All eight Rarecrows featured against the Stardew Valley title background.

Stardew Valley: How to Get All Rarecrows

Gotta collect 'em all!

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Key Takeaway

There are eight Rarecrows to collect in Stardew Valley:

  1. Turnip Head: Purchased from the Stardew Valley Fair for 800 game tokens.
  2. Witch: Bought at the Spirit’s Eve Festival from Pierre’s stall for 5,000g.
  3. Snowman: Purchased at the Festival of Ice for 5,000g or the Traveling Cart for 4,000g during Winter.
  4. Farm Girl: Bought at the Flower Dance for 2,500g from Pierre’s stall.
  5. Dwarf: Bought from the Dwarf (once you know Dwarvish) for 2,500g.
  6. Raccoon: Given as a gift when you’ve donated 20 artifacts to the Museum.
  7. Tiki Mask: Given as a gift when you’ve donated 40 artifacts to the Museum.
  8. Alien: Won at Mr. Qi’s Casino prize counter using 10,000 Qi Coins earned through playing casino games or exchanging gold.

The Deluxe Scarecrow is rewarded as a crafting recipe once all eight Rarecrows have been collected.

It wouldn’t be a farming sim without some crows harassing your budding crops. Luckily, Stardew Valley has ways players can combat these pesky birds from harassing their crops, with craftable standard Scarecrows or the unique Rarecrows to keep the scavenging birds at bay!

Table Of Contents

    What Is a Rarecrow?

    Rarecrows in Stardew Valley have the same function as a regular Scarecrow. They both protect crops within an eight-square radius from being eaten by crows every morning.

    However, the difference with Rarecrows is that they have unique appearances to add additional flair to your farm. One looks like a wicked witch while another is positively extra-terrestrial!

    All Rarecrows in Stardew Valley

    A Stardew Valley player standing next to all eight collected Rarecrows.

    There are eight base Rarecrows for players to collect, and an extra secret one if they get all the Rarecrows in the game.

    • Turnip Head (Stardew Valley Fair)
    • Wicked Witch (Spirit’s Eve Festival)
    • Snowman (Festival of Ice)
    • Farm Girl (Flower Dance)
    • Dwarf (The Dwarf in the Mines)
    • Raccoon (The Museum)
    • Tiki Mask (The Museum)
    • Alien (Mr. Qi’s Casino, Calico Desert)

    Rarecrow #1: Stardew Valley Fair

    This Rarecrow is inspired by the Turnip Head scarecrow in the beloved Studio Ghibli classic, Howl’s Moving Castle. This iconic Rarecrow is available from the Stardew Valley Fair on Fall 16 in Pelican Town Square.

    Just walk up to the prize counter when you’ve got 800 Star Tokens and claim your reward!

    Rarecrow #2: Spirit’s Eve Festival

    Get ready for spooky season with this Rarecrow! Generally inspired by the green witch in The Wizard of Oz and Wicked, this Rarecrow is certain to send those pesky birds scattering!

    Keep an eye on your in-game calendar, as the Witch Rarecrow is only available from Pierre’s stall at the Spirit’s Eve Festival for 5,000g.

    Rarecrow #3: Festival of Ice

    On the 9th of Winter, players can join in the season of festivities at the Festival of Ice. This Christmas-inspired event takes place at Marnie’s Ranch in Cindersap Forest. Alongside the other winter activities like snowman building and Ice Fishing, Pierre will be set up with his trusty stall, selling the Snowman Rarecrow for 5,000g.

    If players would rather take a chance on Lady Luck, they can check the Traveling Cart any day it’s in town during Winter. The Snowman Rarecrow will have a random chance to appear in her inventory for 4,000g—a bargain!

    Rarecrow #4: Flower Dance

    Spring has sprung, and it’s time for the annual Pelican Town Flower Dance! Head over to Cindersap Forest to see the festivities in action. Before dancing with your partner, check out Pierre’s stall, as it’s full of flower power and other spring decor.

    Coupled with his seasonal wares, you’ll find the Farm Girl Rarecrow for a reasonable price of 2,500g; one of the cheaper Rarecrows in Stardew Valley.

    Rarecrow #5: Dwarf in the Mines

    Have you unearthed the Dwarf in the Mines? To purchase this next Rarecrow, you’ll need to be able to speak the Dwarf’s language. Luckily, you can learn Dwarvish by donating all four Dwarf Scrolls to Gunther in the Museum.

    Once you can speak his lingo, talk to your Dwarvish friend to purchase the Rarecrow crafted in his likeness for 2,500g.

    Rarecrow #6: The Museum

    This Rarecrow requires you to have donated items to Gunther in the Museum. The first of the two Museum-bound Rarecrows (the Racoon), is unlocked by donating 20 items to the Museum.

    Unlike most of the other Rarecrows on this list, players can purchase this one as many times as they like from the Night Market for 5,000g each on Winter 15-17. Bear in mind that additional copies of this Rarecrow are only available from the Night Market once they’ve been given the first one from Gunther.

    Rarecrow #7: The Museum

    The next Rarecrow is earned in a similar way to the previous one. The Tiki Mask Rarecrow is given as a present to players once they’ve donated 40 items to the Museum.

    Similar to the Raccoon Rarecrow, players can also buy it themselves from the Night Market on Winter 15 – 17 for 5,000g, grabbing as many as they want.

    Rarecrow #8: Mr. Qi’s Casino

    Finally, the Alien Rarecrow! To get their hands on this Rarecrow, players must first gain access to Mr. Qi’s Casino behind The Oasis in the Calico Desert. Interestingly, this is the only Rarecrow that you can place hats on.

    You can’t enter the Casino until after completing the “The Mysterious Qi” quest.

    The Alien Rarecrow costs 10,000 Qi coins at the prize counter. So spend some time playing slot machines and CalicoJack to wrack up those tokens! You can also exchange gold for Qi Coins, at a rate of 1,000g per 100 Qi Coins.

    How to Get the Deluxe Scarecrow

    A Stardew Valley player stood next to the Deluxe Rarecrow near some Spring flowers.

    Once players have collected them all, there’s a 90.5% chance per night they will receive a letter signed by “The Z.C Rarecrow Society.” In essence, this letter congratulates the player on finding all eight Rarecrows, giving them the crafting recipe for the Deluxe Scarecrow.

    The crafting materials for a Deluxe Scarecrow are 50 Wood, 1 Iridium Ore, and 40 Fiber.

    Moreover, the Deluxe Scarecrow has the same function as regular Scarecrows and Rarecrows, except its affected radius is twice as large for scaring away those pesky birds. There is also no limit to how many of these you can craft or place on your farm, so go wild!

    Once you’ve collected all the Rarecrows and the almighty Deluxe Scarecrow, your farm should be flourishing in no time! If you fancy a further challenge, why not try collecting all Stardrops in Stardew Valley to maximize your energy?

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