Stardew Valley Maple Syrup.

Stardew Valley: How To Get Maple Syrup

Harvesting Maple Syrup doesn't have to be a sticky situation!

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Key Takeaway

Maple Syrup is a versatile resource used in crafting, cooking, quests, and as a popular gift. You can get Maple Syrup by using a Tapper or Heavy Tapper on Maple Trees. It can make profitable items like Bee Houses or replenishing foods like Maple Bars.

Maple Syrup is a naturally-occurring resource in Stardew Valley that requires a Tapper to harvest from Maple Trees. While not used in many crafting recipes or cooking, Maple Syrup is still a handy resource to have on tap. If you’re looking to create Honey or Maple Bars, you will need to know how to harvest some Maple Syrup!

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    How To Get Maple Syrup

    Maple Tree with Maple Syrup to harvest.

    To make Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley, players must craft a Tapper and attach it to a Maple Tree. Maple Trees look incredibly similar to Oak Trees, except they have thinner trunks. Like all trees, Maple Trees change appearance according to the season but will still produce Syrup during Winter.

    Tappers are the main way for players to obtain Maple Syrup, with a rare chance (0.66%) from processing Hardwood in a Wood Chipper.

    How to Craft a Tapper (or Heavy Tapper)

    A Tapper requires 40 pieces of Wood and two Copper Bars to make. Players must reach Level Three Foraging to get the Tapper crafting recipe. Don’t expect your results straight away, though! Maple Syrup takes nine in-game days to produce.

    Players with the Tapper Profession will earn 25% more profits if selling their Maple Syrup.

    If players have resources to spare, they should craft a Heavy Tapper. This halves the production time to just four nights instead — great for making fast money! Players will need to journey to Ginger Island to obtain the Heavy Tapper recipe, which costs 20 Qi Gems. Heavy Tappers require 30 Hardwood and one Radioactive Bar to craft.

    Maple Syrup Uses In Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley Maple Syrup uses.

    Who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Maple Syrup works as a great and easy gift to increase friendship levels. It is a universally-liked gift among almost all of Pelican Town’s residents, excluding Maru, who dislikes it. It can even restore a small amount of your Health and Energy as a quick snack.

    Maple Syrup is also crucial for the Community Center, as an optional ingredient for the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room, and is required for the Chef’s Bundle for the Bulletins Board requests in Pelican Town.

    It doesn’t end there, though. Maple Syrup plays a significant role in various other aspects of life in Stardew Valley.

    Craft Bee Houses

    One Maple Syrup combined with 40 Wood, eight Coal, and one Iron Bar makes a Bee House. These generate Honey, an Artisan good, which is sold for high profits. Players should unlock the Bee House recipe upon reaching Level Three Farming.

    Planting flowers near Bee Houses will produce unique types of flavored Honey, which sell for more. Fairy Rose Honey sells for the most, at 680g.

    Fashion and Cooking with Maple Syrup

    If you’re interested in leveling up your Stardew fashion game, placing Maple Syrup in the Sewing Machine will create the Floppy Beanie hat item. The Sewing Machine is found at Haley and Emily’s House at 2 Willow Lane.

    In Cooking, Maple Syrup is crucial to make the sweet treat: the Maple Bar. This recipe calls for one Maple Syrup, one Sugar, and one Wheat. They are perfect for a day working on the Farm, giving 225 Energy and 101 Health. Tune to the TV daily, as players will find this recipe on The Queen of Sauce, Year 2, on the 14th day of Summer.

    Quests and Maple Syrup

    Maple Syrup is also a key item in a Stardew Valley quest. Specifically, one unit of this sweet delight is needed to complete the Strange Note quest, which you’ll get when you uncover Secret Note #23.

    Your aquatic companions in your Fish Pond may also ask for one or two Maple Syrup as a testament of your good faith. So, remember to keep your Maple Syrup stock ready and satisfy the diverse syrupy cravings of Pelican Town’s denizens!