The player standing inside Mr. Qi's Casino in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: How to Get Into Mr. Qi’s Casino

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Key Takeaway

To access the Casino in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to complete the requests that are part of the “Mysterious Mr. Qi” questline.

  1. Start “The Mysterious Qi” questline by placing a Battery Pack inside the Bus Stop’s fuse box
  2. Put a Rainbow Shell into a box at the Train Platform
  3. Leave 10 Beets in Mayor Lewis’ Fridge
  4. Place a Solar Essence within the dragon skeleton’s mouth in the Calico Desert
  5. Complete “the Mysterious Qi” questline by picking up your Club Card at your farm

In the heart of the Calico Desert lies every gambler’s dream: the Casino in Stardew Valley—run by Mr. Qi. However, the way forward is blocked by the Bouncer, who won’t budge until you prove yourself worthy. Prepare to embark on a quest!

Table Of Contents

    Step #1: Starting “The Mysterious Qi” Questline

    To unlock the Stardew Valley Casino, you must complete “The Mysterious Qi” questline, where you fulfill Mr. Qi’s requests listed in secret notes. Firstly, you’ll need to get your hands on a Battery Pack. You can get these from the Traveling Cart or Lightning Rods during a thunderstorm.

    Next, go to the tunnel near the Bus Stop and place your Battery Pack inside the fuse box. You’ll then find a note signed by Mr. Qi, describing your next mission—to bring a Rainbow Shell to the train platform.

    Step #2: Bring a Rainbow Shell to the Train Platform

    For your second task, you’ll need to bring a Rainbow Shell, which can be foraged at the Beach during Summer, and put it inside the box at the Train Station. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get another secret note congratulating you and leading you to your next quest: leaving 10 Beets in the Mayor’s fridge.

    Step #3: Leave 10 Beets in Mayor Lewis’ Fridge

    Maybe Mayor Lewis has a fondness for beetroot? Either way, if you don’t already have Beets in storage, you’ll need to head to Sandy’s Store in the Calico Desert to purchase some seeds.

    Beet Seeds are 20G each.

    Beets take six days to grow and mature during Fall or any season in the Greenhouse. Once you’ve harvested them, wander to Mayor Lewis’s House and pop them inside his fridge. Here, you’ll get another cryptic note telling you to “Give the Sand Dragon his last meal.” Confusing!

    Step #4: Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal

    All you have to do is gather a piece of Solar Essence, dropped by Ghosts in the Skull Caverns and regular mines, and return to the Calico Desert.

    From here, place the Solar Essence inside the mouth of the giant dragon skeleton above the Oasis Store. You should then receive your final note from Mr. Qi, telling you that you’ve proven yourself.

    Step #5: Completing the “The Mysterious Qi” Questline

    To complete “The Mysterious Qi” and gain access to the Casino, return to your farm. Interact with the lumber pile beside your front porch to find a Club Card. This allows you to finally bypass the burly bodyguard blocking the way to Mr. Qi’s Casino. Now, you can gamble to your heart’s content!

    Visiting Mr. Qi’s Casino

    An example of one of the randomized outcomes on the slot machines in the Stardew Valley Casino.

    As with a real-world casino, within the one in Stardew Valley, the way to win prizes is by using special gambling tokens. In Mr. Qi’s Casino, normal Gold isn’t valid. Instead, you’ll need to exchange your Gold for Qi Coins. Luckily, there’s an exchange machine inside the Casino, which allows you to trade 10 Gold for one Qi Coin or 1,000G for 100 Qi Coins.

    You can’t convert your Qi Coins back into Gold, so only exchange the amount you need.

    There are two forms of gambling machines available inside the Casino, including slot machines and Stardew Valley‘s variant of Blackjack: CalicoJack. For the latter, there are two different tables: a low-stakes table (100 Qi Coins per play) to the left and a high-stakes one (1,000 Qi Coins per play) to the right.

    While both of these Casino games require a certain amount of luck, you have more control when playing CalicoJack, as you need to score higher than the dealer without going over 21 to win the game.

    Mr. Qi’s Casino Store

    Once you win enough games in the Casino, you can go to the Store in the top-right and spend your hard-won Qi Coins. Here’s a complete list of all the prizes and how much they cost.

    Item NameDescriptionPrice
    RarecrowCollect them all! This Rarecrow looks like an Alien with a green head and a grey outfit. 10,000 Qi Coins
    Modern Double BedIt's a deep-blue colored bed that players can sleep in to end the day. Can be placed inside your house. 8,000 Qi Coins
    "Primal Motion"It's a black-and-white wall-hanging Furniture item that can be placed inside your house. 5,000 Qi Coins
    "Highway '89"This is a picture of a starry night can be hung on walls inside your house. 4,000 Qi Coins
    "Burnt Offering"It's a triangular shaped wall-hanging Furniture item that can be placed inside your house. 4,000 Qi Coins
    "Spires"This is a picture of two brick towers that can be placed inside your house. 3,000 Qi Coins
    Top HatA gentleman's classic (Hat Item).8,000 Qi Coins
    MagnetIncreases the chances of finding treasures when fishing. However, fish aren't crazy about the taste (Fishing Rod Tackle).1,000 Qi Coins
    Warm Totem: FarmWarp directly to your house. Consumed upon use. 500 Qi Coins
    Hardwood FenceThe most durable type of fence. 100 Qi Coins

    While it is possible to purchase all these items by exchanging your Gold into Qi Coins, it’s not recommended as you can’t bulk-exchange your regular Gold into Qi Coins.

    In addition to the Store in the corner, there’s an NPC in the Casino that sells a Statue of Endless Fortune for a whopping 1,000,000 Gold. This statue will provide you with a new gift every day, ranging from Diamonds to Iridium Bars, so you’d better save your money!

    Accessing Mr. Qi’s Casino is vital to collecting all the Rarecrows in the game and eventually getting your hands on the Deluxe Scarecrow. In any case, we recommend that you settle down at the CalicoJack table for the long haul to rack up those Qi Coins for awesome end-game items. May the RNG gods be with you!

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