Four players riding horses together in Co-op in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: Is There Co-op?

Play Stardew Valley with your dream team in co-op!

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Key Takeaway

Enable co-op for Stardew Valley in the Main Menu. You can have three other players on your farm, for a maximum of four players in one game (including yourself).

Co-op in Stardew Valley lets you increase the fun with up to three other friends (or Farmhands) to help with day-to-day life on the farm. It’s pretty painless to set up; everything can be done from the main menu in only a few simple steps!

Table Of Contents

    How to Play Co-op Stardew Valley Online

    The Stardew Valley main menu, showing the "New," "Load," and "Co-Op" options.

    Playing with friends on Stardew Valley has never been easier—no server setup required! All you need to do is select “Co-op” on the main menu when loading up the game, regardless of whether you’re hosting a farm or joining other players. If you’re joining a LAN game, you can either enter the server IP or specific Invite Code. 

    Before getting your farmhand friends to move in, ensure you’ve contracted Robin to build the required number of Farmhand Cabins. Every Cabin costs 100g, but each requires different materials. One requires 5 Wood and 10 Fiber, while two respectively need 10 Wood or 10 Stone. 

    When making a new save available for co-op play, players can alter the game’s economy. For example, if you want an easy ride, you can change the economy to sell crops and artisanal goods for extra money. 

    If you’re playing online co-op using consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, you’ll need the respective subscription that lets you play online, like the Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Plus, or Xbox Live Gold. 

    How to Play Local Co-op

    Local multiplayer requirements are slightly different, depending on the platform you’re playing on. To play together locally, you’ll need to have enough controllers for each person. New players are added when their controllers are paired for couch co-op. 

    Remember that local co-op often involves a split-screen experience, so set up your UI accordingly.

    Xbox and PlayStation

    The console versions of Stardew Valley are the easiest to set up local co-op gameplay. All you need is four controllers (one for each person), and you can all play together. Each new player will join the game once their controller has synced up. It’s as easy as that!

    Nintendo Switch

    If you’re wondering how to join local co-op for Stardew Valley on Switch, note that only two farmers can play together. Both players will also need a complete controller; no split joy-cons around here! 

    PC and Mac

    PC and Mac players can enjoy local co-op in the same way as Xbox and PS4 players. All you need to do is plug in an extra controller or keyboard to play together in real life. Mac and PC players can also cross-play together, unlike console players. 

    Tips for Playing Co-op in Stardew Valley

    One of the three available Farmhand Cabins from Robin in Stardew Valley.

    Once Farmhands join a world, they’ll get the most basic tools in their inventory. As the host farmer, you can either share your tools or upgrade your farmhands’ existing equipment. It’s also best to build one of each of the three Farmhand Cabins so players know which one is theirs.

    When playing with others in Stardew Valley, you must be aware that all major choices, such as going to sleep, starting a seasonal festival, or restoring the Community Center, must be made collaboratively. When playing together, make sure there are ways you can communicate and make decisions together, including text chat. 

    Playing with friends in Stardew Valley lets you accomplish tasks much faster than flying solo. You can farm crucial materials like Iridium in the mines or collect Hardwood so you can rebuild Willy’s boat to Ginger Island!

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