Shane from Stardew Valley set against a background holding a chicken alongside a blue chicken.

Stardew Valley: How To Get Blue Chickens

Hopefully these chickens won't make you feel blue!

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Key Takeaway

Blue Chickens are only available after reaching Shane’s 8 Heart Event. Once that’s done, they have a 25% chance of hatching from Eggs in an Incubator, or can be bought from Marnie.

Stardew Valley is no stranger to unusual creatures on the Farm; from Dinosaurs to Slimes, anything is possible! With that being said, Blue Chickens are a must-have if you’re bored of the plain White and Brown chickens—though they do have some requirements before you can get them.

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    What Are Blue Chickens?

    There are two ways of getting Blue Chickens: incubating them from Eggs or buying them directly from Marnie. However, you must first get to 8 Hearts with Shane. Blue Chickens are functionally identical to White Chickens, only flashier with fluffy, curly tails! Blue Chickens produce Eggs at the same rate as White and Brown Chickens as long as they are well-fed and happy.

    Incubating Blue Chickens

    If you want to incubate and hatch Blue Chickens from Eggs, you’ll need the upgraded Coop, which requires 400 Wood, 150 Stone, and 10,000 Gold. Take these materials to Robin and she’ll upgrade your standard Coop into a Big Coop, which now houses an Egg Incubator.

    White or Brown Eggs have a 25% chance to hatch into a Blue Chicken.

    Buying Blue Chickens

    Buying directly from Marnie is the only surefire way of securing Blue Chickens, but they cost 800 Gold each. When purchasing a chicken from Marnie, the textbox will read, “Choose a Coop for your new [color] Chicken.”

    Keep closing the dialogue and reopening it until that color in the textbox says Blue. Although this may take a few attempts, you’ll soon have a new Blue Chicken on the Farm!

    How to Build a Coop

    Before you can even think about buying any chickens, you will need a Coop. To build a Coop, you must gather 300 Wood, 100 Stone, and 4,000 Gold. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary equipment, head North of Pelican Town to find Robin at her house.

    She’ll ask you to finalize the location of the Coop before she gets to work. It’ll take her around three days to complete construction. After the Coop is built, you can finally buy regular White and Brown Chickens from Marnie for 800 Gold each.

    How to Get the 8 Heart Event with Shane

    A dialogue textbox from Shane's 8 Heart Event about unlocking Blue Chickens.

    Befriending Shane may seem like an odd pre-requisite before unlocking these azure avians, but reaching Shane’s 8 Heart event is the only way of unlocking Blue Chickens. As with all Pelican Town villagers, your friendship with them will increase by chatting with them daily and giving them Loved and Liked gifts.

    Gifting Shane a present on his birthday, Spring 20, will boost your friendship even more, so you should have those Blue Chickens in no time! Just keep an eye on the in-game calendar so you don’t miss his special day.

    All Universal LovesAll Universal LikesAll Universal NeutralsForaged GoodsAll Universal Hates
    BeerAll FruitAll MilkMushroomsPickles
    Hot PepperAll Eggs (Except Void Egg)Quartz
    Pepper Poppers

    Shane’s schedule revolves around spending time at the Stardrop Saloon, which also conveniently sells two of his Loved gifts: Beer and Pizza. Make sure to add Stardrop Saloon to your daily routine to drop by and give him a gift!

    Blue Chickens are the perfect way to add a splash of color and uniqueness to the Farm. With some patience, you’ll finally be able to turn your Coop into a kaleidoscope of feathered wonder.  Happy farming!

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