you’re in this form, you can attack enemies with Symbiote Abilities.


    Peter doing an EMF Experiment that involves speaking to a hologram of Dr. Nguyen.

    Complete all EMF Experiments to earn this Silver trophy. Initially, you’ll only find eight of them on the map. Complete all eight and a ninth and final one will appear. Finish the last one to receive the trophy.


    Miles using an Evolved Venom ability against enemies in Spider-Man 2 that releases many bolts of electricity.

    Defeat 100 enemies with Miles’ Evolved Venom abilities to unlock the Evolved Silver trophy. The Evolved abilities are the ones that give Miles blue lightning powers rather than yellow. Specifically, Miles’ four Evolved Venom abilities are as follows:

    • Chain Lightning
    • Thunder Burst
    • Reverse Flux
    • Galvanize

    For this trophy, the Evolved Venom ability must be the last hit that lands on an enemy before it’s defeated. If the enemy doesn’t fall after you use the ability, it doesn’t count.

    Armed and Dangerous

    Peter attacking enemies in Spider-Man 2 with robotic spider limbs coming out of his back. He and the enemies are near a grassy area.

    Defeat 100 enemies using Peter’s Spider Arm abilities to receive this trophy. Peter’s Spider abilities are the following:

    • Spider Barrage
    • Spider Rush
    • Spider Shock
    • Spider Whiplash

    Similar to Miles’ Evolved trophy, the ability must be the one that defeats the enemy for it to count towards this trophy.

    Another Way

    Miles Morales inside Lee's domain. Miles is hunched over and the surrounding area is hazy and bluish-green.

    Complete the “No Escape” quest to earn this Bronze trophy. This mission is part of the main story progression as well. Thankfully, you can’t miss this one.

    Fully Loaded

    The Suit Tech menu from Spider-Man 2.

    Unlock everything from the Suit Tech menu and upgrade each to its maximum to receive this Bronze trophy. You’ll need Tech Parts and Tokens for these upgrades.

    Brooklyn Pride

    Miles Morales at Brooklyn Visions. He's looking at a statue of a lion near to two students in school uniforms.

    Complete the “A Gift” Brooklyn Visions side quest to earn this Bronze trophy. This particular quest will only appear after you complete the rest of the Brooklyn Visions side quest.

    My Community

    Miles dancing with Rio Morales.

    Complete all Cultural Museum side activities to unlock this Bronze trophy. You encounter the first Cultural Museum quest during the “Funky” main quest. The rest of the side activities will appear on the map after this quest is completed.

    I Quit

    Scream and Venom approaching Spider-Man within a suburban house.

    Complete the “This Isn’t You” quest to earn this Bronze trophy. Since this mission is part of the main story progression, you’re not going to miss this one.

    Funky Wireless Protocols

    Peter picking up a Spider-Bot in Spider-Man 2 while standing on a roof at sunset.

    Find all 43 Spider-Bots in the game to unlock this Bronze trophy.


    Different Suit Styles side-by-side in Spider-Man 2.

    Equip a suit style to unlock this Bronze trophy. This is something you’ll have to do as part of the third main quest, making this trophy unmissable.

    Slack Line

    Peter walking on a Web Line in Spider-Man 2.

    Perform a total of 25 stealth takedowns while on a Web Line to unlock this Bronze trophy. You unlock the Web Line during the “Bad Guys on the Block” main quest. For the takedown to count, you must perform them without being spotted by another enemy.

    To know whether or not the takedown counts, the enemy must be marked as “Safe” when you look at them while you’re on the Web Line.

    Hang Ten

    Spider-Man performing a Front Pike air trick in Spider-Man 2, which involves him flipping forward while holding his legs.

    Perform 30 air tricks in a row before touching the ground to receive the Hang Ten Bronze trophy. Simply keep swinging around New York and doing tricks in between swings until the trophy unlocks.


    Miles using the Reverse Flux ability on enemies in Spider-Man 2, which releases blue bolts of electricity.

    While playing as Miles, use the Reverse Flux ability when there are over six enemies surrounding you to pull all of them together. This unlocks the Overdrive Bronze trophy.

    Home Run!

    The Big Ballers Stadium in Spider-Man 2. On the left, it's shown on the map, and, on the right, Miles is standing in the baseball stadium on the home plate.

    Head to the Big Apple Ballers Stadium. It’s found on the southeast corner of Downtown Brooklyn. While on the field, run around and touch all four bases to unlock this Bronze trophy.

    Just Let Go

    Miles and Phin's science trophy from Spider-Man 2. On the left is the science trophy's location on the map, and, on the right, is Miles looking at the science trophy as it rests on the edge of a roof.

    While playing as Miles, find the science trophy he and Phin won together. It’s in the back of the church tower in the Financial District. When you find the trophy, interact with it to unlock the cutscene. You’ll receive this Bronze trophy right after.

    You Know What to Do

    Peter looking at Aunt May's grave in Spider-Man 2. On the left is the grave's location on the map, and, on the right, Peter is standing in front of the grave.

    While playing as Peter, visit Aunt May’s grave to unlock this Bronze trophy. The graveyard is found in the northwest corner of Harlem. Aunt May’s grave is in the northern section of the graveyard.


    Peter Parker gliding through a wind tunnel in the air between buildings in Spider-Man 2.

    To unlock this Bronze trophy, all you’ll have to do is to glide from the Financial District to Astoria. This means getting from the furthest district of the map on the southwest to the furthest district to the northeast.

    For an easier time, start from the northeastern corner of the Financial District and look for the highest tower. Jump off of it and immediately use the Web Wings while gliding to the northwest. Keep going until you find a wind tunnel.

    Go through the wind tunnel to reach the river. Once here, glide over to another wind tunnel (which you’ll easily spot). This will take you straight to Astoria.


    Spider-Man falling and hitting the ground in Spider-Man 2. He lands face-first on a street near to some cars.

    While swinging, perform air tricks and hold them until you crash to the ground. The Splat Bronze trophy will unlock after that.

    A New Adventure

    Peter sitting next to Howard on a dock in Spider-Man 2. Both are staring across a body of water.

    Complete the Howard FNSM request to unlock this Bronze trophy.


    Peter picking up resources from a stash in Spider-Man 2 while on the roof of a building.

    Collect a total of 10,000 Tech Parts to unlock this Bronze Trophy. This is a cumulative count. You don’t need to have 10,000 Tech Parts sitting in your inventory. Keep playing the game and you’ll eventually reach this number.


    Miles looking for a Prowler Stash within an area on top of a building surrounded by a purple energy barrier in Spider-Man 2.

    Find all nine Prowler Stashes all around New York while playing as Miles. Once you find all nine, a 10th stash will become available. Complete this final one to unlock the Co-Signing Bronze trophy.

    You’re Gonna Need Help

    Miles and Peter running away from Sandman in Spider-Man 2. The Sandman is chasing them while in the form of a large sandstorm with a humanoid face.

    Complete the “Surface Tension” quest to earn this Bronze trophy. This mission is part of the main story. As such, it’s unmissable. It also happens to be the first mission in the game, making this the first trophy you’ll unlock.

    New York, New York

    The player taking pictures of citizens of New York within a small park in Spider-Man 2.

    Complete all 23 Photo Ops all around New York to unlock this Bronze trophy.


    Peter throwing an Anti-Venom bomb at enemies in Spider-Man 2. The fight is happening on a partially-destroyed street at night.

    You automatically unlock this Bronze trophy during the “Set Things Right” main quest. It happens right when the game lets you use an ability called “Anti-Venom Bomb.”

    A New Suit

    Peter Parker wearing the Black Suit while standing on the roof of a building in the middle of the city.

    You automatically unlock this Bronze trophy after you obtain the Black Suit. This is part of the main story, making this trophy impossible to miss.

    2023 has been a great year for video games, and Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 has certainly helped that narrative with its numerous fun trophies to hunt down. If you’re done with the main story and can’t get enough of this exhilarating game yet, take the time to unlock the trophies to see the rest of what the game has to offer. You won’t regret it!

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